In Too Deep

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"The Devil is real. And he's not a little red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful."



His eyes were green. The brightest green she had ever seen. It spoke of nothing, but trouble. Ghost was awake, and somehow, she preferred him when he was unconscious. He was awake and everything looked intimidating. His cheekbones looked sharper, his eyes were more intimidating than his body and nothing rolled of him more than the dangerous scent that clings to him, the menace, and ruggedness.

He was like an apocalypse. Meant to terrorize. To inflict fear inside you. Cruelty was in his eyes. In the way, he was staring at her like he could snap her into half without breaking a sweat. That he could be the most terrifying monster if he wished to be. Those scary stories you tell kids to make them behave, Ghost was it.

It took him more than fifteen seconds; each breath he released was like a promise of violence. He blinked twice before he looked down at the ropes that were tied around his body, and he wiggled and struggled at first; then, he looked up.

"What the fuck?" His voice was quiet and dry. His eyes? Fuming.

Nova gulped, and she did what any prey would do in the face of a predator; she shrank back in fear. Trouble was staring at her in the face. Maybe she shouldn't have done this, maybe she should have thought about it. But she couldn't bring herself to feel regret. She told herself that he was tied up, that he could only get to her if she chose it. She would not let him intimidate her into silence.

"I said..." he dragged the words, his eyes shooting daggers at her and burning whatever skin he could find on her. “what the fuck?"

There was no easy way to deal with a man like him. Untamed. Wild. Aggressive. The best way she could handle him was by relaxing and letting him see that she didn't pose any threat to him.

"You need to calm d–"

"Un-fucking- tie me." His jaw ticked and his voice was laced with venom enough to kill an elephant. "Unless I'm speaking in an accent you don't understand, bitch, I said untie me right now before I get pissed?"

Before he got pissed off? This wasn't him pissed off?

"You can't talk to me that way," Nova choked on her words. She had never been a scaredy-cat. She was always the brave one. But she didn't feel so brave at that moment. Not while Ghost's eyes felt like a sniper aimed at her.

And really? Calling her a bitch while she had done nothing but be civilized to him. Yes, she tied him up but for a very good reason. Maybe if he stopped acting like he was freaking King Kong, she might tell him why she did what she did. What an ungrateful little ass. But there was nothing little about him.

Ghost's eyes were dead, and his expression revealed zero emotion. "Oh, I apologize to you. I didn't receive a manual on how to talk to you. Please, overlook my mistake," his mouth rolled over the words, his red, full lips more distracting than his killer expression.

And when she realized that she had been staring at his lips, her cheeks blossomed into crimson, and it hit her hard how sick it was because the man looked like he wanted to choke her and cut off her oxygen.

"You don't sound apologetic," Nova notified him, one eyebrow arching. If anything, there was nothing but sarcasm and impatience behind his apology. And a good dose of contained fury.

Ghost let out a grin so devilish, she swore he might actually be the devil. "Oh, look at you! Not fucking dumb, after all."

Every muscle in her face tensed, but she doesn't let him know how affected she was by him, how his mocking words cut her. "Listen, I didn't want to do this, but you left me with no choice. This was the only way, so you have to listen to me now." Nova tried to sound firm as she tried to find some common ground.

He tried to lean forward but he could only go as far as the ropes bound around him would let him, and he noticed that very well because he sneered and tugged at it, but even he wasn't strong enough.

He was speaking in an eerily calming voice, "See, the thing is, I can't really concentrate on anything when I'm tied up, so whatever you want to say to me has to wait until I'm free. I have a fear of being bound, bitch, so unless you don't want things to escalate, I suggest you be quick about it," he bit out with clenched teeth.

Her eyes grew big. "I'm sorry! I didn't know. You should have said so!" she cried, leaping out of the chair to move closer to him and untie him, but then, she stopped inches away from him, catching a whiff of his scent. "Wait, you won't hurt me, right? I only tied you because it was necessary."

He gritted his teeth. "Anytime now."

Shakily, Nova crossed the distance between them as she knelt in front of him to start untying the ropes on his legs. He stared down at her, every glance sending a current to her body. Her reaction to him was almost sickening, and she made another mental note to scream at herself in the mirror later.

She quickly untied the ropes on his legs before she untied the one around his body, and before she could finish untying the knot, his hands flew back to release the ropes and in the process, made her stumbled back and fall flat on her ass. She groaned a little and watched him stand up; he seemed bigger now that he was conscious and standing on his two feet. Without even sparing her a glance on the ground, he stepped over her and stalked to the door.

Not today Satan.

She was on her own feet and marching after him. "Where are you going?!" she demanded, but it was as if she was speaking to a brick wall. "Hey!" Her hand slammed on the door closed just as he had opened it to walk out. She was not about to let him leave when she hadn't even told him that she was done with him.

He whirled around, and their eyes met and tangled. "Who the fuck are you?" he snapped, his tone flat and livid. It felt like he was ready to claw her guts out and decorate her floor with it.

Nova blinked at him in disbelief. "What do you mean who am I? I'm the one who has been stitching you up and making sure you're not dead when I should have been calling the police!" He really had the nerve to pretend he didn't know her? To pretend a couple of months wasn't spent by her saving his life? When he was the one who inserted himself into her life?

He must have concluded she wasn't a threat or that he didn't care at all, because he inclined his head. "Why don't you do that, aight? I'll be on my way then." He jerked his head toward the door and made a move to open it.

Rage tingled up her spine, coursing through her veins, making her fists clenched and unclenched. Blood whooshed in her ears, and her breathing quickened.

"Wait!" Nova slammed her back against the door, blocking the exit.

"What do you want? My patience is running thin, lady."

Inside, rage pounded through Nova, but outside, she remained calm. "Excuse me? You've been showing up here passed out with wounds all over your body! Most days, I was scared that you would die in my house, and you've done nothing but act like a complete asshole when you should be thanking me for saving your life numerous time. Anyone in my position would have called the police or kicked you out and left you to die."

He had her slammed against the door before Nova could see the expression on his face, and she hissed, feeling the impact from her back to her tailbone. He hovered over her like a shadow. "You're right. I'm definitely at fault," he declared, raising his hand to teasingly brush a strand out of her face and her heart pondered. Ghost's eyes explored her lazily like she was an item he was seeing on display and contemplating on buying, and Nova felt more exposed, especially when he started to caress her cheek and almost made her eyes fluttered. "I should have thought twice before letting you help me. If I knew you were going to be an annoying bitch about it, I would have gone somewhere else."

She blinked. Rage blinded her.

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