The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 11

When I woke up, my face felt stiff and dry from crying. I must've cried myself to sleep. I sat up, noticing I wasn't back in my room. Where was I?

"I brought you up here to sleep because Jeremy still needs to talk to you, but he can't alert the other gods that he's here." Thanatos sat in the corner of the room, approaching me as he spoke. So I was still in his haunted mansion? This room didn't look as bad as the rest of the house, luckily.

"I don't want to talk to Jeremy." He's probably just going to tell me about other siblings I've killed.

Thanatos sighed, taking a seat next to me. "As much as I don't like Jeremy, you need to hear what he has to say. Plus, he won't leave unless you do, and I very much would like for him to leave." I couldn't help but smile at his words.

Was I ready to hear what else he had to say? I was still holding back tears from the last information. "Did you know I killed my sister?" That was another thing bugging me when I woke up. Thanatos didn't seem surprised about the information earlier.

He bit his bottom lip, causing me to be distracted for a moment. Sometimes I forget how hot he is. He's literally a god. "I know everything about you Isabel." That wasn't a creepy statement at all.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He's always keeping things from me, can I truly trust him?

"So you can react the way you did? And keep blaming yourself for her death?" He was no longer looking at me calmly, he was glaring.

"Who else is there to blame! This gift has done nothing but ruin my life over and over!" By now I was shouting. Why couldn't I have been born normal?

"You didn't know what you were, you didn't know how to control it!" He glared at me. Was he really mad at me for being mad at myself?

"And an innocent person paid their life for it!" I jumped from the bed breathing heavily. I know if I didn't calm down soon my powers would explode out of me.

Suddenly Thanatos smirked at me. "You're hot when you're mad." I paused, not sure how to respond to his random comment.


He walked towards me, smirk still plastered on his face. "You heard me Isabel." The closer he got the quicker I forgot what we were talking about. It's like he turns on his charm and I'm instantly effected. He stepped extremely close to me, calmly running a finger down the side of my neck. What was my name again? "My sweet Isabel, stop stressing yourself out." His hand wrapped loosely around my neck as he leaned in closer, dragging his nose up the side of my cheek, I felt my breath hitch.

Someone loudly cleared their throat. "I take it you've calmed her down now." Thanatos stepped back pinching his eyes closed. I looked over to see Jeremy standing there, glaring at him. Instead of answering him he grabbed my hand, pulling me out the room. We headed down the stairs, I was surprised it held us. At the end he released my hand, headed towards the front door and left. Slamming it behind him. Uh ok "Some people are so dramatic."

I looked behind me to see Jeremy standing at the top of the stairs, with a smug smirk on his face. I ignored him, taking a seat on the steps. I didn't really want to be left alone with him and hear what else he had to say. Seems as if I don't have a choice though. I don't know my way back without Thanatos and he already left.

"Just give me the bad news already Jeremy." I sighed.

"I already gave you the bad news, now you need to call for backup, as I've mentioned before." He took a seat next to me.

"What are you talking about?"

"Whoever created you, they created someone else too, a male version of you." I frowned at his words, nice to know I'm not the only crazy person out there.

"Ok, and what does that have to do with me?"

"You need to awaken him, along with your guards."

"Now you're just talking crazy, awaken who?" Nothing he said made sense. There's a male version of me somewhere and he's asleep? Oooook.

"Usually on your 20th birthday something tragic happens to you, and during that moment you unconsciously call out to him for help, which awakens him. Since you've been living with the gods you haven't had that traumatic event so there was no need to call him. But now you need him more than ever Izzy." It was weird having him call me Izzy now. We're no longer those kids that used to play just dance and pig out to whatever Marie cooked.

"I don't need anyone." In my past lives maybe I did need them, but now death is on my side.

"You're not going to win this battle without them." Something in his voice tells me he knows more than what he's letting on.

"Even so I don't know how to "call" out to him." I decided to humor his idea.

"Simply say his name."

I rolled my eyes. "How am I going to say the name of someone who's name I don't know?"

"You know his name, you need to dig down deep inside you. Once you do his name will come to you. It's always there no matter what lifetime you're on." Easier said than done.

"Why can't you just give me his name?" Why make me go through all of this trouble?

"Only you know his name Isabel, or we would've called on him a long time ago." Well that was interesting, what would the angels want with him?

"Well I'm not getting a name, so this is a lost cause." I shrugged.

"Focus Isabel, clear your mind of everything. Embrace your Phoenix only." I rolled my eyes, might as well give him what he wants so he'll be on his way. Once he realizes this doesn't work.

I closed my eyes inhaling deeply, getting into a meditation pose. Trying my hardest not to laugh. Nothing happened for the first few minutes, so I concentrated harder on clearing my mind. Then suddenly I started seeing flashes. Flashes of me, but not me. Not from this time anyways, flashes of my past lives. There was me on the battle field, then another of me fighting someone, finally the images stopped, landing on a set of dark eyes.

A gasped left my lips as my eyes flew open.


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