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The Dead King

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2. Revived

Hades closed his eyes, lifting his hand. And with the exception of the three gods, time stopped.

Silence reigned supreme as all activities were put to a halt.

Hades, by the blessing of the Moirai, then concentrated on the halted movement of time, willing it to reverse.

Hermes and Thanatos stood in awe as last five minute blurred past around them on mute.

They watched in silent horror as the events unfolded.

The taunting and mockery of the Queen. The blatant disrespect, and cruelty.

The last few moments of her life played before their eyes.

They watched as a group of boys, far stronger than her, shoved her into the pool.

Saw her floundering, trying to get her bearings amongst the waves created by the emphatic splash of her body in the water.

A pulse of rage rushed through his veins at the surrounding mortals. They carried on as if his Queen were not submerged in a man-made body of water, her shimmering soul clinging to her body desperately.

Calling on the Moirai once more, he resumed time just thirty seconds before she died.

As he jumped in to save her, he heard the mute murmuring, gasping, yelling, the shouts of surprise. The swooning of women.

“Who is that?”
“Where did he come from?”
“Did you invite him?”
“Why is jumping after Nerdy-Anne?”
“He’s so hot!”

To his ears, all he heard were the murmurs of the mortals who murdered his Queen, and would burn in Tartarus for their sins.

Diving down to the bottom of the pool, he caught sight of her watery figure by the gleam of moonlight.

Her inky halo fanned out in the water, waves rippling the strands.

She was beautiful.

He’d never, in all his millenniums of life, had he seen someone so angelic, even among the gods. Not even Aphrodite could hold a candle to her beauty in his eyes.

His powerful body moved faster, tugging her body upwards with his.

From there, he transported them to the concrete, wanting to save energy.

Thanatos and Hermes hovered above him, invisible to the naked eye, their eyes on him as he lifted his hand to feel the climate of the air.

If he was going to twine his soul with hers, destructive forces could not be present, otherwise, it would twinge the bond.

Immediately he locked gazes with Thanatos’ red eyes, sparking in rage. He shrugged as if he could not help it.

Pulses of death radiated from him, making mortals choke, gag and pass out.

“Calm, Thanatos. They will receive retribution.”

Reluctantly, he calmed himself.

He would take pleasure torturing the evil mortals later.

He did not want to kill his Queen.

He also did not want to feel the wrath of Hades upon his back.

When the air cleared, Hades placed a hand on her achingly still chest.

Holding time once more, he called upon the Moirai.

Then, he kissed her.

To a mortal, perhaps it would appear that he was simply administering mouth to mouth.

And in a way, he was.

His mouth on hers, he breathed eternity into her.

Intertwining their fingers, he kissed her harder, feeling a tug in his chest.

That tug pushed him into her, binding them.

Hades screamed into her mouth in agony as he felt his life force draining into her, twisting his insides painfully to squeeze enough of him out.

Above their heads, a golden thread and an onyx thread wound together tightly, the thread of Fate running through both, braiding it; strengthening it.

The two cords wrapped around each other, fusing into one as it went down, shimmering with effort.

“It has been done,”

The voice of the Fates rang.

Hades didn’t move until he felt her lungs kickstart, breathing his breath back into him.


Orianna was dead. She was sure of it.

She isn’t feel dead. In fact, if she had to be honest, she felt more alive than she ever had.

Groaning, she looked up. The party was silent, all eyes trained on her.


Wait, she drowned.
As in, to death.

So how?

A warm hand gripped hers, tugging her off the concrete and into his strong arms.

He was tall, built like a warrior.

“How do you feel Orianne?” He asked deep and husky, a slight accent tugging his tone.

“Better if I knew who were,”

Hades chuckled. She had fire.

“It has been done, Hades. Your wish has been granted,” the Moirai appeared from a thin black mist.

“However, it cannot be reversed. You will forever be intertwined, till all goes back to primordial void from hence we came.”

Orianne glances at the three women confused.

“Do not try, my King. Or else,”

Lachesis tried to pry apart the braid.

He felt a sharp tug in his chest, but beside him Orianne screamed bloody murder sobbing incoherently.

“Stop,” he coughed up Ichor. “Make it stop.”

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