His Ex Wife

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Chapter 17

Madison's POV

I look at myself in the mirror for the last time and sigh. Whatever I do, how much ever make up I use, I couldn't cover the dark circles under my eyes. Last night, I was turning and tossing. I couldn't sleep because I was and am scared to marry him again. But like he said, I have no other option. I need to do this for my kids, so that they won't be taken away from me.

"You ready?" I am pulled out of my thoughts as Niall enters the room.

"Yeah." I sigh.

We both make our way out of the room and Niall tries to place his on my back. I move away from his touch and hear him sigh. His next move makes me jump. He wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him.

"You can't get away from me, love." He whispers in my ear sending shivers up my spine. He removes his hand around me and walks out the front door. I feel the heat creep up my cheeks and suddenly I feel hot. No!

"Emma? Evan? Time to go." I say.

"Coming mommy." I get reply. Few seconds later they both are rushing downstairs. "We're ready." They say, excited.

I decided to take kids with us so that I don't need to be alone with Niall. His recent actions scare me. He's being too close to me and the heat raises always. There is something like magnetic pull in the air when he's around. So, I am not going to be alone with him.

I buckle the kids up in the back seat of the car and make my way towards the passenger seat. I get in and buckle myself. Niall isn't In the car and I look around In search of him. I spot him by the brick wall and he's talking on the phone. His eyebrows are furrowed and I know he's frustrated. He keeps listening to the Person on the other side And then raises his eyes. His eyes meet mine and I look away immediately. Few seconds pass and Niall opens the door. He puts on his seat belt and starts the engine.

"So guys, how was school today?" I start a conversation. Evan crosses his arms against his chest and Emma blushes. "What's going on?" I ask.

"Emma has a crush." Evan huffs and Emma blushes again.

"What?" Niall exclaims.

"Yes, daddy." Evan says again.

"No. No. No boys until you're thirty, young lady." Niall warns and I laugh.

"You're talking as if she's going on her first date." I continue to laugh. The three of them just stare at me, with a smile on their faces. "What?" I ask and they shake their heads. I shrug letting it go and few seconds pass and Niall speaks.

"It's good to see you smile." Niall says and places his hand on my thigh. Shiver runs up my spine and the hairs on my body raise and I turn away.

We enter the camille la vie. Evan is in my arms while Emma is in Niall's. She talking to him about something and he smiling at her continuously. She looks around the shop and her face lights up as she sees wedding dresses.

"Wow, these are beautiful." She claps her hands with glee.

"I know. Let's pick one for your mom. Okay?" Niall asks Emma and Evan and they both nod, excitedly.

Two hours later, Niall is done with my dress selection. The dress is beautiful in its own way and when I tried it on, it fit perfectly to me. Niall eyes roamed around my body for few seconds before he realised that we are in public.

"What time are Maura and Bob coming?" I ask Niall as we sit in the car.

"Around ten thirty." He responds not looking at me and I nod.

"Are we having guests, mommy?" Evan asks from the back seat.

"Yes." I say and smile at him. He love having people around.

"They are your grand parents." Niall adds.

"But we already have grandpa and grandma." Emma asks, confused.

"Those are your mum's parents. These are my parents." Niall explains and they both nod their heads.

By the time we reach home, it's already nine in the evening. I start to make dinner ignoring the pleads of Emma, Evan and Niall, who wanted a take out. The three of them literally pouted when I said no. It's funny as well as scary.

"Sir." Someone clears throat and I look up to see Paul.

"Mom and dad are coming. Pick them up from the airport." Niall says and Paul nods his head.

"Anything else, sir?" He asks and Niall shakes his head. "Sir." Paul exits.

I set the table with all the dishes. I didn't make anything very special, spring rolls for starters, chicken lasagna for main course and Ben and jerry's Chocolate ice cream for desert'. That would be enough. I made the kids eat the food and they fell asleep minutes later. Niall ate with them and is now sitting on the couch with his phone in his hands. He seems nervous and frustrated at same time.

"Aren't you gonna have your dinner?" Niall asks as I clean the counter. His sudden presence made me jump.

"Not hungry." I say, trying to calm my racing heart.

"You should eat." He commands.

"Don't tell me what to do." I snap at him and he smiles shaking his head.

We hear the car entering the drive way and he nods his head towards me. We both make our way to the living room and I open the front door. Niall joins me. Maura gets out of the car and Bob joins her. They both start to walk towards us and Maura's eyes land on me. They widen and then they are filled with tears. She practically runs to me and wraps her arms around me, tightly.

"Oh darling. I've missed you so much." She cries.

"I've missed you too, Maura." I say and realise that I have tears streaming down my cheeks.


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