The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 16

I watched as Draco wrapped his hands tightly around Thanatos neck, choking him. I was sure Thanatos could get out of it if he wanted to, but he wasn't.

"How dare you come near her." Draco raged as he started shaking him. It looked just like when Homer Simpson chokes Bart. Thanatos opened his mouth to say something but only wheezed. That's when I realized he wasn't fighting back because he can't, he was actually helpless. That's new.

I stepped from behind the desk getting closer to Draco. "Hey stop it! What are you doing?"

He looked back at me, but didn't release Thanatos. He looked at me pleadingly to get Draco to release him. I've never seen Thanatos look so helpless. It's a look I never wanted to see again. "What am I doing? Why are you protecting him!?" He shouted at me.

I reached out grabbing a hold of his arm. I couldn't help but notice how tight his biceps were, very firm. Focus Isabel focus. "Let him go!" I pulled on his arm. He growled at me, eyes flashing white. Thanatos had stopped struggling from lack of oxygen.

I've had about enough of this. Stepping back, I spun around lifting my leg up kicking him in the chin. I wanted to pat myself on the back for such a good roundhouse kick. I couldn't use my powers, but training with Hercules has paid off. Draco stumbled back, losing his grip on Thanatos.

After regaining his balance, he started advancing towards him again. I stepped in front of Thanatos blocking him, giving Draco a growl of my own.

"Why are you protecting someone that means to kill you!?" He was upset and baffled about my actions. Could I really blame him though? All he remembers is Thanatos trying to kill me, and here I am stopping his death. Could Thanatos even die? Seemed like he was close to it.

"It's not like that anymore, he's on our side." I've barely spent time with the guy and I'm already including him.

"He will never be on our side!" As he yelled this I heard thunder clapping outside. Dramatic much?

"If only your brain was as strong as your powers, seems like its not working right these days." Thanatos wheezed out a laugh from behind me as he got up. Now was not the time for jokes.

"I'm going to rip you into two." Draco stepped forward again.

"Hey you're not ripping anyone! You need to calm down." I swear its like dealing with kids.

"As much as I'd like to see a good fight, this is not the place for it." Thor stood in the doorway looking around the vacant building. Finally, some backup. Wish it was someone a little more mature though.

I reached behind me grabbing Thanatos hand, intending to make my way to the door. Draco's eyes zoomed in our hands. The wind started picking up around us. My hair was flying all over the place and so was debris. Why is it that his powers work and not mine?

"Release her hand at once!" He demanded. Thor rolled his eyes. He flicked his hand and a lightning bolt came through the roof, striking Draco in the head knocking him out. The wind stopped instantly. "It won't keep him down for long, so we need to get moving."

"What are we going to do with him?" I looked down at him sprawled across the floor.

"Tie him up with very strong chains underground somewhere?" Thanatos suggested.

"Are you guys planning to hold hands the whole time or help me lift him?" Thor called out from the floor as he lifted Draco legs. I blushed when I realized I was still holding his hand. Not only that but he intertwined it with mine. Thanatos smirked at me as I snatched my hand away.

"I've held a lot more than that Isabel." He winked at me. I did my best to ignore his comment as I watched him help Thor.

It was dark out, I could barely make out their silhouettes as we headed outside where they carried him to a nearby car. "Why can't we just teleport out of here? My powers aren't working but isn't yours?" I didn't want to sit in a small confined space with Draco and Thanatos incase he woke up, and all hell broke loose.

"Do you know why your powers aren't working?" Thanatos asked as they tossed Draco in the trunk, not so gently.

"Well they usually work when they want to, so no." I got into the backseat as him and Thor sat in the drivers seat, Thanatos next to him.

He turned around in his seat to face me. "It's because of the barbarian. Whoever created you guys didn't think you'd need your powers around him. Only way for them to work when he's around is if he ask for your help." What? That's the stupidest thing I ever heard.

"What if its him I'm fighting, and I need to protect myself? That makes no sense. You're telling me he makes me weak?" And here I thought he'd actually be an asset.

Thanatos turned back forward shaking his head. "You'll never have to fight him, he'll never fight against you. It's not in his nature from what I've seen."

"What do you mean?"

"In your past life, there was a time you were born a servant to Draco's family. While everyone else treated you like crap and tried to make him do the same, he refused. They shunned him and banned him from the castle along with you. Later when you guys activated your powers you came back and destroyed them all."

Wow what an interesting story, but I thought Draco only came around if I called him? How did we end up in the same living quarters as each other? "Did he know who I was at the time?"

"No, sometimes when you die a gruesome death his memory is wiped clean. I don't know why it happens. So you must've died a horrible death before that lifetime." My whole life is nothing but weirdness. Nothing can ever be fully explained.

"What do you think the angels want with him?" There had to be a reason they wanted me to call him.

"That I'm still not sure of. Only way to find out is to go along with whatever they have planned." As he finished his sentence we heard a thump from the trunk. I stiffened, oh no.

"Isabella!" I heard him call out in panic. Will he ever get my name right? There was another thump and the trunk flew off. Thor hit the brakes causing me to smack my head on the back of the seat. This is why they invented seatbelts.

We watched as Draco quickly climbed out of the trunk, looking all around him in panic. "What are you doing?" His head snapped in my direction, I could see the relief in his eyes. He walked around to my door ripping it off the hinges.

"I thought I failed you." He reached out and pulled me into a hug. Squashing my face against his chest. Failed me? The heck was this man talking about.

"Relax superman she isn't in any danger." Thor snickered from the driver seat.

I pulled back, so I could address him properly. "I'm not in danger with these guys, they're on our side this time. You have to trust me." I stared him in the eyes.

"You're always in danger as long as he's around." He glared at Thanatos.

"Enough! We don't have time for this, either get in the car and shut up. Or I'll strike you again with something much stronger." Thor threatened not even looking back.

Draco focused his eyes on him. "I have no quells with you Norse god."

"Well you're about to if you don't get in the car." He smacked the steering wheel. The hell was his problem. Draco focused his attention back on me. From his expression I could tell he was ready to challenge Thor.

"Just get in and I'll explain everything later ok?" Sometimes it felt like I was talking to my kid. Does he always act like this? How was I able to put up with him for so long? He nodded shooting another glare at Thanatos, before going around the car and getting in next to me.

"For the record, I could kick your ass any day." Thanatos announced from the driver seat.

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