His Ex Wife

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Chapter 33

Madison's POV

I don't know when I fell asleep after ending the call with Niall. I wake up when my stomach growls and I find myself very hungry. I push the covers off of me and step on to the floor. I walk into the washroom and wash my face. As I wipe my face with my towel, someone enters my room. I look who it is and I smile as my eyes land on Niall. His eyes find me and he walks towards me with a small smile on his face.

"Hey." He walks towards me. I turn around and he wraps his arms around me, pulling me closer to his chest. My arms wrap around his torso.

"Hi." I smile at him. He dips his head down and pecks my lips. "How was the mall?" I ask.

"It was fine." He says and caress my sides.

"You hate malls. What did you do there?" I ask him. A smile forms on his lips and he stares at me. "What?" I ask, shyly.

"Nothing. It was just important." He says and releases me. He walks towards the bed and sits on it. "Did you have your lunch?" He asks and I shake my head no. He scowls before shaking his head.

"I fell asleep. I'm going to eat now. Will you eat?" I ask and he shakes his head. I nod.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you." He says and grabs my attention.

"What?" I ask.

"I'm going to London tomorrow. In the morning." He looks at me. My heart drops into my stomach and I continue to look at him. "Oh, no, no. I'll be back by night. Just need to go and sign some important papers." He stands up and pulls me to him. "I'm not leaving you." He answers my thoughts.

For a second I was shit scared that he's gonna leave again. We just got back together and I don't want him to leave me and the kids again. We've been far away way too long. I don't want him to leave us again.

"I'm not leaving." He stresses the words and I nod. He places his lips on mine and kisses me. It's kind of a promise kiss that seals his words in my heart. He pulls away leaving me breathless. "Okay?" He asks and I nod. "Say it out baby." He kisses the corner of my lips.

"Okay." I say.

"I'm taking you out tonight. Be ready by eight. I got the dress, shoes and something else. Put them on and be ready." He says.

"I've never agreed to go with you on a date." I tease him. "Because you didn't ask me." A smile tugs at my lips.

"Are you saying that I need to ask you before I can take you on a date?" He asks, faking anger and I nod, smiling. "Oh yeah?" He repeats and I nod again. His next move makes me jump as he pushes me onto the bed and climbs on top of me, straddling my waist. My heart race increases. He pins my hands above my head with one hand as the other one makes its way down to my sides. "Yeah?" He breathes again. I don't reply, instead I breathe heavily. "Answer me, baby." He orders.

"Yes." I whisper. He smirks lightly before starting to tickle my sides. I gasp as he works his fingers on my sides. "N-Niall! St- haha. Stop! Oh my god. Please!!" I beg between laughter. He smiles at me and continues to torture me.

"You are mine. I don't need to ask you before taking you out." He grins and continues to tickle me.

"Fine Fine. Please, stop." I whine. He stops and grins at me as I glare at him, breathing heavily. "I hate you." I whine. He bends his head and covers my mouth with his.

"Lying is bad." He murmurs against my lips and kisses me again. His mouth claiming mine as he traces my lower lip with his tongue. I open my mouth and grant him the entrance and he explores my mouth with his tongue.

"That's enough." I push at his chest and he groans. "Your parents are down there and the kids are across the hallway." I whisper and kiss his jaw before pushing him off of me.

"Maybe we can be quiet. I need you now." He tugs at my hand as he lays on the bed. I free my hand from his grasp and shake my head no. He groans and I walk out of the room to have something.

*in the evening*

"Madison! We are going to be late!" Niall groans as I look at myself in the mirror getting ready for the date Niall has planed for us.

"I'm coming!" I answer him as I bring the lipstick to my lips, re-applying it once again. I walk out of the room and stop in my tracks as soon as my eyes land on him. He's wearing my favourite royal blue Suit and dress pants with a white shirt inside and he looks deliciously perfect. I always loved this colour on him and he looks amazing. He always does. His expression is the same, as he takes me in. He chose a perfect dress for me tonight and thankfully it fit perfectly as if it was made just for me.

"You look so beautiful, baby." He approaches me with a smile on his face. I look down trying to stop myself from blushing and ignoring all the butterflies in my stomach. He stands a foot away from me and I can feel his eyes on me. His fingers brush against my arm as I he brings his hand to my face. He tips my chin up with his forefinger and thumb and makes me look him in the eye. As my eyes meets his, a smile tugs at my lips and I smile widely. He does the same and leans down to kiss me. "Though you are very beautiful in this dress, I would love to remove it tonight." He smirks lightly and I hit his chest.

