His Ex Wife

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Chapter 6

"Mom? Mommy?" I hear a faint voice, waking me up. When did I fall asleep? I open my eyes and shut them immediately, shielding my eyes from the bright morning light. I open them again after few seconds and I see Evan in front of me, looking confused? When I raise my head up, my neck starts to hurt and I realise that I am in the living room. My neck hurts like a bitch. I am sitting on the floor, with my arms crossed on the couch and with the clothes from yesterday, still on me. "Mom? Why are you sleeping here?" Evan asks and I didn't know what to tell him.

"Um... I had some work and I ended up sleeping here." I say, unsure but he nods. I sigh in relief.

"Today is Sunday. So we have to go out for breakfast." He whines. I am not in a mood to go out and have breakfast, but it's our Sunday routine and I can't refuse to go. He will be upset. "Girls are so lazy." He says and I look at him wide eyed.

"What did you say?" I said, faking the anger. He looked at me and smiled mischievously.

"You and Em are so lazy, mom." He says and immediately I wrap my fingers around his arm and pull him to me. He ends up in my lap and I start to tickle him. His laughter fills the room, making my mood bright and making me grin ear to ear.

"Say sorry." I demand. I know it's childish, but come on, I'm just twenty seven.

"S-sorry." He says between laughs and I stop. I laugh loudly and he pouts. "Come on, now. I'm hungry." He says, still pouting.

"Is Em awake?" I ask him and get off the floor with him in my arms. He shakes his head.

"That's what I said, girls are lazy." He says. I narrow my eyes at him and he immediately apologises. I laugh at him.

"Go wake her up and ask her brush her teeth. I'll get your clothing." I say and set him down. He nods and runs off to their room. I make my way to mine and get ready. I pick out the clothing for the kids. Jeans and t-shirts will do. After getting ready for myself and then the kids, we went to the cafe nearby, where we usually go. After I made sure they both are settled in, I take my seat.

"Hello, Madison." Mrs. Cathy, our regular waitress says.

"Good morning, Mrs. Cathy." I smile at her. She greets the kids and they greet her back. She asks our orders and we do. Evan wanted pancakes and Emma wanted egg toast and I ordered some coffee and pancakes.

"Mommy?" Emma says, as we start to eat. I was drinking my coffee and I nodded my head at her. "There was a man in our house yesterday. Who was it?" She asks, making my heart skip a beat. I choke on my coffee and Evan pushes the water glass towards me. I drink it. "Who was it mummy?"

"H-he... H-he's an old friend." I lie.

"Oh." She says and continues eating. The rate of my heart beat increases drastically. What if they come to know he's their dad? Would they leave me for him? No, no. They wouldn't. "Mommy, I want to go washroom." Emma whispers in my ear, pulling me out of my thoughts. I nod and help her out of the chair. She's so familiar with the place, so she walks there by herself, without me. Me and Evan make a little conversation about a girl in his play school.

Few minutes pass and Emma hasn't come back yet. Me and Evan finished our breakfast and are waiting for her. Where is she? Being a mother, I was worried that she's taking so much time so I stood up and started to make my way towards the washrooms but then I see her tiny figure coming back. My heart races for the second time since we arrived to the cafe, as I see who is accompanying her.

"Mommy, I met your friend near the washrooms." She says pointing at Niall. She's holding his hand and he's looking at me intently. I remain mute and nod at her.

"Hello," Niall says, not taking his eyes off me.

"That is Evan. My brother." Em says to Niall.

"Hi, Evan." Niall says looking at him. Evan just gives him a smile.

"Well, um... Let's go. I have some work to do." I say grab Em's arm pulling her away from him. Hurt crosses across his face, and I almost feel bad. I hurriedly paid the bill and left some tip before collecting my things and The kids and head out without glancing at him.

I buckle the kids up in their seats and make my way towards driving seat but I was blocked. I looked up from the ground to see Niall. I tried to walk past him but he grabbed my wrist and turned me around to face him.

"Niall-" I start but he interrupted me, like always.

"We need to talk Madison. Call me." He says and hands me his card. I pull my hand out of his grip and crumble the card before throwing that at his chest. I turned away and walked to my seat. I lock the doors and start the engine.


Word count: 915

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