His Ex Wife

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Chapter 15

I feel Niall picking me up and I let him. Right now I feel weak. Emotionally and physically, I feel weak. Without my best friend by my side, I feel completely weak. I sigh and lean my head on Niall's chest, as he carries me. He leans down and kisses my hair and I flinch. Hurt flashes across his face but he covers it. I close my eyes.

"Daddy? What happened to mommy?" I hear Evan ask.

"Nothing. Your mum is fine." He says and carries me up stairs. I feel the softness of my sheets and sigh. "Are you okay?"

"This is all my fault." I whisper to myself, rather to him.

"No, baby." He starts.

"Don't call me that." I snap and he sighs, shaking his head.

"It's actually, my fault." He says. I don't say anything. He places his hand on mine but I jerk away. "I hurt you so much, Madison. I know. But I regret it. I regret everything. I love you and I want to start fresh. I want to make up for what I did. Make up for my children's four years of childhood. Please, let me make it up to you and them. I love you all so much."

"Leave me alone, Niall." I say.

"Madiosn,-" He starts but I cut him off.

"Please." I beg. And he sighs in defeat or maybe exasperated. He stands up and leans down to kiss my hair.

I pick my mobile from the night stand and try to call Liam. It keeps on ringing but he doesn't pick up. I try few more time, and goes to voice mail. I sigh in defeat.

I know what I did was wrong but I couldn't tell him. I know it hurt him a lot that I hid this big thing and I wish I could give a proper reason for not telling him. I was scared. I was scared of his reaction, I was scared that I might lose him, but even though I didn't tell him, the same thing happened. I lost him. I lost my best friend. I try to call him once again, even though I know I will hear the robotic voice, and shut my phone. I lay on the bed and sigh for the hundredth time.

Niall's POV

"Daddy? Is mommy okay?" Evan asks.

"Yes, buddy. She's just tired." I say and ruffle his hair. He nods and go back to colouring the book in front of him.

Liam's words run in my mind. He had seen her pain these past five years and nobody will know how much I hurt her. I wish I could turn back time and make up my mistakes. Why did I even believe those pictures and not my wife? She hates me now.

All these years, I made myself workaholic. I over worked to get over her. I slept with other women to get over and I regretted everything when I came to know the truth. I remember when Zayn sent me the copies and proofs that Madison was innocent. Everyone were so upset with me. They thought I made a biggest mistake and I hate to admit it but it is true. I made the biggest mistake of my life. I wish I could make it up to her but she's being too stubborn. Don't I at least deserve a second chance? No! You don't. My subconscious snaps at me and I know it's true but I am too selfish to let her go. And I love her. I love her and my kids. I am interrupted when my phone rings and I look at it to see that my mum is calling. It's been nearly eight months since I talked to them or met them and she's been calling a lot lately. I sigh and pick up the phone.

"Mom." I greet her.

"Niall, my baby. How are you? Where have you been? Why aren't you calling me anymore? Why aren't you coming to see me and your dad?" She rambles as she cries.

"I am a busy man, mom." I say rather harshly than I intend to. The line goes silent before she starts to sob. I groan. "Please stop crying mom." I say.

"Why are you doing this, Niall?" She sobs. "Are you that busy that you can't call your mother?"

"Mom. Please." I sigh.

"Where are you now?" She asks. Shall I say her? Should I? What will be her reaction? "Niall?" She says when I take too long to reply.

"I am at Madison's place." I admit. The line goes silent once again.

"Madison?" She starts to cry again. "So it's true that you two are engaged." She says, excitement clear in her voice.

"Yes. I am going to marry her again." I say.

"Oh my god! I am so happy. You finally realised your mistake." She says. The door bell rings and the kids look at me.

"I Gotta go, mom. Bye." I say.

"Bye, Niall. Take care and please visit soon. I love you." She says and I hang up without a word. The door bell rings again and I stand up to walk to the door. I hear footsteps and see Madison walking down the stairs.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"I came to open the door." She says.

"I can do that." I roll my eyes at her.

"This is my house." She snaps and walks to the door. I sigh and sit back on the couch. She turns her gaze towards the kids but they are ignoring us. She sighs in relief and walks to the door. Few minutes pass but Madison doesn't comeback. So I go to check on her.

The sight near the door makes my heart stop and the blood boil. She's hugging someone and it's a man. I walk closer to them and my heart skips a beat when I realise who she's hugging. She pulls away from him and he kisses her head.

"I missed you, Louis." She says and hugs him again.

"I missed you too, sweet cheeks." He smiles and kisses her head again. He raises his eyes and his eyes land on me. The spark and happiness in his eyes is disappeared and is replaced with anger. And before I know it I am on the ground and he's on top of me holding my collar.


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