The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 33


"I'm going to be what!? I don't want to be you! No offense." I complained. Be him? I don't even know what he does! I don't even feel different, no power surge or anything. What does being him really mean?

"It's too late, I've already handed you my powers. If you try to give them back before 24 hours is up, you'll be stuck like me forever." He grinned smugly at me.

I took another look around at the scenery. I couldn't make out anything through this darkness. "Where are we? Why can't I see anything?"

"Because you're not embracing the power." He sighed.

"You can see in this?"

"Of course I can Isabel, this is where I work." I can tell he's starting to get impatient with me.

"Ok, how do I "embrace" this power." I asked him, putting quote fingers for embrace. I'm being forced to embrace something I don't even want. Again.

"First of all, you need to relax, you're all wound up." He placed his hands on my shoulders gently massaging them.

"Jeez I wonder why." I took a deep breath trying to relax. Its ok Isabel, so what if you're being the god of death? It'll all be ok. You can't die being the god of death right?

"Good, now just focus on one spot." I did what he suggested. For the first few seconds I still couldn't see anything. Then slowly the darkness started going away, and I wish it hadn't.

"Ahh who the hell is that!" I jumped back even though the creature was far away.

"That will be our ride to my place of business." He started walking towards the thing. It was hunched over, looked male. Male and very naked, there was lumps all over his back looking as if they'd burst any second. He was standing next to a small boat, holding a stick in his hand.

"We have to get closer to that thing?" I screeched slightly.

"Isabel don't be rude, his name is Charon." Thanatos winked at me as he grabbed my hand forcing me along.

"Charon? Is he like your co-worker or something?" The closer we got to him the more nervous I got. What if he attacked or something? Thanatos let out a laugh. Did he hear my thoughts?

"Something like that," He smirked. I realized he was answering my question and not referring to reading my thoughts. "Charon, things running smoothly down there?" He asked the hunch figure once we made it to the boat. It was then that I noticed the river heading inside a cave. A bright orange river. How did I not notice that before? And why do I get the feeling that we're going through that?

"As always sir." Charon wheezed out. He sounded like he smoked four packs a day. Adding even more creepiness to his look.

"Good good, I'll be bringing a guest with me today." He moved to the side so Charon could get a look at me.

"What a lovely guest she is." He smiled at me. I tried not to cringe at his yellow teeth. They didn't have toothbrushes down here?

"Indeed, we are ready to go now." We followed Charon to the boat as he climbed aboard, Thanatos followed him, he turned and lightly grabbed my hand to pull me on. I sat as far from Charon as I could, which was an easy task since he stayed at the front to row the boat.

As the boat started moving I leaned to the side to look into the water. Unlike normal water this one was fiery orange. It gave off the illusion that we were floating on lava. I wonder how they got it that color? "Don't lean too far over, you fall off and you're as good as dead." Thanatos commented. I quickly sat up straight.

"Where are we going?" I questioned him.

"Just sit there and enjoy the ride, you'll see soon enough." He smirked. He knew I was starting to get anxious not knowing what was going on. I hated being out of the loop.

The boat jerked as we hit something. "What was that?" I looked around him to see Charon was no longer rowing.

"We're here, watch your step getting out." Thanatos was standing outside of the boat holding his hand out for me. I didn't even see him get up! I climbed out as gracefully as I could without falling. Wouldn't want to accidentally slip into that water.

"Can you please just tell me what's going on?" He brought one finger up to his lip, the universal signal for shh. I glared at him. For the next few seconds I followed him silently, until we arrived at a very unsteady looking bridge. I stopped, staring at it. It looked just like the bridge from Shrek. You know the one Shrek tricked donkey into getting across by shaking it? This was an exact replica, over the bright orange river that I'm 70% sure is some sort of lave. Across the bridge stood a huge gate, and Cerberus was siting right in front of it. "Um, I'm not crossing that."

"You can't die down here Isabel, as long as you have my powers there's nothing to be afraid of."

"Nothing to be afraid of? I don't even know where here is!"

He ran a hand down his face mumbling something under his breathe. He gave a loud whistle. I watched as Cerberus came rushing towards us. Oh god I know for sure he's going to break that bridge and die! "Cerberus no!" I cried out. To my shock though he jumped right over it. He cleared ten feet of bridge like it was nothing, I'm impressed. "Wow." He skidded to a halt in front of me, dragging a huge tongue up my face. "Eeww."

"I guess he still likes you, that's good now he'll let you ride him." Thanatos commented casually. Like he didn't just say I'd be riding a three-headed dog.

"Come again?"

He ignored me as he walked up to Cerberus. "Isabel here is afraid of the bridge, so I want you to be a good boy and take her across. Otherwise we'll be here all night and I don't have time for that." He spoke to him while smirking at me. What an asshole.

Cerberus turned around crouching down low in front of me. I weighed my options. Barely standing bridge or huge dog? Hmm. I looked at the bridge once more, just in time to see a piece of the wood fall off and into the river. Huge dog it is!

I jumped onto Cerberus back trying to find something to hold onto. One of his ears maybe? As I was rubbing around for something Thanatos got on as well. "Here." He handed me a rope. He tossed the other end making it wrap around the middle dog head. At least one of us came prepared. "Ok Cerberus lets go."

Cerberus let out a howl as he stood up, before taking off towards the bridge. I screamed gripping the rope with all my might. This was both scary and fun at the same time. Like going through a haunted house. When he got to the bridge and I knew the jump was coming, I closed my eyes tightly. "You can open them now." I peeked one open to see we were stopped at the gate. Thank god I survived. I slid off Cerberus, dusting away invisible dust once my feet hit the ground. "Ok now you have to open the gate."

"I do? How?" I flexed my fingers facing the gate.

"With this." I faced Thanatos once again to see him holding his scythe out to me. Oh my.

"I'm not touching that thing." It could be cursed or something.

He let out anther sigh. "I'm not about to argue with you Isabel, take it now." He thrust the thing in my face.

"Ok ok." I hesitantly grabbed it. I flinched expecting the worse, when nothing happened I started to relax. "Well this isn't so bad." I mumbled, giving it a little twirl. Actually this isn't bad at all, maybe I should invest in one of these. I wonder if they have one in purple. I sliced it through the air, surprised at how light it was.

"Just let me know when you're done playing around." I looked over at him, watching as he impatiently crossed his arms.

I grinned at him. "Ok I'm ready, what do I do now?"

He cleared his throat. "Repeat after me. Άνοιξε."

I nodded as I held my arm up with the scythe. "Άνοιξε!" I shouted into the air. There was a creaking sound as the gates slowly opened. "What did I say?" I asked.

"All you said was open, didn't need to shout it either." He rolled his eyes.

"Really that's it? Open? Thought it was something a lot cooler." I sighed.

"Just shut up and let's go."

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