His Ex Wife

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Chapter 21

Niall's POV

I drive along the streets to the address Paul sent me. As I drive I see a couple walking by the road, holding hands and smiling happily. What on the earth are they even doing out this late night. I push away the thoughts and continue driving.

I see Paul's car on the street and park mine behind it. A few feet away I see Madison's car and sigh in relief. But when I look towards the entrance of the park, my heart races. Madison walks out of the gates and Starts to cross the road without making sure that no vehicles are coming her way and it all happened so fast, I couldn't process anything. A car sped towards her and the next minute she was hit.

"Madison!" I scream. I practically run towards her as Paul tries to note the number of the car. He then follows me.

Blood is dripping along her forehead and her complete face is covered with blood. Her eyes are closed and I know she's unconscious. I place my hand on her cheek, kneeling down beside her and pulling her into my arms.

"Madison. Madison, open your eyes." I say even though i know she can't. She doesn't respond and I try again.

"The ambulance is on the way sir." Paul informs me.

"Madison, wake up. Look at me." I try to stop the moisture in my eyes. "You'll be okay. Nothing's gonna happen to you." I say and repeat it again and again.

Third person POV

He smirks seeing Niall in pain. He knew that Madison meant a lot to Niall, so he targeted her to pull him down. He let out a soft chuckle seeing Niall in the middle of the road, on the verge of crying and helpless.

"That's a good one."she smirks and He nods back at her.

"It is." He smiles a proud smile and grins wickedly before continuing. "But this is just beginning." They both let out Evil laugh as they watch Niall with madison in his arms until the ambulance arrives.

Madison's POV

Pain. Pain is all I can feel. My head hurts, my legs hurt, my complete body aches. It feels like somebody is hitting my head with a hammer and roasting my legs on fire. It definitely sounds funny but that is how I feel. I feel a hand brush my cheek pulling me out of my thoughts. I try to open my eyes but fail. And then I hear his voice.

"Please wake up madison. Please." It's Niall. I want to pull away from his touch but my body doesn't respond. "Just wake up, please." I hear his voice crack making my heart flip. And then everything goes quiet and I fall asleep.

"Mommy. Mommy, wake up." I hear Evan's voice. "Don't be lazy." He says again. I hear a sigh before I feel a small pair of lips touch my cheek. "Look at me mommy." He cries. I try to open my eyes but fail, once again. I hate it when my kids cry but I am not able to do anything. I try to open my eyes once again before I fall asleep.

My eyes shot open and then closed again due to the light in the room. Few minutes later i open them again and blink a couple of times to adjust my sight. The walls are painted white and a large window to the side, which is the source of light in the room and a couch at the wall. I turn to the other side and see Niall sleeping on my bed, with his arms folded and his head on them. There is IV connected to my hand and the smell of a typical hospital fills my nose. I try to reach for the glass on the table, with my protesting injured hands but another hand beats me.

"You're awake." Niall says. I return my hand to its position and nod at him. I wince and his eyebrows furrow in worry. "What happend?" He asks and I don't respond. "I'll call the doctor." He says and walks out of the room. I close my eyes once again and sigh heavily and wince again. few minutes pass and I hear the doors open. "Madison, wake up. Are you okay?" I hear the worry in his voice.

"I'm awake." I say and open my eyes. The tension in his face visibly goes away and he sighs in relief.

"Hello Miss. Tomlinson. I am your doctor, Chace Drax." He smiles at me. I try to raise my lips in the form of a smile but I fail miserably. He looks at me and gives my pitiful smile. "Let's get you checked." He smiles again and a nurse enters as if on cue. Mr. Drax is a young, handsome man with blonde hair and hazel eyes. The nurse is an old lady with grey hair but still beautiful. They both discuss something and the nurse nods her head and writes something on her notepad. "You should be fine. Your head is fine but if you have any pain or you feel like you are about to faint please call us. You should be free to go in two or three days." He smiles at me and nods at Niall then the nurse and she nods back at him. Mr. Drax and the nurse leave the room, leaving me and Niall alone.

"I was scared." Niall days after he makes sure that we are alone. "I was so scared and angry at them. They weren't doing anything to save you. But they know god you are okay." He says and sits on the bed placing his hand on mine.

"Where are the kids?" I ask, ignoring his comment.

"Home. With mum and dad." He replies. "Excuse me." He says and leaves the room pulling his phone out of his pocket. Few minutes pass and he comes back. "I informed our parents. They are on their way." He Says.

"How long I have been here?" I ask him after a few beats of silence.

"For about a week. They tried everything but you didn't wake up even though your heart was beating. I brought the kids too. But you didn't wake up." He shakes his head as if he's disappointed.

"I wanted to. But, I couldn't." I explain. Why am I even explaining this to him? "Um...do you have my phone?" I ask, unsure. He pulls it out of his back pocket and hands it to me. I try to raise my head but drop it as pain shots through it. "Can you call Liam, please?" I ask him.

"Password?" He asks. I hesitate before answering.

"2301." I say. He nods and types the password.

"What does that mean?" He asks.

"How do you know it has a meaning?" I ask.

"I know you,Madison." He says and my stomach flips.

"It's my kids birthday." I say after few minutes.

"Kids birthday? It like in a week? No. It's in five days." He exclaims, excited.

"Yes." I reply.

"I am going to make this birthing memorable for them. It will be the best." He says and smiles at me and I try to to return it.


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