The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 18

All eyes turned to me as he asked this. I cleared my throat. "Bar fight."

"Why hasn't it healed?" He questioned.

"I don't know." I shrugged. I honestly didn't understand myself.

Hades walked up to me, running a finger down my scar. "Was the barbarian around when you got this?" He stepped back, glaring at Draco.

"Well yeah he showed up." I frowned as it finally clicked. Since my powers don't work around Draco I wasn't able to heal myself.

"When did Draco arrive?" Ares spoke up from behind Hades. Hades walked away going to sit on the couch, for some reason I wanted to follow him.

I sighed focusing on Draco. "He showed up tonight." And I really wish I could get rid of him.

"And what is your business for being here?" Hades so rudely asked him. I shuffled over to the couch taking a seat next to him. Thanatos raised an eyebrow in my direction. What? Is it a crime to sit down?

Suddenly Ares unsheathed a Haladie, causing Draco to pull out his sword. Its like he kept his hand on it at all times just in case.

"Relax." Thanatos warned him.

"How did you get Isabel's sword?" Hades questioned as he got up from the couch, taking it from his hands. My sword? I looked at the double-edged dagger he was holding, having no memory of it.

"What do you mean my sword?" I asked.

"It appeared in the hands of some homeless man not too far from my house. I'm guessing it arrived when Draco did." He answered him, everyone completely ignoring my question.

"That makes sense. It should arrive when her protector does." He ran his fingers along it, examining the dagger. He turned walking over to the couch and held it out to me.

"Why do I need this?" I was hesitant to take it out of his hand. He sighed grabbing my hand and forcing me to take it. I felt a surge of magic go through me upon contact. Suddenly flashes of me fighting with the dagger went through my head like a movie. "Oh."

"Yeah 'oh', this is your weapon. You never go into battle without it." He informed me.

"Where did It come from?" I ran my fingers along it, much like he did. It felt like it was filled with ancient power. Old magic.

"Another mystery, no one knows. You've just had it in every battle with you. Since fighting along side Draco renders your powers useless, you have this dagger instead. Almost like an extension of your powers. It can kill almost anything, including me." He shrugged so casually, like he didn't just hand me a weapon that could kill him.

"Whoa, this could kill you?" I grinned, before thrusting it out towards him. He jumped back glaring at me, before snatching it out of my hand.

"You're such a child." He growled at me. I laughed as I relaxed into the couch. It's not like I was actually trying to kill him. I doubt I would've missed.

"Takes one to know one."

Draco walked over to him, taking the dagger from him. "You dare leave your lover unarmed?" He passed the dagger to me. I blushed form his words. I can't with this guy.

"I'll give her a weapon she can use." He winked at me. My blush intensified.

"I have already given her a weapon." Draco announced, not catching Hades dirty joke.

"So that's settled then, Isabel will be staying here." Thanatos spoke from the other couch.

"When was this settled?" I glared at him.

"Just now, when I said so." He rolled his eyes.

I crossed my arms glaring at him. "I'm sure I have to agree to these arrangements."

"We'll stay here, Isabella can sleep with her lover and I'll guard from the living room." Draco nodded as if he figured everything out. All I wanted to do was smack him honestly. Why does every guy think they can come into my life and boss me?

Thanatos smirked at me as he rose from the couch. "Well we'll be back later, Thor lets go." I growled as they left, slamming the door behind them. Now it was just Ares, Hades and Draco.

"Your lover? You're back with him?" Ares asked confused.

"I was never with him!" God they're going to make me rip my hair out.

"As much as she wanted to be, I'm not one for commitments." He cut in.

"You've committed yourself to her long ago." Draco pointed out. Hades rolled his eyes.

"I must take my leave, Isabel I'm glad to know you're safe." Ares wrapped me up in a hug. These actions were so unlike him, he must've been really worried when I left. After he left it was silent. I wonder what they were thinking.

"Well...I guess I'm going to bed." I definitely was not going to bed. Was just trying to make an escape before Draco started calling him my lover again and things got too awkward for me to handle. "Wait where am I sleeping?"

"With your lover of course." Before I could stop myself, I threw the closest thing near me at Draco.

He easily dodged the flying pillow, raising an eyebrow at me. "He's not my lover! And I will not be sleeping with him."

"Not like you haven't done it before, what is the problem now?" He asked in confusion. Hades chuckled from his place in the doorway.

"Maybe you should worry more about getting clothes than me sleeping with my 'lover'." I narrowed my eyes at him. After living with the gods for three years one thing I discovered is they didn't care about nudity. It explains why no one mentioned Draco being naked all this time. Plus, the dirt that covered him almost made a makeshift suit. I on the other hand could no longer ignore it.

"Clothes will not shield me from a blade."

"It'll shield my eyes from any more disturbing images so please, humor me. Put on some clothes!" I tossed another pillow at him.

"This reminds me of many past interactions, you two never change." Hades shook his head as he tossed Draco a shirt and some basketball shorts.

"I don't know how I've put up with him for lifetimes when I can barely be around him for ten minutes." He was so annoying.

"Isabel, stop acting like a virgin and just get into my bed." He rolled his eyes as he noticed me stretching out on the couch.

"I am not sleeping in there with you."

"Who said with me? I was going to take the couch. But if you insist." He winked. I blushed realizing my mistake. I huffed making my way to the bedroom. I made sure to bump him on my way in. "Goodnight to you too princess." He laughed.

I stripped out of my bottoms before climbing into bed. This was much softer than the couch. I pulled the cover up to my chin before closing my eyes.

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