The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 25

The three of us settled in the living room. Hera sat across from us while we sat on the floor. Hera and Zeus didn't own much furniture.

"What did you need dear?" She placed her hands across her lap as she studied me.

"Um," I cut my eyes over to Hades. What I really wanted to talk about I couldn't say with him in the room. When I focused back on Hera I was surprised to see her glaring at him. I've never seen her glare. "Why don't you guys like each other?"

"That's what you came here for? We're not about to discuss this." He announce standing up.

"Yes we are, sit down." I glared at him. He raised an eyebrow at my tone but sat down nonetheless. "What happened?" I once again faced Hera.

"Isabel dear if he doesn't want to talk about this then it isn't my place to say, I will respect his wishes." I let out a low growl, causing Hades to smirk. "But instead of talking I can show you."

My ears perked up at the offer. "How?" She stood up walking over to a bookshelf. She scanned the books until she found a certain one, we watched as she popped it out and pulled out a small clear ball. "Oh my, are you psychic?"

She chuckled at my question. "No dear, this is just one of the few things I've acquired from other gods. It'll help you look into someone's mind." She walked over to us, motioning for us to put our foreheads together. "But we must have his permission first."

Hades sighed as I gave him my best puppy dog eyes. "I'm fine with it." I let out a slight squeal as we pressed our heads together, Hera handing me the ball. For the first few seconds nothing happened as we stared at it. Then a cloud appeared swirling wildly. I gasped as It felt like I was getting sucked into the ball.

"It will show you what you desire to see the most." Hera explained. Images like flipping through a graphic novel came and went, before finally settling on one. I yelped as I fell, landing in a familiar room. Wow I was actually in his head!

"Where are they!?" A voice growled out into the room. One I knew very well. As I studied my surroundings I realized this is the room I gave birth to Xavier in. Facing the door I saw Thanatos standing there, but who was he talking to?

"She took him and left." I whirled around to see Hades leaning against a wall. He looked nothing like I remembered when I teleported away from here. There were no horns and he wasn't laughing like a maniac, instead he just looked sad and defeated.

"What do you mean left?" Thanatos demanded.

Suddenly he got angry, pushing himself from the wall. "This is all your fault!" He barked.

Thanatos glared at him. "My fault? Did you honestly think you could be his father?"

"And you think you can?" He retorted.

Before I could hear Thanatos response I was slammed out of the memory and back into my body. "What the- " I looked up to see both Hera and Hades starring warily at me. "What happened? Why'd I get kicked out?"

"I forgot to mention it only works for a limited amount of time." She reached out grabbing the ball from my hand, placing it back in the book.

I rolled my eyes. "That information would've been helpful."

"Well now you know why I despise them, can you move on with your life?" I looked over as he spoke. Did he not see what I saw? I still have no idea why the gods hate him, or what that memory was about.

"But I-" I cut myself off as I realized I couldn't tell him I didn't see it. Then he'll demand to know what I saw, which I couldn't do just yet until I figured it out. "I think we should go." I got up from the floor quickly giving Hera a hug and heading towards the door.

Just as I pulled It open Hades darted pass me. "Why than-oof"

I looked around him to see what he bumped into. Xavier was starring up at him curiously, a look of wonder on his face. "Xavier what do we say when we bump into people?" I asked him. He continued to stare at him a little longer before walking over to my side.

"Will you sleep in my room tonight mom?" I frowned at him.

"I will once you apologize." I scolded him.

"Sorry sir." He tugged on my hand, wanting to head to his room. When I didn't hear a response, I turned around to see him going the opposite direction down the hall. I sighed as I followed Xavier to his room.

"What are you doing up?" I noticed his bedside clock read 10:13pm, way pass his bedtime.

"I had a bad dream, so I went to look for you." He crawled into his bed and pulled the covers back for me.

"What did you dream about?" I laid down facing the ceiling, we both stared up at the stars scattered across it.

"I don't want to talk about it," I nodded as I felt my eyes drooping. "Mom, what's dad name?"

What a random question. "It's Thanatos, I thought you knew that."

"Oh yeah."

"Now go to sleep." I placed a kiss on his forehead before closing my eyes.


"Catch me if you can!" I held up my dress as I ran up the stairs, giggling nonstop, knowing he was close.

"Darcy!" His laughter boomed from behind me. I picked up my speed as I entered the hall. Just as my hand touched the doorknob I was lifted off my feet.

"You cheater! Put me down!" I laughed as he threw me over his shoulder, pushing my bedroom door open.

"But you told me to catch you, you changed your mind already?" He teased.

A yelp left my mouth as he tossed me on the bed. I glared at him as I patted my dress down.

"Oh honey, I've seen it all before." He chuckled.

"A lady never exposes herself." I tilted my head up with my nose in the air. Several seconds later we both burst into laughter.

"You were so much like your mother it was kind of scary." He smiled at me.

"Well I learned from the best." I crossed my legs as I studied him. He walked up to me a huge grin on his face, one I knew meant trouble. "Whatever it is you're thinking about doing, don't do it." I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Maybe it's time you come out of that dress." He smirked at me.

I moved back as much as I could on the bed as he advanced. "Do you have no shame sir?" I grinned. I screamed as he pounced on me, crashing his lips to mine. As I thought about what would take place next something else occurred to me. I quickly broke the kiss. "I'm late!" I yelled out in horror.

He looked down at me in confusion. "What do you mean you're late? Late for what?"

"My period!" Panicking I pushed him off of me.

"Soooo?" God why are men so dumb?

"I might be pregnant!" I was now pacing back and forth across the room. My mother would kill me if I'm pregnant, if my father doesn't do it first.

"What would you name our kid?" I paused as I faced him. I tell him I might be pregnant and that's all he cares about?

"Who cares! I can't be pregnant!"

"I care." He got off the bed and slowly made his way to me. "If it's a girl?" He placed his hands on my hip. Might as well humor him and maybe he'll finally acknowledge what I'm saying.

"Jasmine." I answered him. He smiled down at me.

"And a boy?" He pressed.

I thought about it for a second, I always knew what girl name I wanted but never thought much of a boy name. Suddenly a name jumped out at me. "Xavier."

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