The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 19

I sighed as I pressed my face more into the warm pillow. What I didn't expect was for the pillow to pull me against it. My eyes shot open, landing on a hard-tan chest. "Please don't tell me you're woke."

I scrambled to the other side of the bed glaring at an amused Hades. "What the heck are you doing in here?" I tried not to take another glance at his chest. It was so well defined.

"Turns out I don't like sleeping on the couch much," He sat up stretching his arms over his head. I watched as his muscles flexed. I could feel a small bead of sweat running down my face. "Take a picture it'll last longer."

My eyes snapped to his as he smirked. "You could've woke me, I would've gone to the couch." I rolled over until I was out the bed. I froze as I stood up, feeling a breeze. I forgot I took off my pants!

"I am loving this view right now." He drawled out from the bed. I tried very hard to stop my cheeks from reddening, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

I faced him crossing my arms. I waited until he pulled his eyes away from my legs. He slowly dragged his eyes up my body before meeting my eyes. "DRACO HE'S TRYING TO KILL ME!" I smirked as his eyes widened. Before he had time to get out of the bed, Draco burst through the door, sword already drawn. He pinned Hades against the headboard, blade against his throat.

"You dare betray your lover? I will give you a painful death." He pressed his blade harder against his throat, I could see a trail of blood running down. I tried my hardest not to laugh. Hades glared at me out the corner of his eye. Draco pulled back his arm and stabbed him in the leg. He let out a howl as his eyes turned red. With a growl he shoved Draco off him. Draco caught himself before he smacked against the wall, pulling out two daggers. Where does this stuff magically come from? Even when he was naked he somehow had a sword on him. Now would probably be a good time to step in.

"Draco relax I was only joking." I looked over at Hades noticing he was no longer there. I frowned, until I felt heavy breathing on my neck. Uh oh. He grabbed me by my waist flinging me on the bed. I fell on my back bouncing slightly. I didn't get a chance to right myself as he climbed over me, pinning my hands above my head. I cringed as I noticed his eyes were still red. He wouldn't hurt me, right?

"You think that was funny?" He smirked looking down at me.

"Uh yes?" His smirked widened. He raised his other hand and I flinched, thinking the worst. Instead I felt a slight touch traveling up and down my side, my ticklish side. I let out a girlish shriek, struggling against his hand as he tickled me. "No please stop! This is torture!" How he was able to keep me pinned with all my squirming was beyond me.

"Apologize for getting me stabbed." He demanded, not letting up.

"Never!" I screamed out. He let out a growl. Next thing I know both of his hands were attacking my sides. I couldn't control my laughter as I begged for him to stop. I tried swatting his hands away, but he ignored my petty attempts. "Ok! Ok! I give up I'm sorry." I giggled. He instantly stopped, staring down at me in victory.

"Was that so hard?" What was hard is the thing pressing against my leg right now. Did tickling me really turn him on or was it morning wood? I blushed furiously.

I pushed him back sitting up. "Just stay out of my way." I huffed. He wasn't even bleeding from getting stabbed.

"We leave for one day and you two are already getting naked together." From the corner of my eye I could see Thor standing in the doorway. "Wait till Thanatos hears about this, and poor Erebus is going to be so crushed knowing Thanabel is no longer a thing." He nagged on. Really? Thanabel? They were giving us pet names behind our back? I wonder if Thanatos knows about this.

"I dread any moment I have to be in your presence." Hades shook his head as he headed to the bathroom. I grabbed the nearest cover close to me covering myself. I faced Thor and it was then that I noticed Draco was no longer in the room. When did he leave? No wonder Thor thought we were doing something inappropriate. I was in my shirt and underwear while Hades was just in shorts, and we were both on the bed.

"We weren't doing anything." I sighed.

"Yeah, heard that before." I glared at him as he laughed.

"Do you mind leaving so I can get dressed?" I glared. He winked at me as he turned to leave. I quickly got up looking for my pants. I snatched them off the floor getting ready to put them on. As I bent over I heard a wolf whistle. I looked behind me to see Hades standing there, checking me out. God I can't get a second of privacy. "Get out!" I ordered him. He rolled his eyes before leaving the room. I quickly slipped my pants on before anyone else could pop up. I fixed my hair before heading out of the room. Thanatos was standing by a window and turned to face me as I walked out.

"Just thought you should know I caught her and Hades naked again." Thor announced.

"What!?" His eyes widened in disbelief.

"We didn't have sex!" I denied quickly.

"But you two were naked together?" He still seemed shocked, and a little hurt.

"It wasn't like that and we weren't fully naked." I sighed.

"Why does it matter brother?" Hades smirked at him. I rolled my eyes. Here we go with this again. I swear he just liked riling him up.

"It doesn't." He crossed his arms glaring at him. I must've got that move from him.

"So why all the questions?" He poked at him some more.

"Cause she's mine." He growled. Everyone in the room froze. He only ever claimed me in private. Never in front of three other people.

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