The Phoenix Fate

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Book two of Death Saved me... Isabel has finally had her baby, Just when she thinks she's safe and away from danger, it finally tracks her down. Her twenty-first birthday is coming up, she will then know what it really means to be the phoenix. Will she survive? Can she handle being a mother and keeping her friends safe? And lets not forget death himself, aka Thanatos. How does he feel about Isabel having a baby with his brother? Does he truly care for her? and what is she to do about Hades who doesn't want to leave her side?

Romance / Fantasy
Queen Vega
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I screamed as Thor and Erebus held me down. God! Why was this happening to me!? Oh right, because Hades doesn’t know how to keep it in his pants!

“Come on just a few more pushes.” Speak of the devil. Hades stood between my legs, encouraging me to push. He decided that he would deliver the baby himself, for two reasons. One, he no longer trusted anyone else with me, and two, he said a human doctor wouldn’t know what to do with our baby anyways. That second one I still didn’t understand. Was he implying that our baby would come out weird? Otherworldly?

“I don’t want to keep pushing! Just cut it out of me already!” It felt like I was being split into two. Who knew giving birth would be this painful? Oh right, everyone!

“Push right now!” He demanded, I glared at him.

It's been a month since the accident, not surprising I blew up like a whale. The moment Hades noticed he became more protective of me and aggressive to others. At one point no one was allowed around me but him. The only reason he’s allowing anyone in now is because he never delivered a baby before. Plus, he wasn’t expecting the fight I was putting up, hence why two gods were holding me down.

I’ve gotten relatively stronger since meeting the Phoenix. My thoughts flashed back to when I met her.

I’m the Phoenix.” Her voice was music to my ears. Just hearing it made me want to bow down and worship her.

“What do you want? Where am I? Why am I here?” I questioned her, shielding my eyes from the brightness. It would help if she died it down a little.

“I came to warn you.” I shivered at the urgency in her voice

“Warn me about what?”

“Soon, we will be one. You will need my strength.” I watched as her light started to dim, like she was floating away.

“Wait!” I called out.

“Protect him Isabel.” Were her last parting words.

“Protect who!” I screamed, but the light was already gone.

Seconds later I woke back up in the hospital bed, with a concerned Hades staring at me. That was the most bizarre encounter I’ve ever witnessed. She was so vague with her information. Protect who?

Just then another contraction hit me. I started pushing with all my might.

“Yes, that’s it! I can see a head!” With one final push, the lights went out, just as I heard a cry.

“I can’t see anything!” I heard a finger snap and the lights came back on. I gasped when I saw it was just Thanatos and I in the room. “What are you doing? Where is everyone?” He stood at the end of my bed, holding my baby in a blue blanket. It’s a boy?

“Just as I suspected.” He stared down at my son making cooing noises. I wasn’t scared of Thanatos anymore, during my pregnancy we got very close, well as close as Hades would let him. I don’t know if it was my hormones or what, but I didn’t crave food like a normal person, I craved Thanatos. He always had to be around me. In that time, I think I may have developed feelings for him? I still wasn’t sure. I told Hades this, even though he was extremely protective of me and a little clingy, he didn’t mind. Which confused the hell out of me, the last time we were in a room together we almost kissed. But after that day it seemed his only focus was the baby. I thought for sure he may have felt something. I guess I can say we’re just very close friends now?

“What are you going on about? And give me my baby!” I was exhausted, I guess pushing out a baby does that to a person. Now all I want to do was hold my son and sleep.

“This isn’t Hades baby.”

I frowned at him. “Um, I’m pretty sure it is, unless you’re calling me a slut.”

“Isabel, what exactly do you remember about your hookup with Hades?” I blushed at his question. The hell is he asking me this for?

“I believe that’s classified information.”

“Did he…release in you?” My blush deepened, gods this is so awkward. But I thought about his question, did he? It was so long ago I don’t remember much. But I’m certain he did, otherwise I wouldn’t be pregnant, right?

“I’m not sure.” He nodded, one snap of his fingers and Hades appeared. How the hell did he do that?

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Thanatos? Hand me my son.” There was nothing but pure rage in his eyes.

“It's about time you start telling the truth brother. Tell her why you’ve really been so protective.” Thanatos snarled at him. What the hell was going on? Hades paused, his eyes drifting over to mine. I saw a flash of regret in them, before he launched himself at Thanatos. I screamed; he was still holding my son.

I was out of bed and in front of them in seconds. I grabbed him from Thanatos, just as Hades tackled him to the floor. My eyes widened, I just teleported! I never did that before.

“Did you forget Persephone and I use to hang together? I know the truth!” He pulled back his fist, punching Hades in the face. His head snapped to the side, before he returned a punch of his own.

“You know nothing!” I could literally see smoke coming from his ears. What was Thanatos talking about that could get him this upset? Thanatos kicked out his legs, causing Hades to fly off him, and into a wall. He hit the wall so hard that a huge hole appeared in it. I watched as he stood up dusting himself off, as he once again advanced towards Thanatos.

I know I should break this up, but I was scared to get in the middle of it. I knew what Hades was capable of, and it seemed Thanatos might be capable of the same thing. I held my son closer to myself as they continued fighting. I didn’t even know what they were fighting about!

Just as Thanatos was about to throw another punch, Thor came busting through the door. I sighed in relief, finally! “What’s going on here?” He questioned.

“They’re crazy!”

He sighed, reaching out he grabbed Thanatos by his throat, before they both disappeared. It was now just Hades and I in the room. He was breathing hard, obviously still angry. I stayed as quiet as a mouse, hoping he wouldn’t notice me. I took a step back, cringing when I bumped the bed. His head snapped in my direction. I gasped at his eyes, they were pure black. His nostrils flared as he started walking towards me.

“Don’t come any closer!” I wasn’t sure if he was in control or not, and I didn’t want to find out the hard way. Calling on my powers, I formed a shield around me. I heard a cruel laugh on the other side, he was laughing hysterically. What was wrong with him?

I looked down at the bundle in my arms, he was staring up at me. I haven’t heard him cry since he popped out. I must get us out of here. I tried to think of a place I knew we’d be safe from everyone, where no one would think to look for us.

Finally thinking of that place, I focused on it hard. Hades started banging on my shield. “Isabel stop! Don’t go!”

I felt a whoosh of air, and opened my eyes. I did it, I actually did it! I’ve never been here before physically; I didn’t believe it existed. I let out a sigh, taking a step forward. Only for a spear to be thrust in my face.

“State your business here.” I looked up as a man in all gold armor glared down at me.

“Please, I need help.”

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