The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 14

You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. This was so awkward. I sat on the couch across from my parents next to Thanatos. We've been seated like this for seven minutes now and no one has spoken a word. They both just sat there and stared at me. Not creepy at all.

I took a glance around the living room. They haven't changed a thing since I left. "Soooo..."

"Where have you been?" My mom blurted out. I could tell she's been wanting to ask that for a while. "It's been three years Isabel! You didn't think to call us? Or visit us to let us know you're safe?"

"Calm down honey, I'm sure she has her reasons." My dad consulted her before looking at me, waiting for an explanation.

"How dare you? Now you guys care about my existence all of a sudden? Did your cruise end early or what?" I yelled, I was livid. Questioning me like I truly owed them an explanation when they would leave me for months without knowing where they went. Only receiving one or two texts a week. I wasn't even eighteen yet!

"Isabel Stewart you will not take that tone with me!" Springing up from the couch she dropped the concern parent act as her anger got the best of her.

I glared at her. "I'll take any tone I damn well please!" I rose from my seat, standing toe to toe with her.

To my utter shock she reached out and slapped me. My head snapped to the side from the force. I could feel my powers tingling from under my skin, wanting to lash out.

Thanatos jumped in then, grabbing a hold of my arm. "I think it's best everyone just rests for now, let's go Isabel." He started dragging me towards the stairs, away from them both.

"I expect you to be gone soon Sean?" My dad asked. Who the hell is Sean?

Thanatos turned to face him, still pushing me towards the stairs. "I'll be gone by midnight sir." Sir? Sean? What the hell?

I kicked my bedroom door open causing it to smack against the wall. "I hate this place! I hate them!" I raged. Thanatos softly closed the door behind me.

"I know it sucks but hopefully you won't have to be here long." He took a seat at my desk.

"Won't be here long? I'm stuck here until I find my real parents and kill them. Which by the way won't be an easy task. I could be here for months! Maybe even years." I stopped pacing and flopped down on my bed. I jumped when I heard a bark from under the covers. I pulled the covers back to see a black Labrador puppy, wagging its tail at me.

"And that will be Cerebus." The dog growled at him when he said his name. A smile made its way to my face as I picked him up.

"He's so cute! Not that your normal form isn't cute either." I quickly corrected when he gave me a puppy frown.

"Hades transformed him for you," I stiffened at the mention of Hades. "Relax he won't be making an appearance anytime soon." I forgave the guy, but I still wasn't ready to face him yet.

"On the contrary brother I'll be arriving sooner than you think," My head whipped to the side as Hades appeared in front of my door. But what shocked me most was Cerebus growling at him. "Aww the little guy is in love."

I looked down at him in my arms to see him snapping his mouth at him. Which would have been a lot more intimidating if he wasn't a cute pup.

In a flash Thanatos was standing in front of me. "What are you doing here brother?"

Lucifer stood there with a smirk on his face. "Hmm, seems Cerebus isn't the only one in love." He teased.

"I will not ask again." I felt weak hiding behind Thanatos, but I also felt safe.

Hades studied a picture on my wall. "Relax brother I only wanted to congratulate your baby momma."

I took a step from behind Thanatos. "Why did you lie to me? Pretend he was yours?" I wanted the truth from him, and not what other people have told me.

He focused all of his attention on me, he seemed surprised to hear me speak. His eyes scanned my body from head to toe, looking impressed. "I did it to protect your child."

"Protect him from what? You were the only one who wasn't right in the head."

"So it's a boy then? How fascinating. To protect him from you Isabel." He smiled at me. Something was seriously wrong with this guy.

"I wouldn't harm my own child." I argued.

"But you would. You see you held slight resentment for my brother here, and had you found out you were carrying his child. You would've gotten an abortion." I laughed out loud at his accusation.

"I would never kill my child. I didn't kill it when it was yours and I wouldn't have killed it if I'd known it was his." Thanatos was quite throughout the whole thing. Letting us get our anger out.

"I saw it! Don't forget I'm a fallen angel Isabel. The night after we had sex I was going to tell you what I had done, but then I had a vision. You killed your own baby out of hate for him!" He yelled.

"T-that's not true." He had to be lying. I looked over at Thanatos, but he was looking elsewhere. Would I really have killed my child?

"How is little Xavier anyways? Enjoying the life I helped save?" He asked smugly.

"How do you know his name?" I growled. If he was threatening my son I'd end him right now.

