Tempting Her Teacher

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Chapter 32

"So now I’m your wife I get to submit to you, however you would like?” Juliet said.

She was lying down on the bed of their hotel room, wearing a filmy ivory slip that left little to the imagination. Against the white sheets and pillows, her blonde hair spreading out over the pillow, she seemed like an angel to Carl.

An angel with flushed cheeks and a very un-angelic look in her eyes who was waiting and willing for him.

Carl looked down at her, surprised and also even more turned on. “You know I’d never ask you to do anything you didn’t want to.”

There was a gleam in her eyes. “I might not mind if you did.”

Carl unbuttoned his own shirt and cast it aside. By some instinct he moved on the bed over her, took her wrists in his hands and pinned them against the pillows. Juliet gasped in desire and her body writhed in the silken fabric, unable to escape his grip and not wanting to.

Carl was powerfully hard. This beautiful girl was his to take, always. He would never hurt her, he adored her, but if she wanted him to pretend to assert some archaic marital right, he was only too happy to oblige.

“You’re going to submit to me and do your wifely duty, then?” he said, only half joking.

Her lips parted, craving him, and his mouth went down on hers. He crushed her a little with the weight of his body and she squirmed and let out a whimper.

To his surprise he found her submission an extra turn on. They were only playing around, but it awoke some deep, physical and emotional instinct in him.

She was his. This was his woman, his mate.

He grasped both of her wrists in one hand momentarily as he manoeuvred out of the rest of his clothes, lying naked on top of her. He was tempted to rip the silk right off her body.

Instead, he tugged it over her head and then let himself sink against the contours of her body, flesh to flesh, hard muscle above soft curves. He brought his mouth down on one of the rose tipped breasts that were now his to tease and tantalise. He loved her instant reaction as his tongue swirled around the sensitive point.

He slipped his hand between her thighs, feeling her there for the first time. So warm, wet, slick.

He was more than ready for her and he could tell from the way she was straining towards him that she wanted him too. She was ready for him.

Carl moved up over her, his knees naturally moving her thighs apart. Their bodies were made to fit one another. His length was against her, he was so rock hard he didn’t even have to position himself. He simply moved up and slowly, with the most agonisingly amazing sensation - heat and wetness and tightness - he was inside her. His wife. They were one.

Juliet gasped as he entered her. She had been nervous about something not working or not fitting, but it happened as though it was always meant to.

She had to get used to his size. It was larger than she had anticipated from feeling through his clothes, almost uncomfortable. But he was gentle and she loved the sensation of fullness.

He was possessing her. Her husband, making her body his.

Carl rocked into her gently. He wanted to last as long as possible but with all the build up and this final, perfect feeling it was going to be hard to stop himself going over the edge. Each time Juliet writhed against him he nearly lost it.

“I love you,” he said, looking down at her. She was gazing back up at him, all his.

“I love you too.”

He switched back to gripping her wrists with one hand - it wasn’t really a hold, she could easily have got free - but Carl liked the way it raised and exposed her breasts and the darkening of desire in her eyes when he tightened his grasp.

He slipped his other hand lower, between them, the flat of his thumb going between her legs and pressing against her nub. He moved it around in a circle, gently at first, testing her.

Juliet’s nerves were already on edge but when he touched her there it was like electricity. She cried out and pushed up harder towards his fingers so Carl intensified the movement.

This is my husband, she thought. Even this first time he already seemed to know her body and exactly what she needed. They were perfect together, a perfect fit.

Focusing on pleasuring her had briefly helped hold Carl back, but as Juliet suddenly moaned, twisted, pressed and spasmed against him he was totally lost. He could feel her climaxing around him and it brought his own release.

Exactly together. The same second.

Carl felt himself filling her, pumping into her. She had said it was too late in the month for anything to happen, but the possibility that it could gave it an extra edge. Juliet had said she didn’t want any barrier between them for the first time, but to be as close as they possibly could.

He ran his fingers over her belly, imagining her one day swollen with his child. He wanted at least a couple of years of married life with her first, before they started a family, but if it happened earlier they would cope.

“Are you glad we waited?” Juliet asked as she lay in his arms afterwards.

“Yes. It’s a good thing I hadn’t anticipated how amazing it would be, or there’s no way I would have been able to hold out.”

Juliet smiled, feeling warm, happy and sated. “I did my best to let you know.”

“I know you did. You drove me nearly crazy for months.” It had become a game for her to tempt him and for him to hold out. A battle which he had only barely won.

There were so many things they hadn’t done together. Juliet shivered just thinking about it. How she now had unrestricted access to his body, and he to hers.

Being with him had laid all the ghosts of the past. They had had the most beautiful wedding, with Aunt Mary eventually agreeing to break with tradition and give Juliet away in her father’s place.

Margot and Fhemie had been bridesmaids, in completely different colours and styles because Juliet had let them both choose what they wanted to wear.

It had caused something of a scandal at St Gillian’s. But since the term had ended, Juliet had graduated and Carl had resigned, there wasn’t much anyone could do. Some people had thought she was crazy to get married so young but Juliet knew that it was the right time and the right decision for her.

She had never been more certain about her decision than now, as she lay with her new husband, enjoying his strength and his warmth and his love.

She was truly blessed. Next week, following months of intensive rehearsals, she would be flying to Europe as a potentially rising star. And she would have this amazing man at her side, to share in all the excitement that the future held in store.

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