The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 10

"The one and only." Before either of them could react, I launched myself into his arms. "Nice to see you too." He chuckled. I pulled back as he sat me down. He's really changed since the last time I've seen him. He looks buffer and hotter.

"I've missed you." He smiled at my words.

"Sadly this isn't a friendly visit though." He took a few steps away from me, I frowned at his actions.

"How did you find her anyways?" Thanatos asked him. That was a good question, they couldn't find me so how did he?

"We've always known where Isabel was." He answered smugly.

Thanatos cocked an eyebrow at him, taking a step forward. "And you didn't think to tell us that? Let us know she was alright?"

"If she wanted to be found she would have told you herself." I could sense some tension building between the two of them.

"What did you visit for?" I asked Jeremy directing the attention back on me.

Jeremy faced me, once again looking serious. "We let you hide long enough Isabel, we thought you would make use of the time you had to strengthen yourself. Instead you've done nothing." I felt my cheeks get warm. Not only did he just call me lazy but he's talking to me as if I'm a child.

"I was planning to eventually..." I trailed off. Honestly, I was hoping no one ever found me up here and I'd never have to use my powers again.

"Not only have you given your parents time to get stronger, but they have more allies." More allies? How many did they have to begin with?

I looked at Thanatos for answers. "Your parents have their own army they've developed over the years." Well that made sense, being alive so long.

"I take it you're not here to bring us good news then." I took a seat on the stairs. Just when I thought everything had calmed down. Only to find out my parents were just building their army.

"It's time for you to bring in your back up." Jeremy announced causing Thanatos to stiffen.

I rolled my eyes at him. "In case you haven't noticed my backup is already here." I was referring to Thanatos and the other gods.

"No, the backup meant for the phoenix." I frowned at his words.

"What are you talking about?"

"In your other lifetimes, did you think you went to battle against your parents alone?" Well I assumed so since I never came out on top.

"Didn't Hades help me?" I knew it was his plans all along to go attack my parents, so maybe he was there to help me the other times.

"Hades has not been around for as long as you have. Its true one of the reasons they want to kill you is because you fell in love with him, but that's not the main reason."

"I'm older than Hades?" I cringed on the inside. God I'm ancient.

"You would have lived longer than many of us if your life was tied to one lifetime, but since you have many the count starts over." Has he known all this the whole time?

"How could I be older than angels?"

"No one knows where the phoenix originated or who was your creator, we just know you've been around longer than most." For some reason I always assumed god was my creator, but if the angels didn't know then it obviously wasn't him. "It's why you're so much stronger than us, you just haven't tapped into your full power yet."

"Wait what is the main reason my parents want to kill me?" Suddenly he started to look uncomfortable. What could I have done that was so bad my parents want to kill me every lifetime?

Thanatos sighed coming to sit next to me, he wrapped his arm around my shoulder pulling me into his side. Whatever it was Jeremy was about to tell me wasn't good.

He leaned against the doorway eyes zeroing in our position. "Ares isn't your only sibling."

I held my breath for so long you would've thought I died. "What!?" I only just found out Ares was my brother, to find out I have another one out there! "Who's my other sibling? Where are they?"

"They're dead." Oh "When you were first born, your very first lifetime the phoenix hadn't awakened yet."

"You were there?" I asked stupidly. Of course he wasn't there he just said I was older than him.

"No but the story has been passed down to every supernatural creature for generations." Great, nice to know my life is someone's bedtime horror story. "Your other sibling was a girl named Jasmine, your parents first born, their miracle child. Back then it was tough for females to carry a baby without having a miscarriage. Your mother was so happy when she finally gave birth to her first kid. Then came you, she couldn't be happier. You and Jasmine were very close, you two were inseparable even though you were years apart. You two would do everything together. One day you got very sick and Jasmine had been taking care of you, she stayed with you all day and even slept in your room at night." I could feel tears starting to spill. I had a sister that I can't even remember. "But that night your body started changing, no one knew that the reason you were sick is because the phoenix was starting to wake. You started over heating and your body burst into flames. Jasmine had been laying next to you, she was burned alive." I choked on a sob. I killed my sister! Thanatos pulled me into his lap as I cried into his shoulder. I knew I was a monster! This gift is a curse not a blessing.

"It was an accident Isabel don't blame yourself." Thanatos tried to sooth me, but I didn't want to hear it, I didn't deserve it. No wonder my parents hate me so much. I killed their first born, I killed my own sister.

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