His Ex Wife

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Chapter 8

Everything around me stops as I hear the words fall from her mouth. My head is spinning and mouth is dry. I feel like I can't breathe. I look at the woman sitting behind the desk looking at me with furrowed eyebrows.

"What do you mean they aren't here?! Only I can pick them up!" I scream at her.

"I know. But he said that you send him to get them and even Emma said that she knows him and he was your friend." She defends herself.

"He? It was a man?"'I ask. "Does he have blonde hair?"

"Yes." She answers. My phone vibrates in my pocket and I pull it out to see a text.

Unknown: let's talk now.

And I know who exactly it is. I fall to my knees and drop my phone. Tears fall out of my eyes and I start to sob. He took my kids away from me. The woman behind the desk comes to me.

"Ma'am we should call police." She says.

"No! No. I know who it is. It's okay. Thank you." I say and stand up. She nods her head and goes back to her place.

After going back home, I pull out my mobile and call the unknown number. I hear the robotic voice saying that the number is switched off. I sit on the couch and try to think of the ways that I can contact Niall. Few minutes pass and my mobile rings. I pick immediately without checking the contact.

"Hello, there." I can hear the smirk in his voice.

"Niall, please. I beg you. Just let them go." I cry.

"Madison, I tried to go easy with you. But you wanted this." He says and sighs, exasperated.

"Don't do anything to them, Niall. I will do anything you want. Please don't harm my kids." I cry. The line is silent for few seconds and then he speaks.

"Do you think that low of me? That I would do something to my own kids? How can you think that Madison?" He shouts the last part.

"I never thought you would do this, but you did. And now I don't know what you will do." I say, my voice very hoarse and cracking.

"I won't do any harm. They both are watching cartoons. Don't worry." He pauses. "Paul, my driver is waiting outside your house. Come here and we will talk." As I hear the words, I am already walking out of the house and locking the doors. I end the Call without another word. As I walk down the porch I see an R8 parked. The driver comes out and opens the door for me, showing his identity card. I nod and get inside. The smell of car fills my nostrils, and it is no different from Niall's scent. I rest my head on the window and look out as the driver drives through traffic.

After half an hour ride, the driver stops the car in front of a hotel. He comes out and opens the door for me before I can. Another man comes and takes the car away and the driver leads me inside. What was his name? Paul. Yeah.

"This way ma'am." He says and points to the elevator. He presses the thirty second floor and waits. The doors open and we reach the floor. He leads me to a room and knocks on the door. Few seconds pass and the door opens, revealing a man, whom I don't recognise. Paul and the man nod at each other and the man opens the door wide.

The room is beautiful with very good interior designs and a beautiful view. I stare out of the French window and get lost for few seconds.

"Like the view?" I hear the very familiar voice and turn around to see him.

"What do you want me to do?" I ask him.

"Marry me." He says. Without a word I nod. His eyes widen at first but then narrow. "I am serious." He says again.

"I will do anything for my kids." I say emphasising on the words.

"They are mine too." He snaps and I roll my eyes.

"Where are they?" I ask him.

"Inside." He says and I immediately walk past him. His fingers wrap around my wrist stopping me in my tracks. "Before you see them, we need o talk."

"I need to see them first." I say, and my voice cracks. A wave of emotion crosses his face and he looks guilty. Don't fall for it, Madison! My subconscious warns me. I know. I know that he's celebrating my pain in his head.

"No. Talking first." He says. I sigh and sit on a stool that is there by the couch. "Okay, you have to marry me again and move back to England with me. You have to tell the kids who I am." He says and I nod. "Their last name should be changed." He adds and I nod mutely. "Say something." He says.

"I will do all the things you want me to do. But remember this, I may be your wife on paper, but I will never again, be your wife. My priority was the kids all this time and it will stay that way." I say. "Don't expect me to be a wife who is all over her husband and loves him unconditionally." I walk past him and this time, he lets me.

Both Emma and Evan are sitting on the big cream coloured couch, watching sponge bob. I walk to the couch and their gaze turns to me. They both smile widely at me and jumps of the couch spilling the popcorn. I kneel down and pull the both of them to my chest. I cry my eyes out and hug them hard. Evan pulls away and cups my face with his tiny little hands.

"What happened mommy? Why are you crying?" He asks.

"Guys, I need to tell you s-something." My voice cracks with fear.

"What?" They both ask.

"You....Niall, I..." I stutter. They both are looking at me waiting for me to complete whatever I want to say. Niall joins us and kneels down beside us. "Niall...N-Niall is y-your D-dad." I say and the only Thing that their face is showing is shock.


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