The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 23

"Why are we here?" As if the hotel wasn't a weird enough stop, now we're at Loki's club? "You're visiting Loki again? Want to hear more lies from him?" I questioned.

Thanatos rolled his eyes. "I'm not here to see Loki, well not exactly."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I was tired of just blindly following him everywhere. Why couldn't he let everyone else in on his plans?

"To get to the place we're going its through here." The bouncer paused to look us all over for a minute, before letting us through. We heard groans and shouts of anger from the people in line.

Just like the last time I was here the place was dark with flashing lights. The music was a bit more upbeat, but it still harbored the same weirdos. "Where exactly are we going?"

He looked back at me over his shoulder. I was following him while Hades was behind me, Draco behind Hades, Sydney behind Draco, Erebus behind Sydney, and Thor was last. If I thought we looked out of place at the hotel we were really out of place here. The crowd parted like the red sea as we walked through. "Have you noticed that you're the only one asking questions?"

"Have you noticed that you haven't been answering them?" I cringed as a drunk guy fell into me. Hades harshly shoved him back, causing the guy to fall flat on his bum.

"Drunken idiots." He mumbled. We reached a door in the far back and waited as Thanatos knocked, crowding around him like lost puppies.

"Thanatos...and gang? What a wonderful surprise." Loki opened the door looking shocked at the lineup. He rolled his eyes when he noticed Thor. "Brother."

"We need to use the door." Thanatos announced before Thor could even think of replying.

"Do you have payment to use the door?" He smiled teasingly at us. His eyes roamed over me twice. "The girl is still alive?"

"Obviously." I rolled my eyes.

"Hmm." He looked thoughtfully at me.

"Payment? How about I don't bash your head in if you let us in within the next two minutes." He growled. The guy really had anger issues sometimes.

Loki let out a long sigh, allowing us to come in. The office looked the same as it did last time. What door was Thanatos talking about? As if to answer my question Loki clapped twice, and a purple door appeared.

"Has that been sitting there the whole time?" I asked in shock.

"Cute but not very bright." He commented. I glared at him. Draco gave me a light nudge from behind and I noticed everyone else was already walking through the door. At least I could count on Draco not to leave me.

The other side of the door was pitch black. I'm no scaredy cat but something about walking into pitch blackness unnerved me. Against my better judgement I grabbed a hold of Draco's hand. He showed no indication that I touched him, much to my relief.

I closed my eyes as he pulled us both through. I was expecting to feel some kind of coldness but instead I felt heat. I opened my eyes looking right into sunlight. After recovering my vision I noticed everyone staring at us. I quickly dropped Draco's hand.

"Mom!" I stiffened as I heard a voice. No no no we can't be here! I spun around to see Xavier running towards me. "Mom I missed you!" He launched himself into my arms. I held him as close to me as humanly possible. He's grown since the last time I seen him. At least a foot taller.

I pulled away ruffling his hair. "Hey can you go find grandma Hera for me?" I asked him sweetly.

He frowned at me, fixing his hair back into place. "But I've only just seen you."

"I know honey and we'll have a lot more time later I promise." A promise I won't be keeping.

"You had a kid? Is your lover the father?" Draco asked, shock clear in his voice. Didn't I mention having a son to him before?

"So you did have a boy?" Hades asked in amazement. Ok this might be a tad bit awkward. Xavier meeting the guy that wanted to be his dad. The whole reason for his existence right now.

Xavier looked them both up and down, before his eyes landed on Thanatos. He broke away from me running full speed towards him. So much for getting him to leave. "Dad guess what? I did what you taught me." He looked up at him, eyes shining.

"Oh yeah? And what was that?" He ruffled his hair just like I did minutes ago. Only Xavier accepted his with a smile.

"YOU!" We heard a voice growl out, coming towards us. None of us expected the slap Thanatos received from Aphrodite. I frowned as she glared at him. A wave of anger went over me, I tried to calm myself down before things got out of hand. I'm sure she had a good explanation for slapping him.

"Me?" Thanatos pointed towards himself with a smirk. Not at all phased by the slap.

"You taught him that! He...he choked me!" She squeaked out. Her cheeks tinted a light pink.

"Xavier!" I growled at him.

"And you named him Xavier." Hades mumbled.

Xavier looked at me in confusion. "What? Dad said if you liked someone you should choke them first." I'm going to kill him later. First, he brings me here putting Xavier at risk, and now he's teaching him to choke females?

Thanatos tried his hardest not to laugh, as I was fuming. "Xavier, we do not put our hands on females, ok?"

"I didn't touch her." He frowned some more.

"He controlled the air somehow sucking the life out of me." Aphrodite explained. I really did have a little Thanatos on my hands.

"That's my boy." He and Xavier high fived each other.

Out of nowhere someone embraced me from the side. "Isabel darling how lovely to see you again." Hera smiled as she pulled away.

I turned giving her a smile of my own. "Nice to see you too, although I had no idea I was coming here." I pointedly glared at Thanatos.

"Come come, your room is just how you left it. I see you have more guests this time." She turned walking towards the house. I looked back at Draco and Hades, whom I'm sure she was referring to.

"Are you out of your freaking mind!?" I yelled at Thanatos as soon as we were alone in my room. Everyone else was getting settled in and I forced Xavier to help Aphrodite with her sewing as his punishment.

"What?" He asked lazily.

"We can't stay here! My mom found me once already, she can't find me here with Xavier. Who knows what she'll do!" I was breathing hard as the panic and fear was starting to seize hold of me. We can't be here right now. This could be what she wanted, scare us into hiding exactly where my son is.

"This is the safest place for all of us." He argued.

"And how do you know that? Exactly you don't!"

"Has she found you here before? Three years you hid here with no problems!" He was starting to get angry. Common sense told me to drop the argument, but I wouldn't.

"That doesn't mean anything! I promise you if anything happens to Xavier I'll kill you!" I think I crossed the line with that one. He stared at me for a full thirty seconds, before coming impossibly close. He stood toe to toe with me as he looked down at me.

"Are you threatening me Isabel?" He asked dangerously low. I could feel the heat coming off his body, warming me to my core. Whenever he was this close to me I easily forget what we were talking about.

"I told you...its a promise." I stiffened as his hand wrapped around my neck. Not tight enough to choke me but enough to feel the pressure. His eyes studied my face, searching for something, then slowly he started leaning in.

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