The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 24


For the first time in my life I felt awkward about Thanatos trying to kiss me. Why? I don't know. I took a noticeable step back, causing him to pause. "What are you doing?" He asked in confusion.

"Uh...I think I need to go talk to Hera, I'll be back!" I hurriedly rushed from the room before he could stop me. I ran down the hallway looking over my shoulder, afraid he'd come after me. How was I supposed to face him after that? I basically rejected his advances. And everyone knows you don't reject death.

Not watching where I was going I bumped into a wall. "Hey, where's the fire lover?" Actually I bumped into something much worse.

I glared at Hades. "Watch where you're going! And stop calling me that."

He raised an eyebrow at me. "You bumped into me, too busy looking over your shoulder. Who are you running from anyways?"

"I'm not running from anyone." I answered quickly.

"If you say so." He smirked.

"Do you mind getting out of my way? I need to get by." I moved to step around him, but he blocked me.

"Where are you heading? Maybe I want to tag along?"

"Not going to happen. I'm off to see Hera, if you must know." He suddenly got an uncomfortable look on his face. "Everything ok?" I asked.

He started scratching the back of his neck. I've never seen him look so awkward in my life. "This isn't really a place for me, I'm not welcomed."

"Are you kidding? No one minds you being here." I frowned. Why would he think that? His a God like them, this is where they were all born.

He rolled his eyes. "They don't mind me here because I came with you, but trust me they mind."

"Is there some sort of beef between you guys?"

"You could say that." He shrugged. He had drama with the gods here too? I wonder what happened between them all.

"Well no one told me you'd be here." I jumped hearing another voice join our conversation. I spun around to see Noeros standing there, a casual smile on his face.

"And why would they tell you?" Hades questioned.

Noeros faced him as if he just noticed him there. Which would be impossible considering how close we were standing. "Hades? Who let scum like you enter our paradise? Shouldn't you be hanging with the dead?" He asked it so kindly you'd think he was talking about the weather.

Hades glanced around casually. "You call this place paradise? You need to get out more."

"No, it's you that needs to get out." He rolled his eyes before facing me. "And how are you Isabel?" He asked, completely dismissing Hades presence.

"Um I'm great, how are you?" I really just wanted to go see Hera, but it seems everyone was against me.

"Are you on your way somewhere?" He asked, like he knew what I was thinking.

"Actually we are, come on Isabel." Hades grabbed my hand, pulling me in the direction I was originally going.

"Bye Noeros, I'll see you around." I turned to give him a small wave, only to notice him glaring at Hades.

I sighed as he continued dragging me through the house. "I can walk on my own you know."

"Do you know who that was?" He asks instead of letting me go.

"Duh it was Noeros, did you not notice me say his name?" I rolled my eyes, even though he couldn't see my face.

"Noeros as in Eros the god of love, or as your people know him by, cupid." My eyes bugged out of their socket.

"No way! That was cupid?" That explains why I was so drawn to him. Must be one of his godly powers.

"Are you dumb Isabel? How did you not know that?" He chuckled. I decided not to answer him. We walked across the courtyard to get where Zeus and Hera lives. The closer we got the tighter his grip got on my hand. Was he nervous?

"You know you don't have to come, right?" It was clear he didn't want to.

"I have nowhere else to be."

No more words were spoken as we made our way inside. "Hera!" I screamed out once I opened the door.

"Isabel dear, I wasn't expecting you so late." She gracefully glided down the stairs. How can someone be so graceful all the time? "And I see you brought company."

"It isn't too late is it? I just wanted to talk about something."

"It's never too late for you dear, follow me."

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