"Relax, like I said I had a vision. In the vision Sydney asked what you would have named it. For a boy you said Xavier and Jasmine for a girl." He knew what I was going to name my son before I did. That was such a disturbing thought, especially because he orchestrated the whole pregnancy thing.

I took a seat on my bed, the truth from his words hitting me. I would have killed my baby if I knew it was Thanatos. I didn't think my hate for him ran that deep, especially not lately. Is there still a part of me that resents Thanatos? Will Xavier be safe with me if that part ever took control?

Thanatos came and stood in front of me. "You will never hurt Xavier, you love him more than you love yourself."

"Which is why your parents wanted you to have him." Our attention went back to Hades as he brought up my parents.


He snapped his fingers and a chair appeared, he took a seat before continuing. "Long before I met you, your parents came to me. We don't get along, but they had an intriguing offer that caught my attention." He folded his hands as he waited for our reaction.

"You told me you hated them, you wanted me to help you kill them. What do you mean they gave you an offer? You've been working with them?" My eyes turned to slits as I watched him. He was the one that brought my parents up. Telling me we needed to defeat them.

"Of course I'm not working with them, I hate them more than you do. The deal was I'd impregnate you and they'd "spare my life" as if I was scared of them." He waved his hand dismissively at the idea.

"So you are working with them! You got me pregnant!" I threw a fire ball at him, which he easily deflected.

"Let me finish, I didn't get you pregnant. My brother did." He smirked.

"Only because you can't have kids!"

He started laughing. "Who the hell told you that? I very well can. I choose not to. I don't like taking orders from people below me, but I was still curious. Why did they want you to have a baby? What did they have planned? Thus my plan was born, you will have Thanatos baby."

"You sick bastard! It's obvious they want to kill him!" I left him all alone and vulnerable, I need to get back to him.

"That's not why, it's a little more disturbing than that." His nonchalant attitude was only serving to piss me off more.

"They want to use him against you," I looked at Thanatos as he spoke. "A child born from death and rebirth, he's the most powerful thing on this planet, and he can never die."

Hades clapped. "Bingo bongo! And he doesn't reincarnate like you, nothing can kill him. Cut his head off? It'll just grow back, burn him alive? His skin will regenerate tougher than before. If he was my son he'd be very killable, but yours cannot. The funny part is your parents still think I'm the dad! They don't even know he's unkillable and they still want him."

"They'll torture him until he helps them, we have to go back! I can't leave him there alone." I prepared to teleport when Thanatos grabbed my hand.

"He's safe where he's at, if you go to him they'll find him. We need to find your parents first and kill them."

"He's right, they have no idea where he is. They want to scare you into going to him and then they'll track you." Hades suddenly stood up, making his way to the door.

"Where are you going?" I still didn't like the fact that he's been working with my parents.

He turned slightly acknowledging my question. "You have a visitor coming soon, and I don't want to be around to meet him, again." He walked out.

"I have to go too." Thanatos started making his way pass me. I grabbed hold of his arm pulling him back.

"Where are you going?"

He sighed. "They want to kill you, and they want to use my son to do it. I'm going to prepare for battle." He gave me a small smile before leaving. I heard him call out to my parents as he left out the front door.

I couldn't just sit in this house and do nothing, I'd go insane. I need a drink. I quickly changed into some skinny jeans and a crop top.

"I'll be back soon Cerebus." I crouched down in front of him. He whimpered giving me a pout. "Don't give me that look, I'll be right back." I stood up straight.

I didn't feel like sneaking pass my parents, so I simply teleported myself to the nearest bar. I regretted my decision as soon as I walked in. The bar was full of tough looking guys, and girls dressed in skimpy clothes. I was definitely out of place here. I ignored the disgusting looks as I made my way to the bar.

"Tequila on the rocks please." I ordered.

Bartender gave me a strange look. "Strong drink for such a small girl." He grinned, showing yellow teeth. I almost threw up in my mouth. I didn't bother to reply hoping he'd take the hint and just go make my drink. He glared at me before walking off. I watched as he poured my drink from the corner of my eye. He looked my way for a second before bending over and spitting into it, not knowing I could see him. He took the straw and stirred it up walking back over to me. "Here you go pretty lady, this one is on the house."

I grabbed my drink and brought it to my lips as he watched me. Halfway up I stopped. "You're right, it is on the house." Before tossing it in his face.

He slammed his hands on the table catching the attention of the other guys in the bar. "You're going to pay for that." I looked around noticing the guys forming a circle around me. Oh crap.

"Actually I'm not, you said it's on the house." I smirked, turning I slammed my fist in the face of the guy closes to me.

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