The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 27

"I'm curious how this came to be. Is this why you really keep Draco around? Threesomes?" The first thing I heard was Thor's annoying voice as I started to wake up. I opened my eyes, coming face to face with an annoyed Thanatos.

"For the record, he's your friend." I mumbled to him as I sat up. "What are you talking about now thor?" He and Hades were both standing in the doorway of our room. Both looked like they were trying to hold in their laughter.

"Do you not notice the body on the other side of you?" He snickered. I frowned as I looked to my right. I rolled my eyes as they landed on Draco laying there holding his sword. Lot of help he is, we have intruders and he's sound asleep, and what happened to his bed on the floor?

I nudged him as hard as I could, causing him to fall on the floor. He landed with a thud, before standing up wielding his sword in front of him. "What happened to you sleeping on the floor?"

He had the nerve to look embarrassed, I should be the one embarrassed. Waking up in bed with two guys. Thank god Xavier wasn't the one to wake me. "The floor wasn't comfortable." He mumbled. I shook my head letting it go, Draco was a special case.

"Why do you insist on being the first face I see when I wake up?" Thanatos addressed Thor as he finally sat up too.

"Don't complain, you love it." He says, making a disturbing kissing face.

"We're about to start training, Erebus is waiting." Hades announced before leaving. He hadn't said anything during the whole encounter.

I groaned when I realized what he said, I was dreading training.

I stood there in my shorts and tank top as I waited for my instructions. It felt like gym class all over again, minus being in the middle of the woods. We didn't even teleport here, we walked at least ten miles. I feel like that was all the training I needed, I can barely feel my legs. Sydney, lucky bastard, Erebus carried her.

Erebus clapped his hands to get our attention. "First things first, we'll start with Isabel. Hit me with the magic you have most control over." I stepped forward cracking my neck. "Actually, use it on Thanatos." He smirked.

Thanatos rolled his eyes as he also stepped into the makeshift ring. It was really just the only spot with no trees. "Hit me with your best shot." He grinned.

I inhaled deeply as I prepared myself. Ok phoenix, lets show him what we got. I raised my arm getting ready to fire, when Erebus stopped me.

"You raising your arm gives the enemy time to attack, they know what you're about to do. Try to use your mind."

I frowned at him in confusion. "Use my mind?"

"Think about exactly what you want to do to him, project that image in your head. Then let your body take over." He explained.

I sighed as I tried to do what he suggested. I focused as hard as I could on Thanatos. "I already know what she thinks about doing to me." He winked. "No reason to look so constipated."

"He's right, you're trying too hard. Let it happen naturally." Erebus coached. I wonder if he'll have this same energy when it's Sydney turn.

I once again focused on Thanatos, ignoring his comment. In my mind I pictured him flying back into the nearest tree. I felt a slight shiver go through me indicating that my powers were emerging. When I felt it was ready I lifted my hand. Unfortunately, he didn't fly back like I was hoping, just knocked two steps back. "Well then."

"Someone's having performance issues, hope she's not like this bed." Thor calls out laughing. I glared at him, shooting my arm out in his direction. Unlike Thanatos he actually flew back. I grinned.

"No, you shouldn't be celebrating." Erebus scolded me.

"What? Why not? Did you not just see that? I did it." I rolled my eyes.

"You did it on someone that wasn't your target, and out of anger. We're here to help you control your powers and your emotions. You want the phoenix to gain control again?"

I sighed, he was right. Darn him for being right though. I once again faced Thanatos, he was studying me. "What?"

"You don't want to hurt me." He answered.

I frowned at him. "Um, pretty sure I do."

He cocked his head to the side. "Then the phoenix doesn't want to hurt me." I frowned even more if that were possible.

"He might be on to something, you had no problem hurting Thor." Erebus agreed. "Let's try with Hades."

"Do I look like a test dummy to you?" Came his reply.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" I smirked. He glared at me. He's been more hostile since I brought up Darcy.

"Stop being a baby, not like she can really hurt you, can she?" Thor asked.

He glared at all of us before making his way to the ring. Thanatos patted him on the shoulder as they passed each other.

"Ok let's try this again, just like before." I squared my shoulders as I focused. He had the most bored look on his face that I almost laughed. "Focus Isabel!"

I pictured him flying back into the trees, just like with Thanatos I felt the shiver go through me. I lifted my hand. I did every step exactly like last time. So imagine my surprise when I opened my eyes and he hadn't moved an inch. I cursed stepping back, only to trip over something falling on my butt. He walked over holding a hand out to me, trying not to laugh. "Thor was right, I think you are having performance issues."

I smacked his hand away as I got up on my own, dusting my backside off.

"Ok it's obvious Isabel is a lost cause, Sydney its your turn." Erebus called to her.

"What? You're giving up already?" I questioned him.

"We'll try again with you later." He shrugged.

I rolled my eyes making my way to the sidelines, much better over here anyways. "I could get a seat for you." Thanatos whispered in my ear next to me.

"Oh right, you can conjure up things. A chair would be lovely right now." I sighed.

He stepped closer, a little smirk on his face. "I wasn't offering you a chair Isabel." I frowned."I was offering my face." My cheeks flamed as I started choking on air. He laughs, stepping back when I tried to push him.

"You need help!"

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