His Ex Wife

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Chapter 7

This whole week has been drastic. My thoughts were always filled with only one person. I keep thinking about him even though I don't want to. He even haunts my dreams. His blue eyes taunt me. I couldn't even concentrate on work.

"Emma! Evan!" I call the kids to take my mind off things. Only they can make me feel better.

"Yes, mom?" Evan says.

"What do you guys want for lunch?" I ask them.

"Chicken cheese sandwich!" Evan exclaims. I turn to look at Emma and she's already nodding her head.

"Okay then." I start to cook the lunch.

While I make the lunch, Evan keeps talking while Emma is silent. She is colouring some cartoons in her book and I guess she was in some other world. But she also seemed little off and I started getting worried. I was about to ask her what was wrong with her but Evan started speaking again.

"Oh, mum! I almost forgot. We have a parents meet tomorrow's in the school." Evan says. "You should be there." Evan added. Emma looked up to me as if she wanted to ask me something but she's restraining it.

"I will be there." I promised.

"All the other kids are going to come with their mommy and daddy. But we both are going with only mommy." Emma said, stressing the word only.

It is here. The situation in which I have to answer the kids about their father. The father, who broke their mother's heart. The father, who didn't even let him tell that he's going to be a father. The father, who left us when we needed him the most. The father.

"Yea. Because, we don't have a daddy." Evan says to Emma, but both of them are looking at me with....I don't know. Eagerness? Hope? I don't know. I serve the kids with the sandwiches and turn away pretending to clean something. When I turn back to fetch some juice for the kids they both are still looking at me, their plates untouched.

"Eat your food, guys." I say.

"No." Emma says and crosses her little arms over her chest. I narrow my eyes at her but she till gives me than angry hurt look. I sigh. "All the kids in the school have a father, but we don't. Even Molly has uncle Nathan. We don't have a father. Why mommy?" She asks, her eyes filled with tears. My vision blurs as tears fill my eyes. The last thing I want is my kids crying.

"I-I don't know. Maybe God thought good children need only mother." I lied. Seriously Madison? Does that even make sense to you? The voice in my head snaps at me.

"Really?" Emma wipes her eyes. I go to her and cup her face in my hands.

"Yes, darling." I kiss her forehead.

The next day, At work, I was very busy. A big company was in need of interior designing and we all are working on it, very hard. If this project will be successful, I will be promoted and there will be a raise in my pay. And, because of this work, I couldn't go to the kids' school for the meeting. They will be upset.

"Hi, Madison." I hear a voice and I turn around. My eyes widen as they land on Harry. What is he doing here? "How are you?" He asks and sits in front of me.

"Hi. I'm good. What are you doing here?" I ask.

"I came to see you." He says and tried to place his hand in mine. I pulled my hand away, and so did he.

"For what?" I ask, harshly. Harry is really good looking and good man. But that's it, I wouldn't go any further than that.

"W-wil-l y-you go on a d-date with me?" He stutters, his eyes so hopeful.

"No." I pull on the stern look on my face and answer him immediately. He sighs. "Look, Harry. There are hundreds of girls out there, go and try them. It's not gonna happen with me." I say and stand up, leaving him at my desk and going out of my office.

I called Liam, in the evening and told him everything that happens today.

"Give him a chance." Liam said.

Is he like serious? I thought. He knows me like nobody else do and he says that. He knows I love only one person. I sigh letting it go. I have to pick up the kids. I lock the doors and head to my car. After reaching the school I park the car in the parking spot and get out of the car and lock it. I enter the school and go to the receptionist. Her eyes looks up to me and they narrow, which is unusual.

"Hi i'm here to pick up Emma and Evan Tomlinson." I say to her.

"But, ma'am, they were already picked up." She says, her eyebrows furrowed.



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