His Ex Wife

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Chapter 26

"How have you been?" Zayn asks once he pulls away from me. I still can't believe he's here.

"I've been good." I smile at him. He smiles back. "How's Perrie?" I ask and the colour in his face drains and his smile drops.

"Um...we...um..." he stutters.

"They broke up." Niall cuts in.

What? Perrie and Zayn broke up? How the hell did that happen? I mean they both were so in love and they both were engaged and they both trusted each other and all and they both broke up?

"What? How? Why?" I ask.

"I'll explain it later." Zayn sighs. "Where are the kids? I want to meet them." He says, the smile on his face is back. I smile letting the subject go.

"Come on." I say and grab his hand in mine leading him inside.

"Emma! Evan! Come here." I call them. They both stand up and run towards me. Zayn and I kneel in front of them. "Guys, meet your uncle, Zayn. He's your dad's best friend." I say with a smile.

"Hello uncle Zayn." They both greet him.

"Hello kids. Call me Zayn. Uncle makes me feel old and I am not old." He jokes. "Happy birthday." He wishes them and they thank him.

"Okay, let's have lunch. I'm starving and we have to leave for the surprise." Niall says from behind us. I nod and walk Into the kitchen with Niall while Zayn greets everybody.

"Still not telling me where we're going and what's the surprise?" I ask Niall once we are alone.

"Nope. And please pack two pairs of clothes. Nothing fancy." He says pulling out the wine bottle from the cabinet.

"Clothes? Why?" I ask.

"It's called surprise for a reason." He rolls his eyes and I chuckle lightly.

Lunch goes pretty well with all the family and friends around. I feel really happy. Every year, on this day, it was just me and the kids at my parents house with my sisters family and sometimes Liam would join us. But now, with all this people around us, Niall being here for the kids is something very good. The kids are very happy and there is nothing that makes me happier than I am right now. It feels good to have everyone back.

"You okay?" Niall asks as I pack the last piece of clothing is my duffle bag.

"Yes. Fine." I smile at him.

"We are leaving in thirty minutes." He announces.

"Where are we going?" I ask even though I know he won't answer it. He waves his hand and walks out of the room.

It's around six in the evening and everybody left the house. Even Bob and Maura left the house as they wanted to spend some time with my parents and do all the re bonding. Zayn had to meet an old friend but he promised to come and meet us after we come back from wherever we are going. The kids are opening their gifts they got from all the guests and I am doing the packing Niall asked me to.

"Maddy! We need to leave." Niall calls from downstairs. I smile at the nick name and pack my make up stuff. "Maddy." He calls again.

"Coming." I reply and carry the bag down.

"Finally." Niall says and collects the bag from me and hands it to Paul. The kids are all set, with their shoes and jackets on.

"I'm ready." I smile at him and we all make our way out of the house. I lock the doors and put the keys in my purse and Niall leads me to the car. The kids are buckled up and Niall and me sit on either side of them as Paul pulls into the traffic.

Half an hour later we reach the airport and Niall gets out of the car. What the hell are we doing at the airport? Paul walks to my door and opens it for me. I get down and turn to Niall.

"What are we doing at the airport?" I ask him, confused.

"You can't wait, can you?" He sighs. "You will know it soon. Don't worry. Let's go now." He says and the kids get out of the car. I hold Evan's hand as Niall carries Emma in his arms. Niall walks to a man in black suit and the man immediately raises from his seat.

"Good evening, Mr. Horan." He greets Niall.

"All set?" Niall asks and the man nods.

"Yes sir. This way please." He leads us to a terminal and we pass through the gates without any passports or tickets or boarding passes. But then, with Niall, we never used them. A black car arrives in front us and Niall opens the door for us.

We all get out of the car and The man from earlier makes his appearance again.

"Sir, you board the jet. Have a safe journey sir. Ma'am." He says and walks back to the car.

"Come on." Niall says and I am still clueless about what's happening. I mean I get it that we are boarding a flight and going somewhere but where are we going? "Babe, chill. Come on." He says as if he read my thoughts. I blush at his name for me and help the kids up the stairs.

"I'm so excited!" Evan squeals. This isn't the first time he's boarding a flight. We went to Hawaii once and we took a flight then. That was the last time I guess.

"Me too." Emma agrees.

"Me too." Niall joins them. He buckles the kids in the seats and then I realise there are no one in the plane other than us. And then, I realise that this is his private jet. All the memories rush through my mind as I take a look at the jet. Nothing's changed, only few things here and there. I remember that one time when Niall and me flew in this same jet to come to New York to meet my parents for the Christmas Eve. I blush slightly as I remember that we made love in the bedroom.

"Done going down the memory lane?" Niall asks. I turn my head towards him. How can he know me so well? How does he know what I am thinking. "I'm thinking about it too." He smiles. "Come on, let's take our seats." He places his hand on lower back, sending shivers up my spine.

After a couple of hours or so, Niall wakes me up from my slumber and asks me to buckle up as we are landing. I do as I am told. The kids are awake too, and all buckled up. I sigh heavily. I hate when planes land. It scares the shit out of me. I feel Niall take my hand in his and give it a light squeeze.

"You're fine." He smiles at me. I smiles back and nod. He remembers, of course he would remember. I smile lightly and look at the kids who are smiling and talking about a guy in their school. I was so involved in admiring the kids, I didn't feel the plane landing. But then, the words said my the pilot or the attendant makes my heart stop.

"Welcome to Paris. Have a pleasant stay." I hear the voice and I look at Niall who is smiling widely at me.


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