The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 15

I huffed as one guy threw me against a wall. You'd think they'd take it easy on me, being a girl and all. I quickly got up as another guy rushed towards me. I was fighting six in total. The odds were not in my favor, but I refuse to be bullied. "Is that all you got shrimp?" I wiped the blood from my lips. I could easily use my powers and have the advantage, but something inside me wanted to feel the pain.

A big meaty looking guy stepped forward, I wavered a little as I noticed the broken glass bottle in his hand. Really? I'm starting to think they really are trying to hurt me. "I'll show you what I got." He growled rushing me. I braced for impact as he slammed me to the floor. "Let's rearrange that pretty face." He used one of his hands to pin both of mine above my head. I remember being in a similar position like this with Thanatos, only he didn't have glass held to my face. I screamed as he sank the bottle deeply into my skin, dragging it from my forehead, down my left eye and all the way to my cheek.

To my relief another guy pulled him off me as I withered on the floor. I was trying to push the pain down while also trying to control my powers. I could feel them trying to release, to harm whomever has brought me harm. Even though I was in a lot of pain I knew I brought this on myself. I held my eye as I struggled to get up. My fingers slipped on something across the floor. I realized it was my blood. A sound of anguish left my mouth, I must've looked so pathetic. The guys left me going back to their business, seeing I was defeated.

I heard someone approaching me and I tensed up. I looked to the right and noticed a pair of bare dirty feet standing next to me. "Touch me and I'll skin you alive." I growled. A surprised yelp left my lips as I was yanked off the floor from the back of my shirt. "Get your hands off me!" I stepped away from them as I was released. I used my good eye to see who the culprit was. My eye quickly scanned him as I noticed he was naked and covered in dirt. He had dark brown hair with a well-defined body. He could give the rock a run for his money with the muscles he had. I willed my eyes not to venture pass his chest.

He cocked his head at me, his eyes slowly dragging over my body. I could feel the blood seeping through my fingers on my face. I selfheal but sometimes it's a little slow. He suddenly turned facing the bar. Everyone had gone back to their business, completely ignoring the bleeding girl on the floor. "Which one of you laid your hands upon her?" His voice boomed around the bar, causing everyone to still.

"Hey, I don't need your help!" I protested from behind him. He pretended as if he didn't hear me. I watched the guy that cut me start to step forward. Against my better judgement I took a step back. The naked guy looked over his shoulder slightly, noticing my reaction.

"I did! You got a problem with it? You want a matching one?" He still held the bottle in his hand as he walked closer. I could see my blood dripping off it, causing me to cringe. He swung the bottle at the guy head, only for his arm to be caught halfway.

The naked guy grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back, causing the guy to fall to his knees. He held the arm behind his back as he grabbed him behind the neck, dragging him in front of me, still kneeling. "You will apologize now." The other guys I had been fighting didn't jump in, only watched from the sideline. So they'd jump me but not this guy?

"I'm not saying anything you piece of shit!" The meaty guy growled between clenched teeth. You could tell he was in pain. Naked guy twisted his arm some more. I cringed as I heard a popping sound and he let out a scream.

"Apologize." He stated calmly.

The guy looked at me with hatred in his eyes. "I'm sorr-" he didn't get to finish as the naked guy snapped his neck, letting his body drop to the floor. I watched as he fell, before my eyes landed back on naked guy in shock.

"I'm calling the cops!" The bartender yelled from behind the bar. That was my cue to leave. I jumped over the dead guy making my way to the door. I rushed out and proceeded to run down the street. Once I got far enough away I tried to teleport back to my house. Only my powers weren't working, it was as if something was blocking it.

"Why did you run?" I spun around to see naked guy standing there.

"Did you follow me?" That would be extremely creepy if he did. Once again he just stood there studying me. I sighed. "Look pal I don't know what your problem is. For one you shouldn't be going to bars naked as the day you were born. Two you shouldn't be snapping peoples neck, and three following people."

He took a step forward, making me take one back. "You don't know who I am, yet you called for me."

"Call you? I don't even kno- holy shit," My eyes widened as it finally clicked with me. "You're Draco."

He cocked his head again. "And you are Isabella."

I cleared my throat. "Actually it's Isabel but yes."

"Why did you let them harm you?" He seemed genuinely insulted about the fact. Speaking of harm, my face was no longer hurting, meaning it must've healed.

"I had it under control, I didn't need your help." I grumbled walking away from him. Why won't my stupid magic work?

"I located you from your cry of pain, I had been roaming around for days looking for you." I could hear him walking behind me. What was I supposed to do with him? Its my fault he's here. I can't take him back to my place with my parents there. Maybe dump him in a motel? Who am I kidding they won't accept him naked.

I finally turned to face him. "Listen pal, I called you on accident ok? So maybe you should just go back wherever you came from."

"I have spent twenty-one years sleeping thirty feet underground, I will not go back as long as I know you're in danger." Everything he said sounded so serious. I wonder if he ever smiled in his past life. It was night out, but we were standing under a street lamp. It illuminated his features, and he did not look like the smiling type.

I crossed my arms. "As you can see I'm no longer in danger, so I guess you can just take your leave now." I waved him off.

"That's not the danger I speak of. There's a black cloud following you around indicating that something far greater is bothering you." His eyes scanned me again. Was there really a cloud around me? Could the others see it? I watched as his eyes flashed white for second, before going back to their normal brown. "We have to get off the streets, someone is coming." He grabbed my arm and started dragging me towards a vacant building.

"Hey get your hands off me!" For all I know he was working with my parents and was dragging me in here to kill me.

"I would never work with those pungent leeches." He growled. Did I say that out loud or did he just read my mind? "I have always been able to read your mind Isabella."

"Again it's Isabel and what?" Great now my thoughts weren't safe.

"Shh." He pulled me further into the building and hid us behind an abandon desk. Only reason I'm hiding was because of the strong grip he had on my hand. I was afraid if I pulled it'll rip right off my arm. So I was forced to crouch down next to him.

"She was just around here." I heard a familiar voice as a shadow passed by the door opening.

"Oh, it's just Thanatos. I'm over here!" I stood up as I called out to him.

"Thanatos?" I looked over as Draco stood up as well. It took me a moment to realize he wasn't saying his name in confusion but more in surprise. Before I could comprehend why, Thanatos appeared in front of us.

"Oh fuck me." He groaned just as Draco jumped across the desk and attacked him.the

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