The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 13

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were taking long on purpose," I looked over my shoulder to see Thanatos leaning against the doorway. Not bothering to reply I went back to stuffing clothes in a bag. Since I was never planning to leave this place I never bothered buying a suitcase, I don't even think they sell them here. "Are we playing the quiet game now?"

"If we were you'd have lost by now." I put the last dress I owned into the bag before tying it. Well that's everything but my dignity all packed away.

"I'm just curious to know why it took you six hours to pack no more than six dresses in a sack." I could practically feel the grin on his face. He was right though, I did purposely take long. One, because I didn't want to leave and two because I can. The others left last night while I used the excuse of packing to stay longer. Sadly for me though, Thanatos so graciously volunteered to stay behind and wait for me.

I looked around my room one last time, I was going to miss this place. This was more my home than the house I grew up in ever was. I got more love the three years I lived here than when I lived with my parents. Now I have to throw all that away, even leaving my son behind for his safety.

I jumped when I felt a finger rub underneath my eye. When did he get so close? And when did I start crying? "You'll be back soon to see him again and live here as long as you want." Thanatos spoke softly to me. I hated when he acted like this, it was hard to stay mad at him.

I took a step back from him, proceeding to wipe my own eyes. "Yeah, that's if my parents don't kill me, right?" I let out a humorless chuckle. "Lets just go."

"I promise you, your parents will not kill you. As long as I'm there." I looked up to see the fierce promise in his eyes, it was shocking.

I shook my head making my way to the door. "Don't make promises you can't keep."

"Xavier I'm going to be leaving for a while ok? Don't cause any problems while I'm gone." I crouched down so I was eye level with him. He has grown a little over the last two days, by the time I come back I wouldn't need to crouch anymore. It saddens me to know I'm going to miss him growing up.

"You're leaving? But why?" He pouted.

"I have some...things to take care of. Hera promised to watch over you while I'm gone."

"Why can't I come with you? I won't be a bother I promise." I looked away trying to control my tear ducts. Now would not be a good time to cry. I hate seeing him so sad and confused. We've never spent more than a day away from each other, who knows how long I'll be gone, or if I ever return.

"This is for grown ups only. I'll miss you." I pulled him into a tight bear hug before he could ask anymore questions.

"I'll miss you too." Finally prying myself away from him I stepped to the side as Thanatos said his goodbyes.

"Remember if anyone tries to harm you just do the move I taught you ok?" He asked him sternly.

Xavier nodded excitedly. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." He started punching the air. What the hell has he been teaching my son?

"Exactly." He laughed ruffling his hair. I rolled my eyes as I headed outside. Instead of teleporting, like I thought we were, somehow Thanatos acquired some weird magical car that could travel from this world to ours.

I was surprised to see Aphrodite standing excitingly next to the car, with a bag in her hand. "Um what are you doing?" I asked her confused.

"I've decided to come, I couldn't miss going on this trip. Besides you might need my help in the battle." She grinned.

"I highly doubt that, what are you going to do? Design them the dress of death." I laughed at my own joke.

She glared at me. "Just because you only know me for making dresses doesn't mean that's all I have to offer." She winked, getting in the car.

I looked over at Thanatos who just caught up to us. "And you're ok with this? Letting her join the battle?" He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Oh please Isabel, only you need permission from him to do things." She called out from the window. I blushed at her words. I did not need his permission!

"Whatever." I slipped in the passenger seat slamming the door. I wonder how long this trip is going to take.

I jolted awake as I heard a door slam. I looked around noticing I was still in the car. My door was suddenly yanked opened, I looked up to see Thanatos standing there, frowning at me.

"Damn, I thought you were going to stay sleep, now I can't cop a feel while I carry you in." He grinned wickedly at me.

I pushed him, forcing him to step back as I got out of the car. "Keep your hands to yourself pervert." I took in my surroundings recognizing the familiar neighborhood. "Why are we here?"

"As I said your parents have been looking for you, so I'm returning you to them." I stood in front of my old house. All the lights were on indicating someone was home.

"I thought we were going to get a hotel or something, why do I have to stay here?" It's been three years since I been to this place, I'm not sure how I should feel about being back. This was no longer my home.

"Hotels aren't safe, this house has been warded. Plus Cerebus guards it." My eyes snapped to his.

"What do you mean Cerebus guards it?" I didn't see the big three headed dog anywhere. Surely the neighbors would have noticed too.

"Like I said you own him, walk inside and you'll see what I mean." He made his way up the steps giving me no choice but to follow him.

"Wait, are you planning to come in?" I was very confused about this situation.

"Just because you disappeared for three years doesn't mean everyone else did, your parents and I have gotten...close you could say." The smirk on his face was not giving me a good feeling. I waited as he knocked several times on the door.

After a minute or so the door was finally pulled open by my mother. She opened her mouth to say something but once her eyes landed on me they widened. "Oh my god."

"Uh hi mom?" I wished the ground would just swallow me up right now. How do you greet people you thought were your parents only to find out they're not?

"Honey who's at-" my dad stopped short as he noticed me as well.

"Mr. and Ms. Stewart, I have returned your daughter to you."

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