His Ex Wife

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Chapter 27

Madison’s POV

"Paris?" I try not to squeal. Oh my god! We are actually in Paris right now. Not that I haven't been here earlier but Paris is always an excitement. I can't believe this.

"Yes, Paris. It's like a birthday gift to the kids, you know?" Niall smiles at me. I smile back at him.

"That's so sweet Niall. They are going to love it." I say.

"Only them? Aren't you like obsessed with Paris?" He teases and I playfully glare at him. We both burst out into laughter before we are interrupted by the kids.

"Let's go. Let's go." They say excitedly.

It's already midnight here and all of us are so tired with all the activities we did back home and all the traveling. The driver of the black limo stops the vehicle in front of a hotel. Le Bristol. I remember this hotel. The first I came to Paris with Niall, we stayed here. I smile as memories strike through me.

Emma and Evan fell asleep in the limo, so Niall and me carried them to our room. I am not sure if we are sharing a room but I wouldn't mind anyway as we are on better terms now.

"Reserved on the name of Horan." Niall says with ease to the woman behind the desk. The woman looks up and her mouth falls open as she looks at Niall. She's staring at him like she wants to eat him. Her cheeks flush and she smiles looking down.

"O-one second, please." She says, blushing continuously. Is she fucking serious? I'm standing right next to him and he's carrying our daughter. But you both aren't together. My subconscious rolls her eyes at me. I ask her to shut up.

"Um...yes, Mr. Horan." She flushes again. She leans forward trying to display her cleavage. I cringe and roll my eyes. "Can I have your ID card, please." She says giving him a flirty smile. Niall scowls at her and I know that he's getting irritated.

"Miss Porter." A voice says from behind her and she turns around. "I'm sorry, Mr. Horan, she's new here." The man apologises.

"Whatever. I need the card to our room." Niall snaps at the man.

"I'm sorry sir." He says and hands the key card to the room. Niall glares at the girl who is now looking down at the floor, the colour drained from her face and she looks pale. "Your luggage is already there, sir." The man adds and Niall nods at him.

"Come on." He says turning towards me. I nod and follow him towards the elevator. The familiar atmosphere brings butterflies in my stomach. The kiss we shared here was quite steamy that evening. I look at Niall and his eyes are on the screen next to the doors of the elevator but I can see him smirking and I know he's thinking about it too. After a good two minutes we reach the top floor and Niall leads us to our room.

"I could sleep for a year." I groan dramatically. Niall chuckles from the other side of the bed.

We've been here for a thirty minutes and I showered while Niall tucked the kids in bed. Later he took a shower as I put on some night clothes. Thank god, I packed some. Now Niall and me are laying on either side of the kids, the bed too big for all four of us.

"Are you Okay in all of us sleeping in same bed? We can have another suite." Niall says.

"No it's fine." I try not to sound desperate. Niall hesitates for a while but then gives up Giving me a pleasant smile. I drift off with a smile on my face.

"Madison. You need to wake up. Now." I hear someone trying to wake me up. I groan and pull the sheets over my head, blocking the person. "We are gonna be late. Come on." The person pulls the sheets down again. I groan once more and open my eyes.

Niall is sitting next to me in the bed. He's shirtless and his hair is damp and I know he just showered. And I hate to admit it but he looks so damn hot.

"Done checking me out?" He smirks making me blush.

"I've seen better." I tease and he scowls at me. "Why did you wake me up?" I ask him.

"Get ready. We're gonna be late." He says and I furrow my eyebrows at him.

"Late? For what?" I ask.

"Will you get ready?" He rolls his eyes at me and walks to his suitcase. I sigh and slip out of the bed. The kids are still sleeping.

"Do I wake them up?" I ask.

"Yes, if you want to shower after giving them a bath." He says and I nod.

"Honey, wake up." I wake the kids up.

We've all showered and dressed up. Niall is dressed in casual black t-shirt pairing with blue jeans, looking incredibly handsome and I am dressed In a white full sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans. I dressed the kids in black jeans and Emma is wearing a pink hoodie and Evan a t-shirt and a black jacket. Evan's hair is pushed back and the credit goes to his dad.

(A/N: I suck at descriptions. You can see the outfits on the Instagram page.)

"Where to?" I ask Niall.

"Breakfast first." Niall says and leads us to the hotel restaurant.

Once done with the breakfast Niall leads us out of the hotel and the limo from last night arrives.

"Oh my god! This car is so big!" Evan squeals dragging the word so. I laugh at him. Yesterday night, the kids fell asleep so they actually didn't take a look of it.

"Yes. And it is ours." Niall says and ruffles his hair.

"Really? Wow!" Emma and Evan squeal. I laugh again. The driver opens our door and We all get in. I buckle the kids with their seat belts and sit next to them.

"Where are we going, Daddy?" Emma asks.

"It's a surprise, princess. You're gonna love it." He says to her with a smile. After all the laughter, teasing, groaning and smiles the car stops and Niall smiles widely. What is he up to? "Come on. We're here." He says and gets out of the limo after the driver opens the door. I unbuckle the kids and we walk out of it. I look up and immediately my mouth is on the floor. He didn't not just... oh my god!!

"Disney land!" The kids scream at the top of their lungs and tackle their dad in a hug.


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