The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 21

They found me? Already? Wasn't this supposed to be a safe place? "What do you mean? How?" Instinctively I reached for my dagger. I felt a little safer holding it in my hand. I just hope I know how to use it now as well as I did back then.

Draco's eyes darted back and forth between the door and windows, like he was expecting them to bust in at any minute. "I'm not sure, stick close and be ready."

I gulped, feeling panic seize me once again. I so wasn't ready to confront my parents. At least I knew Xavier was safe. "They couldn't be attacking already, they're here for another reason." Thanatos walked over to stand next to me. Lucifer nodded coming to stand in front of me, Ares to my back. They made a makeshift circle around me. I once again felt safe, my grip loosened on my dagger.

I jumped when the front door was kicked in. My grip tightened once again, on second thought. I looked around Hades, since he was the one blocking the door. Standing in the doorway was a middle-aged lady. She didn't look a day over thirty, and I could instantly tell that she was my mother. I always thought my adoptive parents didn't look like me. Now facing my mother, I realized I was right. She had the same dark hair as me, her eyes were a mixture of purple and blue. She stood there with no weapon in her hand, yet every guy around me was tense. She had her hair pulled into a tight ponytail as she regarded us coolly.

"Where's my daughter?" Her voice rang out solid and strong. I shivered from the power behind it. How strong was she exactly?

"You're not coming near her." Draco called out before running to attack her. She rolled her eyes as he darted forward, sword at the ready. When he was within a foot of her an invisible force flung him against the wall. He landed, no longer moving. My eyes widened, I didn't even see her hand move. Did she use her mind? I'm so dead.

"When I say go you teleport yourself out of here, got it?" Thanatos lowered his voice as he faced me. I looked up at him. There was genuine fear in his eyes. It took me a while to realize it was fear for me and not my mother.

I shook my head. "I'm not leaving you guys, plus I can't use my powers." He growled, I assumed he forgot that little detail.

"Relax Thanatos, I only wish to speak with her." She smiled brightly at me. I looked across the room to see Draco still knocked out cold. Four against one, the odds were still looking good.

Hades took a step forward, cocking his head at her. "Are you dumb or just crazy?" He asked lazily. Her eyes snapped to his, narrowing. I watched as her mouth slowly started lifting into a grin, right as he doubled over coughing up blood.

"What the hell!" I slipped passed Thanatos outstretched hand as I dove on the floor next to Hades.

" thana." He continued to cough. Blood slowly started running down his eyes. She was going to kill him! I growled as I stood up to face her.

"Leave him alone!" I curled my fist at my side.

She faced me with a glare. "Then you'll listen to what I have to say."

"I'm not listening to you!"

"Shame...then I guess your lover will be dead soon." I looked down at Hades noticing he was shifting slightly from the pain. His horns appeared, and his eyes were shifting from red to normal. I heard a snap and looked to my left, Thanatos laid in a heap on the floor, with a broken neck.

Anger like never before consumed me. I could feel the rage burning in me. She has hurt everyone I cared at about in less than ten minutes. I let out a scream of rage, causing the glass to break. I felt a burning sensation against my back. When I looked over my shoulder, big orange flaming wings were behind me. The dagger in my hand was also alive with flames. I faced my mother feeling the rage in me intensify. For the first time since she got here I saw worry in her eyes. I twisted my hands pulling her to me.

Just as she reached me I dropped my dagger, grabbing her face with my hands. "Time for you to feel their pain." The voice sounded nothing like mine. It was deep and full of power. The Phoenix was out. Almost like I was watching through a tv, I watched as I started squeezing her head. She screamed as blood started pouring out her eyes, flames started consuming her from the neck up. She clawed at my hands as I laughed. "Let me show you a trick." From the corner of my eye I could see my dagger floating next to me. My mother was too busy in pain to notice. "Lights out." Just as the dagger shot forward she disappeared from my hands. A scream of rage left me as the dagger embedded itself in the wall across the room. "Coward!"

I felt a hand on my shoulder and quickly spun around. I watched in shock as Hades gripped my throat, shoving me against the wall. "Give control back to Isabel." He growled in my face.

A humorless laugh escaped me. "She gave me control! She's too weak! I need to protect her!"

Hades growled fiercely slamming me against the wall. "I won't ask again!"

In my mind I knew I could take him, but for some reason she relented. I felt all the heat leave my body as I was in control again. I gagged as he was still choking me. "C-can't b-breathe." He dropped his hand as he took a step away from me. I feel to the floor trying to catch my breath. In all my years of discovering I was the phoenix I never felt that much power. I thought I was in control but after witnessing everything I realized I never was. Something else had been controlling my body. "What the hell was that?"

Hades looked down at me sadly. "That was the phoenix." He had a stream of dried blood running down his eyes, but his horns were no longer visible.

"Oh gosh, she's a parasite!" It can take over my body. I shuddered at the idea of that happening again.

"It's not a parasite Isabel, its like if you were a werewolf. The phoenix is the wolf side of you." He walked over to Thanatos kneeling next to him. I watched as he pressed his finger to his neck, checking for a pulse.

"I-is he alive?" I couldn't bring myself to get any closer. What if he was dead? What if I wasn't able to save him?

"He's the god of death Isabel, he can't die." He rolled his eyes. Oh right of course.

There was a thud sound and I looked over to see Draco leaning against the wall. "Look who's finally awake." He avoided eye contact with me. "What do you mean it takes over when my emotions become too much?"

He sighed. "You were scared and full of rage, the phoenix took over to help you and protect you." Well at lease I know its on my side, even if it called me weak.

"How did you know?"

"This isn't the first time I've seen the phoenix in you Isabel, I knew you were no longer in control when the wings of flame appeared." I had to admit that part was pretty cool.

Suddenly Thanatos gasped shooting up. "That bitch!" He growled.

"I'll have what he's having!" I smirked in his direction.

His head snapped in my direction, he rushed over pulling me to him. "I thought she killed you."

"Thanks for the support." I rolled my eyes.

"Where is she?" Draco finally spoke up. I was shocked to hear the defeat in his voice. I pulled away from Thanatos going to stand by him.

"She disappeared, you can't blame yourself for what happened Draco." I knew he felt that he failed me. Which I guess he kind of did.

"I don't need your pity Isabella, I wasn't prepared but I will be next time." He said with determination in his voice.

"She just left?" Thanatos asked in confusion.

I bit the inside of my cheek. "Not exactly..."

"Then?" He probed.

"The phoenix emerged." Hades answered. Both he and Draco eyes widened.

"You were able to use your powers with Draco around?" He asked in shock.

I shrugged. "I guess so..."

"That makes no sense, that should be impossible." Draco looked constipated as he thought about something.

"Well it happened, she saved all our asses too." Hades took a seat on one of the couches. "Where's Ares?" He suddenly asked. My eyes widened as I noticed he was missing too. In fact, he's been missing since Draco was knocked out.

"I don't know."

"Do you think he has aligned himself with your mother?" Draco asked.

"What? No way!"

"Then where is he? And how did she find you?" Hades cut in as well.

"He wouldn't betray me." Even as I said this I wasn't sure. We weren't that close and he was one of the few that knew where I was at. Not to mention no one knows where he's gone. "Oh my god." It can't be true.

"We have bigger problems right now, your mother knows where you are. We can't stay here any longer." Thanatos announced.

"What do you think she wanted to talk about?" I asked no one in particular, I just needed some answers.

"She wasn't here to talk Isabel, she could have easily done that without killing everybody. I'm not sure what her true motives were, but now its time to go."

"Go where?" There's not many places we could hide.

"I know of one last place, pack your things." Here we go again.


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