His Ex Wife

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Chapter 5

"Missed me?" He asks and walks closer to me. I take a step back.

"What are you doing here?" I ask him. He locks his eyes with mine. His eyes show so many emotions and I am very confused. He looks sad, he looks as if he's regretting something, he looks vulnerable.

"Madison, I-" He starts, but is interrupted by a little voice.

"Mommy?" Emma walks into the living room where me and Niall are standing. My eyes widen when I notice the both of them looking at each other. "Hello, my name is Emma. Nice to meet you." She smiles shyly at him and walks to me and grips my leg. "Did I say it correctly, mommy?" She asks.

"Yes, baby." I say and pick her up into my arms.

"Did she just call you, mommy?" Niall's eyes are wide and sad.

"Yes. She did. Gotta problem?" I snap at him.

"How could you do this to me Madison? Don't you at least regret it?" He asks, loudly.

"Baby, can you and your brother go to your room? I will be there in a few minutes." I say to Emma. I don't want my kids to see me fight with someone. She nods and I put her down on the ground. After few minutes, Evan also comes out of the kitchen and they both walk upstairs and into their room. Once I make sure that they are inside, I turn to Niall. His eyebrows are furrowed and he seems angry.

"What do you want Niall?" I ask.

"First answer my question. Why did you do all that? Wasn't I enough? Wasn't I making you happy?" He asks loudly.

"Keep your voice down!" I raise my voice. "It's been five years and you still believe that. I didn't do anything and I don't need to prove that to you, because like who are you?" I give my poker face and he sighs.

"I know you didn't do anything." He says quietly and I furrow my eyebrows at him. "The pictures that I saw were....fake."

Pictures? What pictures?

"The pictures that made me think you cheated on me." He says as if he read my mind. It makes me uncomfortable that he can read me like an open book. That's damn frustrating.

"I don't care, Niall." I say and turn away from him. His fingers wrap around my wrist and he pulls me to him making me collide with his chest. My heart is beating out of my chest and I know that Niall can feel that against his chest. I try to wiggle out of his grip but that only makes him tighten his grip on me. His arm snakes around my waist and pulls me even more close, if that is possible.

"Let go, Niall." I say, sternly.

"Not again." He says. His breath is fanning my face and his scent consumes me.

"Leave me alone!" I say push at his chest. This time he lets go. I am angry at myself that I am disappointed when he let me go.

"You moved on? Why didn't you wait for me?" He asks.

"I didn't move on!" I realise that I am sobbing.

"You have two kids!" He shouts. I don't say anything and he seems to realise something. Oh no! "T-they are....are t-they...mine?" He stutters and I turn away from him proving his point. He grabs my arm rather harshly and I wince. He turns me around and all the sadness in his eyes is replaced by anger. "You didn't even bother to tell me?! I am their father!" He shouts. Tears form in my eyes because of his anger. It's bringing back the memories of that day. "Why didn't you tell me?!" He asks again. I pull my hand out his grip. I look into his eyes and start to speak.

"Did you let me? Did you let me tell you the happiest news we both have been waiting for?" I ask and he remains silent. "No. You didn't. You accused me of cheating, when you were the one doing that. I didn't even know where I went wrong." I sob and he still remains silent. "All these years, I tried to put myself in your shoes and think about what I did. I thought it was my mistake that jeopardised our relationship. I blamed myself. I still don't understand what I did to make you think that I was cheating on you." I sob continuously. He takes a step forward but I step back and raise my hand to create some space. "No. Stay away." I point my finger at him. "They are my kids. And if you try to come into my life and take my kids away from me, I won't even-"

"Why would I take them away from you? I want all of you In my life!" He says and I start to laugh.

"It's five years too late, Niall." I say, hardly.

"I know. I know I fucked up, big time! But please just let me make it up to you!" He says and tries to step towards me. I raise my hand ask him stop.

"No." I say. He starts to speak, but I interrupt him. "Leave Niall. Please just leave." I cry.

"We'll talk again." He says. He comes forward and kisses my forehead. I turn away from him. "You are all that matters for me." Those are the last words before he walks out of the door and all the tears in my body falls out.


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