His Ex Wife

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Chapter 34

Third POV

"What the hell is this? You said they will never get back together. Now they are living a happily ever after!" She screams.

"Shut up, celine. I know what I am doing." He snaps at her. "There is a perfect timing for everything. You can't just do things whenever you want. Get it through your skull. Don't irritate me." He growls.

"Don't you Dare talk to me like that. I am celine Williams!" She shouts. He wraps his fingers around her neck, his grip tight. She starts chocking but he keeps tightening his grip. "L-let g-g-o." She struggles with her words. He lets her go and she falls to the ground clutching her throat in pain. She coughs loudly and he grabs a glass of water for her and hands it to her. He watches her as she gulps the water.

"You want his money and I want her body. We have to be patient to win that. You get it?" He asks and she nods. "That bitch have to suffer this time. There will be nobody to protect her this time, like last time." He says to himself rather than to her as the flashback starts to play In his mind.

"Mr. Mathews." Madison places a letter in front of him. He furrows his eyebrows at her. She's wearing a grey pencil skirt with a ocean blue shirt and looking sexy as ever. His thoughts were clouded with her on his table and legs open for him as he fucks here senseless. He pushes the perverted thoughts away and scans the letter.

"What's this?" He asks her. She breathes heavily, her chest raises and his pants feel tighter. He clears his throat.

"It's my resignation letter." She informs and his eyes widen in shock. Fuck! He cursed himself. Now his plan on fucking her and getting what he wanted from the first day she stepped into his office is failed. She's leaving and he won't be able to stop her.

"Resignation? Why miss Tomlinson? Do you have any problem here?" He asks, trying to control his rage. He fists his palms under the table before she starts to speak.

"I am engaged." She says. "My fiancé doesn't want me to work."

Engaged? To that bastard Niall horan? He knew they both were dating and one of the reasons he wanted to fuck Madison was to hurt Niall. The Niall horan because of whom he lost his baby sister. That sick fuck is now engaged to this bitch.

"I can't accept this." He says, as softly as possible. "You have to continue to work." He orders.

"She won't." They both turn their heads towards the door as they hear a voice. There stands the CEO of the company, Mr. Adams and The Niall Horan himself. Niall walks towards Madison and wraps his arms around her waist pulling her close to him and showing that she is his.

"Ronald Mathews." He raises from his seat to offer his hand to Niall, against his will. Niall ignores his hand. He pulls away his hand and fists it behind his back.

"The resignation letter will be accepted." Mr. Adams says and Ronald nods his head.

"Yes, sir." He says and signs the paper.

"All done, Mr. Horan." Mr. Adams turns to Niall but Niall's eyes are on Mr. Ronald Mathews. He turns his gaze to the old man.

"Thank you, Mr. Adams. We'll be leaving now." He says and pulls Madison out of the room.

After everyone leaves, Ronald sits in his chair, his jaw cleans his hands in fists as he tries to control himself. He's so pissed that he might kill someone. But he can't do that so he just smashes the vase on his table and breathes heavily.

"Let's call him." He says.

"He said not to. He said he'll be very busy while I know he's gonna be with that bitch!" Celine whines.

"I'll talk. I'll say that someone attacked you. You have the prints on your neck." He observes.

"What?" Celine tenses but then she wants Niall and his money. And she'll do anything for that. "Fine call him." She says.

Ronald calls Niall from Celine's mobile and Niall answers after few rings.

"What is it?" Is the first thing he says when he answers the call.

"Mr. Horan." He grits his teeth. "Miss Williams has been attacked by a stranger."

"What?" He says shocked.

"Yes sir. We need you here." He explains.

"I can't come now." Niall sighs and Ronald smirks.

"She's asking for you sir." He says.

"But-" Niall starts But he cuts him off.

"Sir, she's your responsibility. The press will get to know about this and it will become a problem." He lies and hears Niall sigh once again.

"Okay fine." Niall ends the call.

"He's coming." Ronald declares. "I'll go and come back once he's gone. Try to make him stay the night. It will be easy." He instructs.

"What is the plan?" Celine asks.

"That's for me to know, you to find out and them to suffer." Ronald smirks and walks out of the hotel room.


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