His Ex Wife

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Chapter 28

"You did not." I say but just comes out as a whisper. "You did not." I mumble again.

Niall unwraps himself from the kids and walks towards me. He steps closer to me, too close for my comfort and looks at me. His breath is fanning my face and I look down, blushing.

"Let's go." He whispers and takes my hand in his. Emma holds Niall's hand while Evan holds mine. I can clearly tell that Emma is daddy's girl, but I don't complain. I like this, my kids bonding with their dad and Niall trying to make up for his absence the past few years.

"Look mommy, it's Minnie and mickey!" Emma squeals. It's been an hour since we entered this paradise. The kids are enjoying the time and I am happy for them. I mean...I'm enjoying myself too. And I am so happy. I visited Paris a couple of times but never visited Disney land and I am actually freaking out inside.

"Having fun?" Niall asks me with a grin on his face.

"Very." I reply.


"I'm so tired." I whine as we sit back in the limo.

"Don't be a kid, Madison." Niall rolls his eyes. The kids giggle next to me and I scowl playfully at them. Niall joins them and they laugh at me. I try to glare at them but fail. A smile creeps onto my face as i see all of them laughing at me.

"Thank You for dinner, daddy." The kids mumble as they fall asleep on the comfortable bed. I close my eyes, tiredness taking over me but I feel someone tap my shoulder. I open my eyes and Niall is sitting next to me.

"Come with me." He whispers. I furrow my and look at kids. "Don't worry. There are people to take care of them." He says and tugs my hand. Before I can protest, We are out of the suite.

"Where are we going?" I ask as he pulls me to the end of the corridor. At the end, there is a door and Niall pulls out I key. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion as he unlocks the door with the key. He opens the door and nods his head. I step inside the dark room and Niall follows me. He closes the door and I jump slightly. Suddenly, the room is brightened with lights and I gasp in awe.

The room is decorated with bright yellow lights, and red roses. At the end, in the balcony, is a table, with candles and rose petals. I feel his arm wrap around my waist and he leads me to the balcony.

"We didn't have dessert, so.." He pulls out a chair for me at the table. I blush slightly and take a seat. He gives me a small smile and sits opposite to me. There chocolate chip ice-cream that is already served and luckily not melted. We both pick our spoons and start to eat quietly. I can feel some tension around us but I ignore it.

"Do you like it?" Niall asks. I look up at him to see him already looking at me. I smile at him and nod.

"It's perfect. Thank you, it's so beautiful." I say.

"Not as beautiful as you." He smirks at me and turn red. How can someone make a person blush this much. He stands up from his chair startling me and holds his hand out for me. I take it and stand up as he leads me to the railing of the balcony. "Look." He points his finger towards the sky and when I turn to look at the sky, my heart literally stops beating. There are hundreds of lanterns in the sky, making the sky even more beautiful than it already is. I feel Niall wrap his arms around me from behind, making me jump slightly as he rests his chin on my shoulder. I lean back against his chest as he sighs happily. We continue to watch the lanterns until i shiver from the cold air or is it Niall? I feel him press his lips to my neck making me shiver even more. "I'm sorry, Madison." He says and for a second I get confused why is he apologising. I turn my head to look at him and his eyes are closed. "I'm so sorry for everything I have done." He says again and I realise he's talking about that night. I look down at our intertwined fingers. "I was so stupid, jealous and...and hurt." He whispers the last part. "I know I put so much damage in your heart but I can fix it if you will let me." He says. He turns me around and looks into my eyes and for the first time in a long time, I see care and pure love in his eyes. He slowly leans in and my eyes flutter before closing and I can feel his breath on my face. His lips slightly brush mine and he says, "please." Before I can reply he places his lips on mine completely and kisses me with all his heart or so it feels. It feels like heaven to kiss him again. He pulls away slightly. "Please. Give me another chance." He whispers against my lips.

I don't know what to do. It feels so wrong as well as good at the same time. I still love him and I know he does too. I can see it but I can't get over the fact that he made me leave him and thought that I would hurt him.

