His Ex Wife

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Chapter 35

Madison's POV

Morning comes before I know it and the first thing I notice is Niall isn't next to me. I sigh heavily and sit up on the bed. I pull my hair up into a bun and push the covers off of me. The anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach returns as I walk into the bathroom.

Where are you Niall?

I take a long warm shower to get my mind off the things but it wasn't working. I wrap the towels , one around my body and another one to my hair. I walk out of the bathroom and check my phone. There are no texts or calls from Niall. I sigh heavily and start to put on my clothes. Once done I walk into the kids room to wake them up.

"Emma. Baby, you have to wake up now." I coo and she wiggles on her pink bed. "Wake up, darling." I kiss her head as she slowly opens her eyes.

"Good morning, Mommy." She yawns and sits up on the bed, rubbing her eyes. I kiss her cheek.

"Good morning, darling." I say and stand up to walk to Evan's bed. I run my fingers through his hair and he murmurs something in his sleep. "Time to wake up baby boy." I say as I continue to run my fingers through his hair. He sits up slowly and crawls into my lap, wrapping his arms around my neck and snuggling into my chest. I kiss his hair.

"Are we going to school today?" He asks.

"I don't think so. You're dad says that he transferred your schools." I stand up with him in my arms as I hold my hand out for Emma. She takes it and I lead them into the bathroom to help them brush their teeth.

"Is daddy home?" Emma asks as I spread the toothpaste on their toothbrushes.

"No. Not yet." I smiles and hand them their toothbrushes. As they start to brush their teeth, my phone buzzes in my pocket.

From Niall:

Will be home in few.

I sigh In relief and reply to his texts.

To Niall:

Okay. See you, then.

Thank god he's fine. I was so worried about him for the most of the night and in the morning. I need to ask him what took him so long and why didn't he text me. I sigh and ask the kids to finish up and walk downstairs to make the breakfast. Then, I realise that Maura, bob and Niall will be leaving in an hour to go to London.

When I reach the kitchen, Maura is already making the toast and eggs. She turns as she hears me enter the kitchen and smiles widely at me.

"Good morning, Honey." She says and caress my cheek and continues to cook.

"You didn't have to do it, Maura. I was about to start cooking." I say and turn on the coffee.

"It's okay honey. I was bored." She giggles and I can't help but smile back.

A knock on the door interrupts us and I rush towards the door hoping it is Niall. I open the door and there stands Niall and I sigh in relief. Niall smiles tiredly at me and leans forward to wrap his arms around me. We stay like that in each other's arms for a while and Niall pulls away after leaving small peck on the side of my neck making me shiver.

"I'm gonna get ready." He says and walks past me into the house. He waves at Bob and kisses Maura's cheek surprising her. "Are you guys ready to go?" He asks them and they both nod. I follow him upstairs and the kids block our way.

"Daddy!" Thy both squeal. Niall smiles down at them and bends down to pick them up. They both giggle and Kisses Niall on his cheeks.

"Hello guys. Sleep well?" He asks and sets them onto the ground. They both nod. Niall smiles an ruffles their hair before walking past them and into my bedroom.

"Grandma made breakfast. Have it and when you come back, I will give you a bath." I say and they both nod before walking down the stairs. I make my way into my room and furrows my eyebrows as I see Niall sitting on the bed with his head in his hands.

What's wrong?

"Niall?" I call. His head lifts and his eyes fall on me. Something crosses his face and I breath hitches. "Are you Okay?" I ask him, unsure. His quiet and looking at me like he's so sorry. "Niall?" I say again. He seems to pull out of his thoughts and he blinks rapidly.

"Yeah." He breathes. "Yes, I am fine. I am just... tired." He says and the pause creates uneasiness in the pit of my stomach.

"Um...are you sure? Do you want to talk?" I ask again.

"I said I am fine." He snaps loudly making me jump slightly. "Shit. Madison, I am sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you." He says and I smile.

"Niall, it's okay. You're tired. I get it." I walk closer to him and sit next to him on the bed. I run my hand up and down his back and he sighs heavily. "What is it?" My voice is hoarse.

"I just don't want to leave you and go." He admits and my subconscious breathes a small sigh of relief. "I don't want to go." He says and lays his head on my shoulder. I run my fingers through his hair as a smile makes its way to my lips.

"You'll be back tonight." I say and he nods against my shoulder. "And it's important Niall. You should go and you will be back tonight." I say softly. He nods again. "Now get ready." I kiss his head and he raises it from my shoulder. He looks at me for few seconds and then he smiles his girl killer smile. I smile and peck his lips softly.

"What was that for?" He asks, his voice so soft and I can't help but blush slightly. "You are so cute when you blush." He chuckles and kisses my pink cheek. "I'm gonna take a shower. Would you like to join?" He smirks lightly. I hit his shoulder and we both laugh.

"Always a pervert." I tease and he smirks.

"Can't argue with that." He says.

We both laugh but I feel like there's something that is gonna rip us apart once again and the thought itself is so painful. I shake the thoughts and concentrate on Niall, for now.


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