Him & Me

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I was late, again. I didn't even know how I was late, my alarm had gone off, I had hit snooze and- oh. Why did snooze exist if we weren't to use the damn thing? I grabbed my school bag as I ran down the stairs, calling goodbye to my mum as I quickly laced my trainers up. I heard the roar of the school bus at the end of my road and broke into a run, belting out of the door as though my life depended on it. As I reached the bus stop, I stopped, my hands on my knees as I caught my breath, panting like a hot dog in the sunshine. I saw the bus pull up and everyone got on, myself included. Suddenly I heard a roar from behind me and I grimaced.

Grey Mitchell.

He jumped onto the bus, his body slamming against mine as the doors just shut behind him. I shoved him in irritation, pushing him against the bus doors.

'Alright, calm down.'

He groaned as I glared at him. His skin was tanned which made his eyes look an even lighter shade of green than they normally did, his dark hair flopping into his eyes as he tossed his head back, sliding his aviators on to block the bright sun. I managed to move away from him, but there were no seats available so I had no option but to listen to his annoying voice as he flirted with the girls sat near us. He annoyed the hell out of me, and as soon as the bus pulled up at school I got off as soon as I could, breathing in the fresh air.

'How'd you like that physical contact this morning huh?'

I heard him growl as he walked past me, grinning at me as he saw my middle finger flip up in response.

I realised I had left my school books on the side and I closed my eyes and groaned. I was here, that was going to have to be enough for now. I hurried into school, just making it to my class for registration. I sank into my chair and sighed, aware of my hungry stomach and caffeine deprived brain. Any minute now I fully expected to start foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog, until someone comes and pours coffee and doughnuts into my throat. I wondered if I would be the first to invent a coffee drip, and had visions of people walking around school dragging the drip around with them, all smiley and wired. The popular girls were all in my form group, and they flounced in at that moment, complaining loudly about the lighting they had to do their make up in that morning, as they spritzed perfume all around their bodies, causing us mere mortals to cough in the cloud of crap it left behind. How did I get lumbered with these airheads? I heard them gossiping animatedly and I turned to see them sitting on their desks, which I suppose they had earned the right to- they were, after all, school royalty.

'Ew, why is she looking at me?'

The doll that was called Tia commented loudly, leaning down to adjust her shoe strap, giving Gawping Gavin a fantastic view of what she had eaten for breakfast. Gavin had no shame and sat staring up her skirt, his eyes wide, his shirt showing the stained sweat patches under his arms. I rolled my eyes and left her to be gawped at, maybe next time she should try wearing a skirt instead of a belt.

The bell rang and we answered our names for registration before leaving to go to our classes for the day. This was the best part of my day, going to my classes. I loved History, English and Spanish, all of which I had today. I also had PE which I detested, but I was part of the school council and we had a meeting at lunch which I was looking forward to. I moved into the sea of students in the hall, as I spotted my best friend Aria waving at me from the lockers.

'I actually fantasised about a coffee drip today.' I said as we walked towards our class. She laughed quietly as she twirled her mousy brown hair around her finger, chewing on it thoughtfully.

'Aria, babe. You really have got to stop eating your hair. Its totally full of calories.' I giggled as we walked into class, our teacher smiling at us brightly.

Today was going to be a good day.


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