His Ex Wife

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Chapter 32

Niall's POV

"Where are we going, daddy?" Emma asks as I buckle her up in the back seat.

Madison has left to work an hour ago and warned me to take good care of the kids. She gave a set of rules if I am taking them out. No ice cream, no candy and no more toys. She kissed the kids and then me before leaving and I was smiling like a love sick puppy.

"I'm planning something for your mum and I need your help." I kiss Emma's head before shutting the door. I look at her through the window and she's smiling widely at me. I walk around the car and sit in the passenger seat as Paul starts the car. I buckle myself and Paul starts to drive. I turn to look at the kids once in a while and they both are playing something with their hands and counting numbers. I smile and turn back.

"Sir?" Paul says and grabs my attention.

"Yes?" I ask and look at him.

"If you don't mind, can I ask when are we heading back to London?" He asks.

The thought of going back to London without Madison is drenching my heart and I didn't know what to do until this morning. I want her back in my home with our kids. I want to have a happy family that I always wanted with her.

"Let's hope it will be soon." I smile lightly and he furrows his eyebrows but doesn't question anymore. My phone rings in my pocket and I shift lightly to pull it out. Zayn's name flashes in the screen and I answer the call.

"Zayn. How are you?" I greet him.

"Mate. I am good. How about you?" He asks and I reply with a 'good'. "I'm sorry to say this mate but you need to come back to London." He says and my heart falls into my stomach. "The Deal with Adams has been on hold for so long and they are saying we only have two days time until we decide want we want to do." He explains.

"Damn it." I say quietly. "What are our benefits from this Deal?" I ask him.

"Well...For starters we get three million. It's beneficial for expanding your business in India and Sri lanka." He says taking few pauses in between. I can imagine him sitting at his desk and looking through the mails and talking to me on the phone. "And I think we should sign it." He suggests.

"Okay. Mail me the documents and I will scan them, sign and send them back to you." I say. There's no way I'm leaving my family here and going. Not even for a day.

"If I could have done that, I wouldn't have called you." He says. "We need to sign it in their presence and you have to come to London." He stresses the word. "I know you well enough that you don't want leave Madison and the kids and come here. But it's just for a day and you can go back after thee meeting." He says.

"Fine. I'll be there by noon. I'll start in the morning." I sigh heavily. He gives me an okay and hangs after saying goodbye to each other. "We are going to London in the morning and coming back after the meeting is done. In form the Pilot. And ask Gaston to be here by tonight." I say to Paul.

"Sir." He nods and pulls In front of the mall. I get out and so does Paul. Once the kids are unbuckled, I ask paul to park the car and meet us at Tiffany's. I grab the kids hands and walk inside with them.

"Daddy, What are we doing in the mall?" Evan groans. "I hate 'em." He pouts and I can't help but chuckle. He's so like me. Even I hate malls and shopping but which man doesn't? But I have to do this for Madison.

"Because, we are going to buy your mum some stuff because, I am going to take her out." I pull them inside and they both giggle loudly and I smile.

Madison's POV

"Sir, your meeting is in five minutes." I remind Mr. Vernon. He looks up from his computer and to me and nods his head. "Do you want anything else, sir?" I ask him.

"No. Thank you, Miss. Tomlinson." He smiles at me. "Since there is nothing for you to do after I go to the meeting, I suggest you to take the rest of the day off." He stands up from his seat and buttons his suit.

"Okay, sir. Thank you." I say and he nods before leaving the room and I follow him out. I walk into my office and collect my things. I arrange the files on my table and shut my computer before walking out of my office. I say goodbye to Claire, our receptionist and walk into the parking lot. Taking seat in the driver seat, I start to drive my car home.

I unlock the door and walk inside. Maura and bob are sitting on the couch as I walk in. Maura smiles at me.

"Hi, darling. How was work?" She asks.

"It was good, thanks." I smile at her and she nods.

"Lunch is ready and Niall and the kids went out." She says and I nod.

"Thank you, Maura. And yes, Niall told me about taking the kids out." I smile at her. "I'm going to change." I inform her and she nods at me. I turn around and walk upstairs and into my bedroom. I pull out my phone and call Niall. He answers it after two rings.

"Missing me already?" He teases.

"I was missing the kids actually." I say with a smile on my face.

"That hurt." I can imagine him pouting and I chuckle softly. "What are you doing?" He asks.

"I just came home." I answer as I pull my over coat off my arms.

"Home? This early?" He asks and I nod. I realise that he can't see me through the phone so I say it aloud.

"Um yes. My boss had a meeting. I had nothing to do so he asked me Take the rest of the day off." I explain. "Where are you guys? When are you coming home?" I ask.

"We are at the mall and they are currently having Pizza." He says.

"No ice cream." I warn again and he chuckles.

"Yes, ma'am." He says and laughs. "Okay, we'll be there in an hour. I'll see you then. Bye."

"Bye." I say and hang up. I have a big smile on my face thinking about my own little family. My rings again and it's Niall. I answer it. "Niall?" I say.

"I'm sorry I forgot to say something." He says. "I love you." I can't help my smile as the words reach my ear and my cheeks heat up. How can he make me blush over a phone call?

"I love you, too."


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