The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter two

I was waiting all night for chapter 1 to get 100 reads cause I couldn't wait to upload chapter 2 lol Here you guys go hope you like it! Please don't forget to vote and keep posting y'all awesome comments :) I enjoy reading every last one of them literally makes my day!

P.S- No I'm not copying twilight I just feel like a supernatural baby would mature faster than a normal one.


3 years later...

I sighed as I relaxed in my warm bath. Finally, some peace and quiet.

"Mom, I'm hungry!" I groaned as Xavier barged into the bathroom, standing in the doorway. I glared at him, for him to be only three he was developing fast. He had the mental and physical features of a five-year-old.

"Get out of here! Go find someone to feed you." I just wanted ten minutes to myself, that's it.

"Grandpa Zeus told me to get you." He crossed his arms, glaring at me. Did I mention he had quite the attitude?

"Then ask grandma Hera." Why can't kids just listen?

"She has left." Just my luck, no wonder he's here. Ever since we came to Mount Olympus she has cared for him as if he were her own. Which I was very grateful for, it was nice to have some help. She reminded me so much of Marie that I instantly took a liking to her.

Sometimes I missed the people back home, but with all the drama that went down I didn't think it was safe to be around certain people. Hades had always been the one to protect me during my pregnancy. When the one that provides you protection is the one that's attacking, that means it's time to go.

I knew they'd never find me here, which they haven't. I was surprised that gods still lived here, considering I met most of them on earth. They were surprised that a human made it here without disintegrating, one of the reasons they let me stay. They were curious about me. But over time we've all formed a bond with one another, even Zeus.

When I first got here he didn't trust me, and made it known by locking me in the dungeons guarded by Hercules. Once he realized I was no harm he eventually warmed up to me. And just like his wife he fell in love with Xavier.

"Give me two seconds so I can get ready." So much for relaxing. He grinned at me before rushing out. I sighed as I reached for my towel. I wrapped it around me before stepping into my room, Xavier nowhere in sight. Digging around in my closet looking for clothes I settled for a nice golden dress. The gods here were very old fashion, there was no such thing as jeans. I've never worn so many dresses in my life.

I took a brush through my damp hair before putting it into a ponytail. I've changed so much during these three years. My once purple hair is now black, it changed when I gave birth to Xavier. I tried dying it several times, but it never works. My face is fuller and more mature, I have this natural glow to me. I think it had something to do with living here, everything about this place was fresh and pure.

"Xavier!" I called down the hall as I walked out of my room. Pushing his room door open I spotted him mediating, something Apollo taught him. "I thought you were hungry?"

His eyes popped open as he jumped from his bed. "Yes mother let's go!" I laughed as he grabbed my hand, dragging me out of the room. We walked in the kitchen and he sat in a chair as I looked around the cabinets for something to cook.

"Oh dear, did he interrupt your bath time? I only stepped out for a couple of minutes." I turned as I heard Hera speaking. She was beautiful, with a heart so full of love.

"It's fine I need to eat too anyway. Would you like me to make you something?"

"No thanks dear I must prepare a feast for our guest that will be arriving later." I watched as she started pulling down multiple plates. The gods always had guest, so I didn't bother asking who it was today. I nodded as I settled for making strawberry pancakes, Xavier's favorite. "I was hoping you would attend this time." She spoke up after a few seconds.

"I would love to." I could never say no to her, and I'm sure she knew that. She gave me a megawatt smile and I rolled my eyes.

"Great, I'll have Aphrodite prepare you a new dress."

"But I have plenty I haven't worn." Aphrodite made the best dresses, but I didn't see the need to bother her.

"Nonsense, I'll go talk to her." With that she left the kitchen, not giving me a chance to respond.

"Here you go pig." I slid a stack of pancakes in front of Xavier.

"I love you too mom." He stuffed a piece into his mouth. I rolled my eyes as I made a plate for myself, taking a seat next to him.

We finished breakfast quickly, I dropped Xavier off with Apollo as I went looking for Aphrodite. The moment I arrived here we clicked as if we were long lost sisters.

I knocked on her door, several seconds went by before she answered. She opened it with a huge grin on her face, this cant be good.

"Come on let's get you ready." She grabbed my arm pulling me inside.

"Isn't it a little too early to get ready?" I asked her, she reminded me so much of Sydney. I missed Sydney.

"There's no such thing as 'too early'," She rolled her eyes. "Now I've made several dresses, tell me which one you like." I could tell this was going to take a while.

Twenty dresses later I finally picked one, a gold gown. "This is beautiful Aph thanks."

"It's what I do, sexsify people," I giggled at her choice of words. I wonder why Hera wanted me to attend this dinner, she usually doesn't care. "Not that you needed much help, so many of us thought you were related to me when you first arrived, that's how sexy you are." I blushed at her words.

"What's so special about this dinner anyway?" I finally decided to ask.

"It's a wedding dinner," My eyes widened. "Don't worry it's not yours." She giggled. The dinner bell started to ring at that moment, I didn't realize how late it had gotten.

"I have to go pick up Xavier, thanks for the dress." I made my way towards the door.

I found Xavier still hanging with Apollo. Usually he'd get bored and leave, finding another god to entertain him. Making me search everywhere for him.

"Well who is that handsome young man." He was dressed up in a nice black suit. He was a cute boy, with his jet-black hair that I could never tame, and little dimples. It was going to be hard keeping the girls away from him.

"Stop it mom you're embarrassing me." His cheeks turned pink and I laughed. He was so cute.

We made our way to the dinner hall and I scanned the area trying to find us a seat. We waited as Hera and Zeus entered, sitting at the head of the table. There were two unoccupied seats next to them.

"Quiet down please, as you all know our guest will be arriving soon for their dinner wedding celebration. It is an honor to witness this moment and celebrate." Just then the doors opened, and in walked the guests. My eyes widened when I saw who it was.

"Erebus?" He waved to everyone as he walked in, and finally the bride to be came into view. "Sydney!?"

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