His Ex Wife

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Chapter 29

I feel lips brush my forehead and I open my eyes. Blue orbs bore into my brown ones and A smile makes it's way to my lips.

"Good morning, beautiful." Niall smiles down at me and I blush.

"Morning." I smile back at him.

"We need to get up." He says and wraps his arms around me, pulling me close to his chest. I snuggle closer to him and smile against his chest. "The flight is in two hours." He mumbles against my hair and I nod. "But I don't want to." He continues and chuckle softly.

"What time is it?" I ask as my arms wrap around his torso.

"Nine a.m." He replies. I nod against his chest and he kisses my hair.

"We should get up. The kids must be awake already." I kiss his chest. What is it with me kissing him everywhere? I blush at the thought and smile.

"Yea. You're right." He kisses my head and pulls away from me, standing up pulling the sheets off of him. I squeal as I see his naked ass. "Nothing you didn't see before and last night." He smirks and I blush. He collects his boxers and pants and pulls them up his legs. I reach for my bra and panties on the floor but Niall pulls the sheets off me and I cover my chest with my hands. He laughs loudly as I scold him.

"Niall!" I groan. He hands my clothes to me and I shake my head before putting them on. Once we both are done we both walk to the door and Niall opens them. He laces his fingers with mine and kisses my head before walking out of the door.

I walk inside the room and see that the kids are still fast asleep. They must very tired from yesterday's activities that they are still sleeping. I smile loving at my sleeping beauties and walk to the bed to wake them up.

"I'll wake them." Niall says and walks to the other side of bed. "Baby girl. It's time to wake up." He kisses her head and I smile.

This is what I always wanted. Niall being in my life and the kids life. I always wanted my kids to grow up with a father figure and now, after all these years my wish came true. What else can a woman want other than a happy family? Maybe breakfast.

"Good morning, daddy." Emma rubs her eyes and Niall kisses her head. He then walks to Evan and wakes him up by running his fingers through his hair.

"Wake up, buddy." Niall says and Emma walks up to me. I lift her into my arms and kiss her cheek as she lays her head on my shoulder. I turn to see that Evan is groaning as Niall tries to wake him up. "Okay, then. We all are going. You can stay here." He smirks and Evan sits up on the bed. "Good morning, young man." Niall smiles and kisses his head.

"Good morning." Evan says. "I'm hungry." He groans.

"Okay, brush your teeth and we can go for breakfast." Niall says and walks into the bathroom.

We all are ready. We've brushed our teeth, showered and dressed. Niall In his grey shirt and ripped jeans. I dressed myself in a blue crop top and black jeans. I put on an white over coat and canvas. I dressed the kids as well and we all are ready to leave though none of us want to.

"What do you want to have?" Niall asks the kids as he looks at the menu and then at the kids. They both look at each other and whisper something in each other's ears. Niall looks at me confused and I just smile.

"Bacon and eggs." They both answer and Niall raises his eyebrows before nodding his head. He then turns towards me.

"I'll have granola, please." I smile at him and he nods. He orders the food along with pancakes for himself. We both talk while Emma and Evan complain about each other. "Guys, calm down." I scold.

"He started it." Emma crosses her arms against her chest as Evan rolls his eyes.

"Okay, now. That's enough." Niall says sternly as the waiter comes back with the food. We all finish the breakfast in silence, the kids glaring at each other. I roll my eyes at them. "Okay, stop it now. Or else you have to face a punishment." Niall says and my eyes go wide.

I never punished the kids. I mean yeah I would take their toys away for a day or two or ground them for an hour or so but I never really punished them. I don't think that's a correct way to raise kids and it will only make them stubborn and makes us looks like villains in their eyes.

"Punishment? Mommy never punished us." Evan says, confused.

"That's why you guys are behaving like this." Niall shakes his head disappointment. "You should taste some punishment for misbehaving." Niall says.

"Okay. That's enough." I say softly. "We're not doing any punishments." I look at Niall. "You can't change my decision."

"But-" He starts but I stop him.

"I said no." I say getting angry.

"Okay. Okay. Sorry." He says and smiles. I nod and finish my food. Once done, we all head outside the hotel and Niall talks to some man. The kids are having an ice cream as they stand next to me. The limo appears in front of us and The chauffeur opens the door. Niall gives him extremely large tip and gets in the car after us. He holds my hand all the way to the airport and I can't help but smile at his gesture. Once we board the plane, the kids fall asleep followed by me.

After the long flight journey, we reached home. I love being home. Though Paris was amazing nothing is better than being home.

"They're asleep." Niall enters the room, taking his tie off. He sits in the bed and sighs heavily. "I'm so tired." He groans.

"Niall..." I say. I've been worried all day about this. I need to talk to him. I know I am giving him another chance but there are many things we need to talk about and I am actually scared about it.

"Hmm?" He hums as he closed his eyes and rests his head against the head board. I know he's tired but I need to do this. I need the answers.

"We need to talk." I finally let the words out of my mouth.


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