His Ex Wife

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Chapter 1

5 years later

"Mommy!" I hear my little girl, Emma's voice, waking me up as she sits on my stomach.

"Come on, Mom! It's Christmas!" Evan, my little prince says. They both are so excited because it's Christmas and they get to open gifts today. I chuckle lowly as I open my eyes and look at my kids whose faces are bright with happiness.

"Merry Christmas, babies." I say and sit up with emma on my lap. I kiss their foreheads and they tackle me in a warm hug. We stay like that for few minutes before Evan pulls away.

"Merry Christmas, mommy." They say and kiss my cheeks and immediately a smile appears on my face.

"Come on mommy, let's open the gifts now!" They both squeal.

"Hold your horses, guys. Your grandparents and your aunt's family should be here before you can open your gifts." I say and they pout. "Let's get ready. Yeah?" I ask and they nod before we get out of the bed and start our morning routine.


It's been an hour or two since my family arrived and we all opens our gifts few minutes back. Now we all were just sitting on the couches as woman are talking and the men were

are playing with the kids.

"Daddy, I am sleepy." Molly, my sister's daughter says to Nathan.

(A/N: Molly is Nathan's and Ellie's daughter.)

"Come here sweetie." Nathan says and pulls her into his arms and lays her on his chest. She closes her eyes and immediately falls into a peaceful sleep. I stare at the both of them adoringly. Ellie is lucky to have a husband who cares for her and their daughter. Tears form in my eyes, thinking of him but I quickly blink them away before anyone catches me. My mother excuses herself to go to the restroom and my sister starts to speak.

"Why don't you call him?" Ellie places her hand on my shoulder and I know she saw tears in my eyes.

It's been five years since Niall and I's divorce, five years since he left me when I was pregnant and 4 years since I gave birth to my children. I was completely Alone, broken, sad and depressed without Niall. Though I had my parents and sister, I felt lonely. But after my kids came into the world, everything changed. Everything. I had to be strong, for them. Though sometimes I felt vulnerable I tried to be strong. I turn to look at my children and see them smiling as they play with my dad. I always want to make them smile and make them.....Happy.

I turn to my sister and she's looking at me, waiting for my answer. I slowly shake my head, left to right, indicating a 'no' .

"Okay. You're wish. But, don't you think he deserves to know?" She asks.

"He doesn't deserve to know." I say, angrily.

"But he's their father." She snaps and rolls her eyes.

"So what! Huh!? He didn't even let me tell him that day. He was busy spending time with his girlfriend. He accused me of cheating without knowing the truth. He slapped me when I tried to explain." I suppress a sob. "He doesn't deserve to know. They are not our kids, they are my kids." I cry.

I then realise that I've been so loud and now, everyone are staring at me. I get of the couch and run into my room and lock the door before sliding against it. I put my head in my hands and sob uncontrollably. I still remember that day, when I signed the divorce papers at his office.


(A/N: this is five years ago.)

I walk through the large doors of the Horan.Inc and towards the elevator. I press the 30th floor that leads to his office. I was here a couple of days back and everything was perfectly fine. But now, everything changed.

Last night was unexpected and dreadful. I didn't know what to do when I walked out of his mansion. I cried, sitting on a bench at the park. I stared into space thinking that this all was a nightmare. After, I don't know how long, I went to my dad's place. He was irritated when he opened the door but when he that it was me, his irritation changed to Worry. He asked me what I was doing there at that time, but I didn't utter a word. I couldn't. I put my suitcases in my old room and when my dad repeated his question, I just shook my head, went to bed, and closed my eyes trying forget the pain and once again, hoping that it was all just a nightmare. But, when I woke up in the morning, I realised that it was all true and not a nightmare.

So here I am. Just Like he asked me to, I came here to sign the divorce papers.

When the doors of the elevator open, I walk to Jonnah, Niall's Personal assistant and she looks up to see me.

"Ma'am?" She says, surprised. "Mr. Horan is in a meeting." She says. I clear my throat and start to speak.

"He-" I was cut off by a very familiar voice.

"It's okay, Joannah. I asked her to come here. To sign the divorce papers." He says as his eyes pierce into mine.

He is dressed in my favourite Navy blue suit and a white shirt inside with dress pants matching his suit. He is incredibly handsome. No! Don't think like that! I warn myself. At a point of time, when we were still in a relationship, I thought that this was too good to be true. And now he realised that. I am not good enough for him. He deserves more.

Silence settles over us as people around the floor stop walking and stare at us with mouths open wide. They're surprised. Hell, even I am surprised.

Niall walks inside his office leaving the door open for me to walk in. I look at Jonnah, whose eyes are wide and lips are parted. I force a smile towards her and enter his office.

The cool air from the central air conditioner hits my body and I shiver. Or is it the situation that's making me shiver? I don't know. The woman from last night is sitting on the couch, where usually I sit and a man is sitting on the chair at Niall's desk. I guess it's the lawyer.

"Babe?" Niall calls and I look up. My heart breaks even more when I realise he was calling the woman. "Can you please wait in the other office while I deal with her?" He asks her and she nods, smiling at him. Niall smiles back and gives her a sweet kiss before walking to his seat. She collects her purse and walks past me with a smirk on her face. I look at Niall with tear filled eyes and he looks back at me with no emotion in his eyes. At all. He slowly nods his head towards the chair, silently asking me to sit on the chair. I do as I am told, again.

"Hello, Mrs. Horan." The man speaks.

"Miss Tomlinson." I say, my eyes still on Niall. His eyes meet mine but I look away.

"Um...apologies ma'am." The man clears his throat. "I am David Simmons. Mr. Horan's lawyer." He says to me and I give him slight nod. "So...shall we...um...start?" He's Nervous. I give him another nod.

"Miss Tomlinson, will have no right on the properties of Mr. Horan. She will not meet him after today. She will stay away from the paparazzi and media. She will be provided with hundred thousand dollars, only." He finishes. " Anything you want to add, sir?" He asks Niall and Niall shakes his head. He repeats the question to me and I nod my head. Niall and Mr. Simmons look at each other and Nod their heads.

"I don't want anything from him. Not money, not anything." I say. The lawyer nods and does something on the paper. Niall and I stare at each other.

"Okay. Everything's done. You just need to sign them." The lawyer says. He hands me a pen and the papers and I take them with my shaky hands. I look at Niall but he's ignoring me. He's typing on his phone and smiling. I shake my head knowing that he isn't going to stop this or let me tell him the news. So I sign the papers. Then the lawyer hands the papers to Niall and he immediately signs them without any hesitation. "I'll send the papers to the judge." The lawyer says and stands up. He collects his things and shakes Niall's hand and gives me a nod before heading to the door.

"Why didn't you take anything? I thought you would want more." Niall says once the lawyer exits.

"I don't need anything. We will be fine." I say, looking at him, hoping he would realise what I meant.

"We? You mean you and him?" He asks angrily and I shake my head in annoyance. I abruptly stand up startling him and collect my purse.

"When you realise your mistake and come back to me, don't expect me to forgive you." I say and turn to walk away.

"I will never forgive you." He snaps and I don't turn back.

This time, I really walked out of his life. I'm never Gonna look back again.


(A/N: Present)

Tears stream down my face as the memory of that day strikes my mind. I hear soft voices behind the door.

"Mommy? Can you open the door?" I hear Emma's voice. I quickly wipe my tears and open the door. Immediately I wrap my arms around Emma and Evan and hug them close to my body.

"I love you. I love you both so much." I whisper to them.

"We love you too mom." They both say.


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