"I should have known that you would never hurt me that way but I was blinded by jealousy and I couldn't take it. I couldn't imagine losing you but either way I lost you for five years. And I can't go another day to be this close to you and not be able to call you mine." He says. "I love you Madison. I will always love you." He kisses me again and swipes his tongue on my bottom lip asking me for entrance. I open my Mouth and grant him the entrance and he slips his tongue inside my mouth. He continues to kiss me until we both are breathless. He pulls away from me and I breath heavily. I notice my arms around his neck and my chest against his. When did we get so close to each other? "I love uhh Madison. Just give me another chance." He cups my face in his large warm hands. I sigh.

"Okay." I say. I know I shouldn't be doing this after everything he did. But, I love him and I want him in mine and the kids life. They need their father and... and I need him.

"What? Really?" He asks as he smiles for ear to ear.

"Yes." I whisper. "But this is your last chance. I can't go through another heartbreak." I say.

"Oh my god, I can't believe this. I promise to never hurt you Madison. I love you so much." He says and I see tears in his eyes. He kisses me again and this time I kiss him back with passion.

We stumble into the room and to the end of the bed. He pushes me into the bed and I can't process what's happening but I don't want him to stop. I need him. His lips find mine once again as he lays on top of me, balancing his weight on his arms and kisses me hungrily. His lips leave mine and he kisses me along my jaw. He goes down to my neck and he kisses my sweet spot he's very familiar of. I feel his teeth dig into my skin and I moan before I can stop myself. Why am I not stopping him? Because you don't want him to stop, my subconscious snaps at me. It's true. I don't want him to stop. He continues to nibble on my neck and slowly blows on it. I'm sure it's gonna leave a mark. He pulls away and looks into my eyes. He bends down and kisses my lips and I feel his hand go under my shirt and he cups my clothed breast in his hand and gives it a squeeze making me moan.

"Niall..." I moan.

"Let me make you feel good, baby. Let me make love to you." He kisses my cheek and forehead. I nod before my brain can work and I immediately feel his hands tug at my shirt. He pulls it over my head and look down at my chest. Some things never change.

He beds downs and kisses my exposed breast and then his arms go around be and he unhooks my bra in a swift move and throws it away. I raise my hands and cover them, feeling shy all too sudden. He shakes his head and pulls my shield away.

"Beautiful." He whispers and bends down kissing each of them. I close my eyes, savouring his touch and kisses. I missed this, I missed him. I gasp when he takes one of my nipples into his mouth and sucks on it. I moan and my fingers get lost in his hair. I grip his hair and arch my back. He releases it and starts to kiss down my chest to my stomach. I get the butterflies in there as his fingers fumble with my pants before he pulls them down my legs.

I can't believe this is happening. But I don't want him to stop.

He stands up and slowly and seductively unbuttons his shirt. His eyes never leave mine as he pulls his shirt off and throws it onto the floor. He unbuckles his belt and pants and pulls them down, as they pool around his ankles. He steps out of them. We both are only in our undergarments now. He slowly crawls back onto top of me and kisses my head and then my lips. I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him even closer to, if that is possible as we continue to kiss. His hand trails down my sides and he slips his hand in my panties. I gasp as his cold hands touch my core and I moan into his mouth.

"So wet for me." He mumbles against my lips as his fingers play with me...down there. I moan as his fingers move against me. He brings his hand out leaving to crave more of his touch. He pulls my panties and his briefs down and positions himself at my entrance. I feel him enter me and I arch my Back and moan out loudly.

This is really happening. I won't be able to go back if I do this.

"I love you, so much." He says and starts to thrust in and

out of me, very slowly. The feeling in pit of my stomach is back. It's been so long since I...I did it and it feels so strange to do it again with Niall. I'm not complaining. His head dips down and he places it in the crook of my neck. I wrap my arms around him and hold his arms lightly. It feels like the first time. All over again. His thrusts fasten and he groans my name. "Ah, Maddy." He pecks my neck.

"Niall..." I moan in response. He continues to thrust until we both reach our climax and we both release against each other as we both groan in pleasure. He slowly pulls out of me and kisses my head, before laying next to me.

"I missed this." He says and wraps his arms around me. "I missed you." He says. "You're mine." He kisses my temple making me smile.

"Yours." I mumble.

"Mine." He says, his voice raspy and then I hear his soft snores. I turn to look at him and smile to myself. I kiss his jaw and his arms tighten around me. I ignore the giddy feeling inside my stomach and fall asleep peacefully.


Word count: 2018

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