The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 28

"Hey that's mine!" I growled at Thanatos as he snatched the sandwich off my plate. After Sydney and I both failed at training Erebus decided we would just try again tomorrow. Everyone was famished from missing breakfast, now we're all seated in the dinning room eating sandwiches Hera prepared for us. Well I was eating one, until it was rudely stolen.

"You were just picking at it." He says, stuffing the whole thing in his mouth. What a pig.

I glared. "I wasn't picking at it I was pulling off the crust!"

"What a weirdo." Thor commented from my left.

I turned my glare on him. "How is that weird? Lots of people do it." I crossed my arms waiting for his answer.

"Some people consider the crust to be the best part." As if to prove his point he popped a piece in his mouth.

"It doesn't matter how she eats her sandwich, doesn't mean you can just take it." Hades cut in, sliding half of his sandwich to me.

"At least somebody was raised right." I glared towards Thanatos again as he smirked at me.

"You think the God of the underworld was raised right?" He laughed. Well when you word it like that...

I decided not to answer him and eat my sandwich instead. My original sandwich had been tuna but Hades had ham. How I wish it was still my tuna.

The doors to the diner opened as Xavier came running in. "Mom!" He called out as he made his way to me. I was shocked that he didn't go to Thanatos instead. Ever since they met he has taken more a liking to him than me. Not that I'm complaining.

Thor got up as Xavier came closer giving him his seat. "Hey, what are you up to?" I smiled at him as he sat in the chair.

"I want to go to purgatory." He smiled at me. Across the table Hades spit out his water.

"What?" He asked in surprise.

Xavier stared at him, confused by his reaction. The thing is there's a place where Hercules and the others like to fight which we refer to as the arena. For some reason Xavier calls it purgatory, every now and then I take him there to watch them.

"Sure I'll take you, after you eat." I promised him. He grinned as he ran from the room heading towards the kitchen.

Thor cleared his throat. "Isabel, I hate to tell how to raise your son, but do you really think that's a place you should be taking him?"

"He calls the arena purgatory." I explained to him and everyone else around the table who had their mouths hanging open.

"Why would he do that? Does he know what purgatory is?" Hades asked.

"How would he know what that is? He just randomly started calling it that one day, I didn't even know he knew the word." I shrugged. Xavier has always been a special child so anything weird he does I usually ignore it. Him saying a big word like that at two didn't really shock me as much as when he started walking at three months. It was like seeing a little chucky doll walk around, creepiest moment of my life.

"You don't find that weird at all?" Sydney asked.

I shrugged. "Maybe he remembers us living in the underworld when I was pregnant with him and that's where he got the word."

"The underworld is not purgatory." Hades rolled his eyes.

"It's basically the same thing, demons, pain, and chaos." I waved him off. "I'll catch up with you guys later." Needed to get to Xavier before he was done eating. He's not a very patient child.

"Eris?" I was shocked to see the goddess standing there amongst the other fighters. In all the years I've lived here not once did I see her. Was it a coincidence that she was here now? I wonder if-

"Go straight for their golden balls!" I looked over to see Poseidon sitting in the crowd. Just great. What were they doing here? Not that they're not allowed to come here, I'm just shocked. "Oh, hey Ares friend." And now he's spotted me. Ares friend? Does he not know that's my brother?

I walked over with Xavier taking a seat next to him. "Hey Poseidon, wasn't expecting to see you here, or Eris."

His attention was on Xavier and I knew he had questions. "Yeah we pop in every now and then for some entertainment. What are you doing here? How did you even get here?"

"It's a long story."

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