The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 3

Sydney frowned as she heard someone call her name, then her eyes finally landed on me. She froze as her eyes widened. Erebus finally noticed she wasn't walking and looked to see what got her attention. His eyes also widened when he saw me.

"Mommy, why are they staring at you like that?" Xavier elbowed me as he pointed to them. I couldn't answer him though as I was speechless, they were getting married?

Erebus finally came out of his shocked state as he encouraged Sydney to keep walking. This was their wedding dinner, we'd have to talk after.

Dinner was kind of tense, I didn't know how I felt about them being here. Them being here meant they found me. Would they make me go back? Would they stay here? And where was everyone else?

I couldn't be happier when the dinner finally ended. I escorted Xavier back to his room as I went looking for Sydney and Erebus.

I bumped into Hera as I turned the hall corner.

"Where's the fire dear?" She smiled at me.

"Do you know where our guests are sleeping?" I asked her.

"Yes, they'll be in the west wing." I should've known that, the west wing is where guests usually slept. We lived in the south wing, the main part of the house.

"Thank you." I turned, making my way towards the west wing. I tried to get a feel of which room they were in as I made my way down the hall. Last year I discovered I could sense people and things through walls. When I lost Xavier one night and Apollo calmed me down I was able to locate him on the other side of the castle.

I knocked on the end door and waited. Erebus opened the door and I walked in, only to be tackled.

"Where have you been! I've been worried sick about you. We thought you were dead." Sydney cried as she wrapped her arms around me, causing my own tears to form.

"I'm sorry." We eventually broke apart, taking a seat on the bed.

"Thanatos has been looking everywhere for you." Erebus commented.

"I didn't know where else to go, I didn't feel safe." I told them.

"This was a good place to hide, the earth gods never visit this place anymore."

"So why are you guys here?" I hope I didn't come off rude.

"It's tradition, if a god gets married he must have a wedding here."

"How did Sydney get here alive?" As far as I knew she was still human.

"There's a gate for humans to enter." He told me.

"I'm glad you guys are here, I've missed you so much."

"We missed you too! Everyone has been going crazy not knowing where you was, or if you was ok." She sniffed. I felt bad knowing I put her through that.

"Congratulations on the wedding by the way, I'm kind of surprised." I smirked as she blushed.

"Isabel, where's the baby?" Erebus suddenly asked me.

"He's here and alive." I saw him sigh in relief. Did he think I would kill my baby or something?

"There's something you must know." His face turned serious and I got nervous.


"Hades isn't the father." I frowned confused. What is he talking about?

"What do you mean? He's the only person I had sex with back then."

"He physically can't have kids, which is why him and Persephone don't have any." I felt myself stiffen.

"That doesn't make sense." Why were they telling me these lies?

"A long time ago Thanatos stored away some of his sperm, 'incase I do eventually die I would like some of me left on earth' were his words. He only told me, Thor, and Hades this." He started explaining.

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Hades injected Thanatos sperm in you." I froze.

"But why, why would he do that?" This was starting to freak me out. When did he do that? While I was sleeping? How come I didn't feel anything?

"Because you didn't know he couldn't have kids, therefore you believing that it was his made it easier for him to believe it also." I started pacing the room as I tried to make this make sense. Thanatos is Xavier's father? Hades made me pregnant with Thanatos baby? That would explain why he grew so fast, why I wanted Thanatos around me so much during my pregnancy. It was Xavier wanting to be close to his real dad.

"Oh no." That's what they were fighting about that day!

"That's not all Isabel." Sydney spoke up.

"What else could there possibly be?" I don't know if I could handle any more information.

"He's coming here."

"Who?" I asked stupidly.

"Thanatos and Thor were meant to arrive with us today but had to take care of something, so they'll be coming tomorrow." Erebus announced.

"Thanatos is coming here? He can't!" I was starting to panic. Was I ready to face him? Could I face him knowing he's Xavier real father?

"Isabel he means no harm to your son, I'm sure you know that."

"Xavier, his name is Xavier." I couldn't stop pacing. Of course he doesn't want to harm my son I never thought that. It's not him I'm worried about, it's my reaction to seeing him. It's been so long.

"That's a nice name." Sydney commented.

"And what of Hades?" I asked Erebus. He raised an eyebrow at the way I worded my question. I think I've been around the gods too long. More specifically Hera.

"He won't be coming, him and Thanatos have settled their differences but Hades has chosen to remain in the underworld for the last three years. I guess he was embarrassed." He shrugged. I felt kind of bad for him, he only wanted a kid. Sure he went about it the wrong way, but I don't think he cares.

"When will they be arriving?" It was too late for me to run again, this was the only safe place to hide. They can easily find me on earth.

"At noon." I nodded.

"I guess it's time to stop running." I don't know if I had ever planned to go back to my old life. I enjoyed it here, it was peaceful and drama free. But now I don't think I have a choice. "I'll let you guys get some rest."

"Isabel wait! When can we meet Xavier?" I looked back to see Sydney smiling at me. Erebus had moved next to her wrapping his arm around her waist. They were cute together, I was glad Sydney found happiness.

"I guess at noon tomorrow." With that I turned and left. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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