Mr Wrong

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Jolie discovered how everything in life isn’t as black and white as she once thought. Sadly, she’s about to find out how true it is when she goes through hell and back. She’s about to embark on one of the toughest few years of her young existence. Will she finally realise her true worth? Who is her destined love; her Mr Right? ~ Sinner; really... Is that what God says? Is that what Jesus says? To fall in love, is a sin? Man, if that’s a sin then send me to fucking hell. Burn me alive if need be. If it meant loving Jolie for the rest of my life, then so be it. ~ When I found the perfect woman, I turned my back for two seconds and now she’s gone. Poof, she vanished. Why the hell didn’t I go after her? Why didn’t I stop her? It felt like forever, but I knew I’d see her again. I felt it in my bones. Sadly, she’s lost her sparkle. It’s gone. She’s not the same girl. Damn it, what did he do to you? Who will she choose Mr Wrong or Mr Right? 🖤 Please, don’t leave any big spoilers on reviews. Thanks in advance.

Romance / Drama
Dembie Rose
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Chapter 1

“Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, dear Jolie,
Happy birthday to you...”

While my parents sing away, I’m chewing on my nails. It’s because I hate it. People singing to me, it makes me uncomfortable.
I know they mean well, but seriously, just give me my card so I can get outta here.
The bonus is when I get my card, it’s always filled with money. That’s always a plus for birthdays.

“Thanks, guys, that’s great.
Um, is it okay to go out? I know we normally spend the day together, but Kara wants to meet up in town.
We’ll do a little shopping, and then maybe hit the cinema.”

I watch as their smiles falter. It makes me feel bad, but we’ve already made our plans. Besides, my parents have already had sixteen birthdays with me so far. So one won’t kill them surely, right?

“Oh,” is what my mum said while my dad, tilts his head. It’s like my questions in another language.

“Sorry, I kinda made plans with her.
You guys don’t mind though, right? I mean, we can do something later. It’s just, we kinda want to go out and shop.”

While I wait for them to say something, I end up chewing my nails again. My mother tells me off about it like, all the time. “Apparently” I’ll end up with “boy-fingers”. Yeah, she’s nuts.

“Well, I guess it is okay. We planned to watch your old baby videos and maybe look through a few old photos. We-“

Before she can say any more guilting words, I’m up and out of my seat. I also thank them before they can change their minds. I know they mean well, but come on. I’ve already watched those videos and those “photos” like a million times. I can’t face looking through them again. Believe me, they aren’t that special.
While I thank them, I gave them big hugs. Then, as soon as I tell them, “I won’t be late” I’m outta there.
Well now, that was easier than I thought.

When I finally make it to the town centre, I head to the music store. I’m still a little early so I thought I’d check out their selections, old school being my favourites.
I adore the seventies and eighties stuff. I know they’re way out of my era, but they’re just so funky. I love a bit of rock too, only my parents think I’m too innocent for that kind of music. I still listen to it though, just not around them. You see; my parents are pretty strict. They don’t allow me to do much. Well, not without their say-so anyway. They’re pretty much church lovers, so everything “bad” is a sin. I have to stay clear of it... that’s including boys. Yet, theirs a boy I’m having trouble looking away from. He’s standing by the register, looking like sin. Oh lord, please have mercy. He’s beautiful, and also out of my league too. He looks like your typical “popular guy”. You know the ones right? All the girls swoon over him, but he only has eyes for the “popular girl”. Mostly ones who we “mere mortals” have no luck of getting even a sniff of his cologne.

After sighing at the sight of him, I turn back to the CDs in front of me. I can’t decide if I want the eighties remix or a bit of Wham? Yeah, since George passed away, I’m fascinated with his music. I just have to hear more.

“I’d go with Wham. It’s got pretty decent remixes on it.”

My head snaps up when I hear a smooth male voice wash over my neck. Only when I turn my head and my eyes meet his, my stomach dances while my hands tremble.
It’s him the godlike creature. He’s standing behind me just off to my left. He’s so close I can smell him. Yep, this “mere mortal” is getting a good whiff of him.
Lord, he smells so good.


Oh, seriously? That’s all I’ve got? Come on woman, you’re better than this.

“Y-yeah, I’ve heard good things about it. Though, I’m kinda wondering why you’d like it.
You don’t look like a ‘Wham’ kind of boy.”

My face suddenly flames. It’s because he’s not a “boy”. No, I think he’s not much older than me... But he’s defiantly not a “boy” not with the way he’s looking at me anyway.

“Are you kidding? I love this stuff. The eighties and nineties killed it. Personally, I can’t stand all this ‘thumping’ crap. Old school’s the way to go.”

With a smile, I ask what he thinks of the seventies era. He tilts his head, obviously thinking about it.

“Hmm... I guess it’s not bad either. They had some good stuff.
Why do you ask, is that what you’re into?”

I end up nodding my head, while my face flushed again. I hope he won’t make fun of me for liking it? Of course, he doesn’t. He just smiled while telling me I have wonderful taste. Oh boy. That smile though. Jesus, it’s so beautiful, I swoon a little.
Moments later, I’m feeling my phone vibrate in my bag.

“Sorry,” I tell him not wanting to be rude.

“It’s okay. I’ll leave you to it. My boss is kinda giving me the evils anyway.
I hope I’ll get to see you at my cash register.”
He ends that with another smile. Only this time, he blushed too.
Damn, my stomach’s going crazy.

