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Chapter 25

"Honey, wake up." I try to wake Evan as he groans and curls up smaller under the sheets. I smile and shake my head. "It's your birthday baby. Get up." I say again. At the mention of his birthday, he sits up on the bed and claps his hands in glee.

"It's my birthday!" He says, excitedly making me chuckle.

"Happy birthday, baby." I say and wrap my arms around him and hug him close to my chest and kiss his chubby cheek. He giggles and kisses me back. I let him go and he runs out of the room. I make my way towards Emma's bed and wake her up. "It's time to wake up, baby girl." I run my fingers through her hair and she opens her eyes. "Happy birthday, darling." I say and hug her tightly.

"Thanks, mommy." She smiles and snuggles in my chest.

"Come on. Let's take a shower now." I say and carry her to the bathroom.

Once I am done with showering Emma, I shower Evan, despite his protests. He wanted open the gifts first. After showering and dressing them up in their clothes we all make our way downstairs. Maura and bob are sitting on the couch and watching the James corden's Late late show while Niall is standing by the French window, talking on his phone.

Niall and me...well, we are fine. The air around us is always light and we both are surprisingly comfortable with each other. He hasn't made any attempt to take another step forward and he didn't bring up anything about marrying me again and I am very glad. I am not ready to marry him again and I am hoping he wouldn't push me to do that.

"Happy birthday, princess." Niall wishes Emma first and then turns to Evan. "Happy birthday, buddy." He kisses their cheeks and they both thank him with a big a smile on their faces.

"This is our first birthday with you, daddy." Emma says with a grin and Evan Nods smiling widely. Niall nods and kneels in front of them.

"And I hope this will be your best birthday ever." He says, smiling lovingly at them.

The kids walk towards their grandparents and Maura and bob wish them and kiss their heads. Niall stands up and walks towards me.

"Hi." He breathes and smiles at me.

"Good morning." I greet him back, with a smile on my face.

"I invited your parents, Louis and Liam and his girlfriend. We're gonna have a family lunch and then, we are going somewhere." He says.

"Where are we going? And we mean?" I ask him.

"That's a surprise. You, me and the kids." He replies. I furrow my eyebrows at him and he smiles shaking his head. "I'm not telling you where we are going." He says. I pout and sigh. He leans down and my breath hitches. He kisses my cheek and leaves his lips there for few seconds before pulling away. My cheeks heat up and I try to say something. "You remember Zayn?" He asks.

"Who wouldn't. How is he? It's been long since I've seen him." I reply.

"Yea. I invited him, too. Is that okay?" He asks.

"Of course. Zayn is your best friend and I actually miss him. We were friends remember?" I smile and he nods. Zayn and I were actually close to each other. He was like a brother to me and we both had a very good relationship.

"How was the talk with Louis?" I ask, after few minutes of silence.

Yesterday, Niall and Louis had a talk. I met up with Louis the day before and told him about my decision regarding Niall. He was upset in the beginning but as I explained him everything he calmed down a little. He wanted to talk to Niall and Niall of course agreed though I was kind of worried. But then, I couldn't say no.

"It was fine. He warned me that if I hurt you again or the kids, he wouldn't think twice before kicking my ass." He laughs. "He wanted to threaten me but it was kind of funny." He chuckles lightly.

"We are talking about my brother here." I try to sound angry but fail. I join him and we both laugh lightly.

"I promised him that I will never leave you again." He says. His tone is very serious and I look up and meet his eyes. We both look into each other's eyes.

"Mommy! Where are our gifts?" Evan's voice pulls us out of our staring contest.

"Maybe you aren't any gifts this year." I tease him as I walk into the kitchen.

"What?!" He shrieks. "It's my birthday. I want gifts." He pouts, following me into the kitchen while Emma walks towards Niall. He lifts her in his arms and follows us towards the kitchen.

"You get gifts every year." I keep teasing. Evan wraps his arms around my leg and holds on to it.

"Mommy." He gives me his puppy dog eyes that I can't resist and he knows it.

"Okay, fine." I sigh in defeat and he squeals in delight. "But you have to wait. You need to finish your breakfast first." I say and he pouts but shrugs. I place the cheese toast I made on the table and serve them in the plates. Maura and bob join us.

"Maura and me are going out for breakfast. You know, some alone time?" Bob says, wraps his arm around Maura's waist and winks at her. Maura nudges him with her elbow while I laugh and Niall shakes his head at his parents but he has a smile on his face.

