His Ex Wife

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Chapter 18

"You look beautiful." Maura says and kisses my cheek. "I missed you so much." She wipes her tears.

"Mom." Niall greets her. Her eyes fill with tears once again and she wraps her arms around him. Niall doesn't hug her back. What's wrong with him? Maura pulls away from him with disappointment. Bob approaches me.

"Hello, sweetheart." He says and tears form in my eyes. He used to always call me that.

"Bob." I sob and wrap my arms around him. He was always like my second father. He was always there for me when I felt bad and when me and Niall had fights. I missed him. "How are you?" I ask as I pull away.

"Good. You?" He smiles and wraps his arm around my shoulder.

"I am good." I smile back. "Let's go inside."

We all make our way inside and Paul brings the luggage inside. I lead him to the guest room as Maura and Bob make themselves comfortable on the couch. Paul sets the bags in the closet and leaves giving me slight nod. I make my way

to the kids room. Emma is writing something in a book while Evan is playing video games.

"Guys, they are here." I say and they both look up. Their faces lit up with excitement and the both leave whatever they are doing and rush downstairs. I follow them. Niall is talking on the phone and Maura and bob are talking with each other with smiles on their face. Their eyes turn towards us and their eyebrows furrow in confusion.

"Hello." Emma and Evan say.

"Hi, sweeties." Maura smiles and gets of the couch. "Who are these cuties?" She asks. Niall didn't tell them? I look at Niall and he ends the call and stands up. Bob joins us.

"They are your grand children." Niall says. Maura's and bob's eyes widen as the words leave Niall's mouth.

"Y-yo-ou wer-re p-pregnant?" She asks me. I nod looking down at Emma and Evan.

"Twins." I say and caresses the kids heads with my fingers.

"Oh my god." She sobs and kneels down. She places her hand on Emma's cheek and then the other on Evan's and looks at the both of them in awe. She wraps her arms around them and hugs them to her chest. "I can't believe this. Oh my god." She says and pulls away. "I-I-" words fail her and she continues to sob.

"Don't cry, grandma." Evan says and Maura cries more.

"You left her when she was pregnant? Is that the reason you divorced her?" Bob asks Niall. Niall shakes his head and sighs.

"I didn't know." Niall sighs. His phone buzzes and he looks at the screen and sighs again. "I need to go. Have some work. I will talk when I come back." He says and giving me a glance he leaves the house.

"I'm sorry he did that." Bob says.

"Bob, it isn't your fault." I say.

"Hi grandpa ." Emma says and Bob's attention shifts to the kids.

"My grand children." He says and hugs the both of them lifting them onto his Arms. The kids squeal with delight.

After dinner I lead Maura and Bob to the guest room. We talked for a bit but they seemed tired after the long flight, so I asked them to take rest. They refused saying that they want to spend time with me and the kids but eventually gave up.

I put the kids in bed and read them a story. I kissed their foreheads saying I love you to them and head to my room. I see the notifications on my phone and see a text from Niall.

Horan- won't be home tonight. Don't wait. X

Well good thing. And why would I wait for him? And a kiss? He's an idiot. I ignore the text and take a shower before getting in the bed. Slowly and peacefully, I fall asleep.

My alarm wakes me in the Morning and I rush out of the bed and into the shower. I take a quick shower and get dressed in my daily office clothes. I go to the kids too and wake them up.

"Mommy! Please. I don't want to go." Evan whines.

"No. No skipping school." I say and he groans. "Don't be lazy, baby. Get up and get ready. I'll make breakfast." I say and he pouts but gets of the bed. I make my way to the kitchen to see Maura cooking.

"Good morning. What are you doing?" I ask her. She turns around and gives me a dazzling smile.

"Good morning, honey. I am making breakfast. It's almost ready." She says and carries a cup of coffee to Bob, who is sitting in the couch, reading a newspaper. I collect my cup from the cabinet and fill it with coffee.

"You didn't have to do that." I say when she comes back.

"Yes, I did. I wanted to do it." She smiles and I shake my head. "Is Niall up?" She asks.

"Um...he isn't home." I say.

"Oh. I thought-" She stops herself. "Never mind."

"You thought what?" I ask and she sighs heavily.

"I thought he would spend time with us as we didn't See each other for so long. I was wrong." She sighs again.

"What are you talking about?" I ask, concerned. She looks so upset.

"After your...your divorce, he pushed us away. He didn't meet us often. He never called. He ignored my calls and he used to say he was busy. We were so upset until recently when he called me told that you guys are back together. I was so happy." She wipes a tear and smiles. I nod, mutely.

"Mommy. I am hungry." I hear Evan.

"Come on honey. I made breakfast for you. Do you like pancakes?" Maura asks Evan as he and Emma walk inside the kitchen.

"I love pancakes!" They both exclaim and start to eat as soon as Maura serves their plates while I sip on my coffee.

Maura's words play in my mind. Why did he push them away? Why did he hurt them like this? What's eating him?


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