"Niall!" I squeal and we both laugh.

"Come on, let's go." He kisses my head and takes my hand in his. We both walk out saying goodbye to Maura, bob and the kids. All of them are smiling widely and the kids... they look very happy, And that's all I ever want.

Suddenly, Niall's phone rings and he pulls it out of his pocket, and scowls as he sees the caller ID. He answers the call.

"What is it?" He snaps, his eyebrows furrowed as he listens. "What?" His face pales. "I can't come now." He sighs. "But-" He stops talking as the other person talks. "Okay, fine." He snaps and ends the call.

What's happening?

"What is it?" I ask him. He looks so stressed and I am concerned about him. "What happened?"

"Madison, I am so sorry. But I need to go. I have some work before I go to London tomorrow." He pauses and looks like he is in deep thought.

"Oh, Niall. That's okay. Go, they need you there. It might be very important." I say. "We can go to this wherever you were taking me after you come back." I place my hand on his shoulder. "Go." I say.

"I'm sorry Madison." He says, upset. "I just-" I cover his mouth with my hand to make him stop talking.

"It's okay, Niall." I say. "Really." I squeeze his shoulders. He nods and kisses my forehead.

"I'll see you later, bye. I love you." He kisses my head and walks out hurriedly.

"Oh, Madison, it's okay." Maura says.

"No Maura, I am not upset. It's fine really. I gonna go change and then I'll prepare the dinner. I want to prepare the dinner." I say walk upstairs.

Once changed and I wiped out my little makeup. I make my way downstairs and into the kitchen. Bob, maura and kids are in the living room, laughing at something that is being Played on TV. I smile and walk into the kitchen. As I collect the pan and all the ingredients and vegetables, Maura enters the kitchen.

"I'll help you." She says and takes the vegetables from the counter and starts chopping them before I can protest.

Half an hour later, we both are done and it ended up pretty well. We call the kids and Bob and serve the food to them and then ourselves. As we eat, I text Niall.

To Niall:

Everything okay? Let me know.



I don't get the reply immediately and I assume that he's busy. I let it slide even though I feel like there's something wrong.

"Darling, are you okay?" Bob asks. I look up to him. "You haven't touched your food." He observes.

"Yeah yeah, I am fine. Just worried about Niall." I admit and he smiles.

"He will be fine. Don't worry. Eat your dinner." He says and resumes eating his food. I nod and start eating. My phone buzzes and I immediately assume it is Niall but it's Liam.

From Li 💕

Niall, you, Sophie and me. Double date tomorrow? Lunch and fishing.

How are you by the way? And kids?

I smile at his text and reply immediately.

To Li 💕

Not possible. Niall is going to London tomorrow for some work.

Kids and I are good.

I set the mobile aside and finish the pasta. I collect the empty plates and vessels and put them in the dishwasher. After cleaning the counter and replying a few more texts to Liam I make my way towards the kids bedroom. It's already nine thirty and kids are playing. I join them.

"Hey, guys." I say and enter the room.

"Mommy!" They squeal and I can't help but laugh. "Did daddy comeback?" Emma asks.

"Not yet. But he will comeback." I reply. "What are you doing?" I ask them.

"Daddy bought us some toys." Emma looks down, guilty.

"I said no toys." I sigh. "It's fine now. Let's see what you got." I say and they both smile no, sorry grin ear to ear.

Evan shows me a small BMW remote control car and he drives it with the remote. Emma shows her new barbie set where the barbie has twelve dresses and six pair of shoes matching to the dresses. Half an hour later the kids fall asleep and I carry them to their beds. I pull blankets over them and walk out of their room. I check my mobile if there are any messages from Niall but there is none.

I walk into my room, and into the bathroom. I take a shower to calm myself down and get out of the bathroom once done. I dry my hair and wrap my robe around myself. I walk towards the bed and lay down, pulling the covers over me. I check my phone once again but there's nothing from Niall. Only a text from Anjali, one of my co-worker. I ignore her text and shut my phone and with uneasy feeling in my heart, I go to sleep.


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