**Hey, I’m outside.
Where are you?**

It’s Kara, my friend who I came to meet. Naturally, I respond and tell her where I am. Only before I text her, **I’m on my way** I take one last look at that boy. The same boy with amazing blue eyes and dark blond hair.
Oh my, he is beautiful. I truly want to go to his register.
I’d also like to know his name, only my parents wouldn’t approve. They no doubt they’d see what I see. He’s defiantly not, the settling down type. I know this because he’s chatting away to another girl. She’s a lot prettier than me too.
Oh well, he smelled nice anyway. At least that’s something I can keep to my memory.

“Jesus, take forever, why don’t you.
I’m starving here, so I need cake.
Did you bring it?”
Kara asked while handing over my birthday card. Her other hands making a “grabby” gesture... It’s like she’s five years old, she’s jumping excitedly.

“Wow, not even a happy birthday first. Love you too, friend.
Now I know you’re only using me for my dad’s baking skills, aren’t you?”
I end that with a chuckle. Yet as I pull out her cake from my bag, she points out it’s not his baking skills I like. Then ends it with a cheeky wink, making me pretend to gag.

“Too far woman... just, too far.
Please, don’t make me puke on my birthday. It’s not a good idea, especially with boys hanging around.”

Now she’s turning her head, looking for those boys. There isn’t any, but you never know. I mean, that boy in the music store could be watching. Yeah, that’s my wishful thinking again.

“There better be some boys around. I’m sick of being single now. Hell, I think I have a few cobwebs. I.”

Before she can finish that sentence, I’m shushing her. I also tell her to “behave” only she just laughs after calling me a “prude”.
No, she’s not a virgin. She lost that last year.
My God, my parents would go crazy with that one.
Sadly, my parents aren’t big fans of hers either. They kinda think she’s a terrible influence on me. Only, I kinda think we’re pretty similar... minus the “virginity” part. Oh and not forgetting her dirty mouth. Other than that, we pretty much like the same things...
However, we don’t have the same tastes in boys.

She goes for the geeks, the proper bookworm kind. Whereas for me, I go for the ‘out of my league ones’, like music boy back there.
Yep, I’ve still to feel a set of tender lips, press against my own.

I know it’s sad really, but my parents told me I need to wait for the right time. Lord knows when that’ll be. I’m slowly losing the will now. I’m now seventeen years old, and I’ve still to get my first kiss. Hell, even a boyfriend.

“Oh, I have news.
My dad’s returning home from the army, and he said it’s for good this time.
Oh, Jolie, I’ve missed him so much.
The last time he came home, it feels like a lifetime ago.”

“Wow, no way? That’s brilliant news, sweets. I’m so pleased for you.
So, do you know when he’ll be back?”

While she fills me in, we walk towards McDonald’s. By the time she’d finished, she’s practically dancing with joy. I don’t blame her, because it’s been a few years.
Sadly for them, he only returns once in a blue moon.
As much as I love my parents, I wish they’d go away more. Don’t get me wrong, I truly do love them. It’s just, they kinda smother me with all their demands... “Don’t do this, don’t do that” “Stay away from the devil.”
Yeah, they didn’t say that last part, but they might as well have. They kinda stop me from doing anything bad. Heck, especially anything that’s classed as a sin.
I hate it. I hate getting told what to do, or in my case ‘not’ to do. I’m kinda a free spirit, and they’re kinda strangling me with their rules. You’d think I’d be pretty used to the “Christian ways” by now. I guess I am. I’ve just never really liked it.
Unfortunately for me, they forced it on me. They force me to church, every Sunday I’m dressed to go. Yet if I had my way, I’d only go at Christmas and Easter. You know, the important dates with the man upstairs. Yet preferably, I’d rather not go at all. I talk to him in my way. I don’t need to sit in a stuffy church. I don’t like sitting next to Mrs Olivia. She’s nice and all, but her perfumes make me ill. I swear, it’s like she popped the old and poured the stuff on.

While Kara’s dancing around she’s telling me he’ll be here soon. Her mother left her to pick him up from the train station.

“What, wait? Wait, why aren’t you with them?”
She smiled while reminding me it’s my birthday.

“I couldn’t back out, sweets. You’re my bestie. I couldn’t possibly let you spend the day with your overprotective parents now could I?
Besides, my parents will be here soon.
Mum’s picking up a new TV, one she’d ordered weeks ago. The shocking part though, it’s for my dad’s garage. He spends most of his time working on old cars, so she’s surprising him with it.
Personally, I think she’s just ‘sweetening’ him up. She’s preparing to break it to him she’s working night-shifts at the hospital.
She’d only taken them on because he’s away a lot, and it ‘apparently’ helps her to focus. I’ve no clue what that’s on, but I’m good with it.
I’ve kept myself entertained with sneaking Jessie in. Oh boy, that man has an amazing set of abs.”

While she’s telling me about his muscles, my mind is wandering off. I’m thinking of that boy again, wondering if he has a good body.
He looked like he did. Only, he had a grey hoody on. So, I couldn’t tell you if he had abs or not.
Although his shoulders were pretty broad, and his waist looked narrow. I could see he takes care of himself.

Damn, I should go back there soon. Maybe he’ll talk to me again. Hell, even that would be the highlight of my year. Trust me, my life is pretty boring. Well, aside from when I’m with Kara.
We’d only recently become good friends but clicked over, winding up our mutual-friend.
Nationally, I’ve met her mother. She’s nice but, poor Kara hardly ever sees her.
Luckily for her though, she’s in college, learning how to be a hairstylist.
She asked to practice on me but there’s no way, not yet anyway. I love her to bits but, I’ll wait until she’s got her skills down first. I like my long wavy blond hair, just fine the way it is.

Although, I’ve always liked the idea of having it chopped off and dyed black. I kinda love the ‘Ruby Rose’ look. I’m kinda “girl crushing” on her. She has blue eyes too, just like mine. So, I know I’d probably suit it... I just need to convince my parents to let go of a few strings.

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