"Have fun." I grin and they both smile before they walk out of the kitchen and then the house. I serve Niall some toast as he sits at the head of the table. He smiles at me as I place the plate in front him. "Eat." I command. He smirks at me before digging in.

"Um..can I ask you something?" I ask him as I sit at the table adjacent to him and he looks at me before nodding. "Can I um...invite...Harry?" I ask, testing the words. It's not like I am taking his permission to invite my friend to my house. We both weren't fighting for the past few days and I don't want ruin that. But I want to harry and I just want to make sure he won't make any nuisance when he's here and ruin the day.

"What?" He asks to make sure I said the right words.

"I want to invite Harry. He's my friend and he wanted meet the kids." I explain. He drops his fork and knife and turns to me. His face tells me that he doesn't want me to invite him.

"Why are you asking? This is your house." He says.

"I just don't want to ruin the kids day. If you're-" he interrupts me.

"You can invite him." He sighs. I look at him like 'are you sure?' And He sighs again. "Don't expect me to be nice to him. You can invite him, if you want." He says and picks his fork and knife again and starts to eat.

"Thank you." I smile at him and he nods, giving me small smile.

After finishing our breakfast, I send a text to Harry, inviting him for lunch and he says he will be there. Niall and the kids are sitting on the couch in the living room and Watching football (soccer). Though Emma And Evan know nothing about the game they both cheer when their dad cheers. Niall laughs at them and changes the channel and tunes into Disney channel.

"Mickey!" Emma squeals as she sees Mickey Mouse appears on the TV. "That's my favourite!" She says. Niall smiles at her. All of them continue to watch and I make my way back to the kitchen. I need to prepare the lunch for the guests. I mean, my family and friends.

I decided the menu.

•Cheese potato crisps and meatballs for starters.

•Chicken lasagna and Vegetable friend rice for main course.

•Chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies for the desert.

I start to chop the vegetables and jump when I hear a voice behind me.

"Need some help?" Niall is behind me and when I turn back we both are so close. I turn my head away and ignore the heat that is rising in my body.

"It's okay. I can manage." I say.

"I want to." He says and pushes me to the other side and starts to chop the veggies. I roll my eyes at him and open the cupboard to pull out the flour for the cake. "I know you rolled your eyes." He chuckles. I smile at him, though his back is facing towards me.

The next two hours pass quickly as Niall and I prepare the three course meal. I am pretty surprised that the meal looks good and smells good. I hope it tastes good as well.

There is knock on the door and I nod at Niall before going to open the door. I glance at the kids and they both are continuing watching you story. I open the door to reveal Liam and Sophia. Liam immediately wraps his arms around me and I hug him back waving at Sophia. She waves back and walks inside. I hear the kids squeal and I pull away from Liam.

"How are you?" He asks and I know what he means. I told him about forgiving Niall and he wasn't very happy about it but then again, he was fine.

"Good." I smile and he smiles back. He kisses my head and we both walk back inside after the close the door. The kids eyes land on Liam and they both run towards him.

"Liam!" They both tackle him in a hug and Liam begging Strong, catches both of them in his arms and twirls them around.

"Happy birthday my babies." He says in a baby voice and the kids giggle.

The next hour passes quickly as everybody except Harry enter the house. We all sit in the living room waiting for the last guest to come. Zayn isn't here, yet and neither is Harry. My phone rings and I excuse myself to answer it. I look at called ID it says Harry.

"Hey Harry." I answer the call.

"Hey, Madison." He says. "Look, I'm sorry I won't be able to make to the lunch. I have an important meeting to attend with my boss and I can't skip it." He sighs.

"Oh, it's okay. The meeting is important." I assure him.

"I promise to see you soon and finally meet the kids. Okay?" He asks.

"Sure, Harry. Carry on. Bye." I say.

"Wish the kids on behalf of me. Bye." He hangs up after I say a quick yes. I walk back to the living room and announce that Harry isn't coming.

From the corner of my eyes, I see Niall sigh happily and I look at Liam who is smirking. I ignore it and we all continue to talk while Molly, Emma And Evan are watching TV. There is a knock on the door, disturbing our laughter and Niall walks towards it open it.

"Sorry, I'm late." I hear a deep voice and I turn to see who it is from. My eyes land on Zayn, who is in his white button up shirt and black jeans. I leap up to my feet and run to hug him. His arms wrap around my shoulders as mine wrap around his torso.

"Oh my god, I missed you, Zayn." I cry into his shoulder. I hear his laugh before he replies to me.

"I missed you too, little sister." He says and pulls away. "It's good to see you again." He says.

"Yes. It is." I say and smile widely.


Word count : 2000

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