The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 29

After the fight Poseidon and Eris decided they were going to hang around a little longer.

"Whose kid is this?" Eris asked as we walked around looking for the others. I should've known one of them would eventually ask.

"Eris didn't we discuss about being subtle? You've forgotten all your training." He shook his head at her.

"There's no reason to pretend we're not curious, he looks just like her." She shrugged.

I rolled my eyes. "Xavier is my son." I proudly patted him on the head, to which he swatted my hand away.

"No shit? We last seen you three years ago and he looks to be about six." He pointed out.

"Watch your language," I hissed, covering Xavier ears. "He's only three, just looks older."

"So, who's the father?" Eris asked. Saw that coming.

I hesitated a moment, should I tell them? How many people should know this? We can't have this getting around to everyone. Plus, they're friends with Ares and we're not even sure what side he's on at the moment. They stood there waiting for my answer as I debated inside my head.

"Thanatos is my father." Xavier blurted out. Now he chooses to talk? I gave him a slight glare as he innocently started walking ahead.

"No way! I did not see that coming." Poseidon laughed. Did I miss the joke?

"Well that's because you weren't around enough." I shrugged. Half our group of friends saw that coming, they didn't see Hades coming though, neither did I for that matter.

"So, where are the others?" Apparently Eris was bored of the 'how Thanatos is my baby daddy' topic already.

"Last I saw them they were in the dining hall. We can check there first." They both nodded as we cut across the courtyard.

I pushed the doors open walking in. Only Thanatos sat at the table. "Where did everyone go?"

"Not that it's my job to keep up with them, but they left." I rolled my eyes at his answer.

"Obviously they left, but where did they go?" He didn't bother greeting Eris or Poseidon, who stood watching our exchange with smirks on their faces.

"Like I said, its not my job to keep up with them." He picked up his cup drinking whatever was in it. Probably the blood from his victims.

"Well great talk thanks for the non-help." I ushered the other two out towards our next destination. Xavier decided to stay with Thanatos.

"Where are we going?" Eris was starting to get impatient, I could tell from her tone of voice.

"Maybe Hera will know where they're at." Not like I was forcing her to follow me.

"So what position did you guys make him in?" Poseidon asks from behind me. I felt my cheeks heat up from his question.

"I don't believe that's any of your business." I kept facing forward as I addressed him.

"Was it rough or a lovers tumble?" Eris snickered as he continued. I decided to ignore him.

I knocked on Hera's door as hard as I could, desperately wanting to get away from Poseidon and his comments.

"Is it just me or did you get a little stronger dear?" Hera smiled at me pulling the door open.

"Or she's having hot and heavy memories." They both laughed at his comment. Hera raised an eyebrow at them.

"Is Sydney or anyone here?" I asked. I just wanted to get rid of these two at this point.

"Thor and Hades are in the living room." She smiled at me, like she knew what I was thinking.

"Hades is here? Why?" Poseidon sounded a bit angry at the news.

"Why does it matter to you?" I ask facing him.

"Why would you let him come here?" He demanded to Hera.

I glared at him. "He has a right to come here! What's your problem?" I didn't like the attitude he was giving Hera.

"Since when do we let demons in our sanctuary!?" His voice raised an octave higher.

I could feel my anger starting to flare up. "You don't even know him!"

He cut his eyes at me. "Oh yeah? And you do? Why don't you shut up whore?"

I could feel Hera stiffen behind me. "What did you just call me?"

"I called you what you are." He spat. He really disliked Hades that much that he'd disrespect me and Hera.

I took a step forward, only for someone's arm to pull me back. I looked to my right to see Hades standing there. "You're learning to control the phoenix, this isn't going to help."

He moved in front of me facing Poseidon. "What problems do you have with me boy?"

"The problem is filth like you being allowed here." He glared.

Hades gave a long belly laugh. "Because you play with water does that make you the cleanest one here? Whatever helps you sleep cupcake." He winked at him. Poseidon looked ready to explode, Hades turned around to face me effectively cutting him off. "Why are you looking for us?"

"I was actually looking for Sydney."

"She's not here."

"Well I can see that now." I turned to face Hera. "Thanks for your help." Instead of running all over the place I decided to try and locate her the same way I did with Hades. The signal wasn't as strong, but I could get a feel of the area she's in. "Well I'll see you guys later." I'm sure Poseidon didn't want to be left alone with Hades but that's not my problem. What was up with those two anyways?

I walked down several halls and turned many corners before I could finally pen point Sydney's exact location. She was in the gods palace, I'm guessing cause she's rooming with her husband. I came to a stop at the room I knew she was in. Not bothering to knock I pushed the door open, getting the shock of my life.

"Sydney?" Her and Noeros broke apart from their lip lock. Sydney with a look of horror on her face and Noeros smirking. "What the hell is going on?"

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