The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 35

GAL GADOT as her Sister

The second guy was easy to work with, he reminded me of a sloth. He didn’t talk nor try to attack me, I wonder what he was in for. When we got to the third guy Thanatos was hesitant to let me go in for some reason.

“I thought you wanted me to face my fears? Why don’t you want me to do this one?” I asked him.

“This one isn’t like the rest, more human than monster. Plus, they were friends with your father.” He watched me as if waiting for a reaction.

“Friends with my father?” My parents had friends? They must be fun to be around when they’re not plotting how to kill their daughter.

“Sort of, just let me handle this one.” I shrugged as I followed him to the next room. Unlike the other rooms, when he opened this one there was nothing but brightness.

“Why are there lights on in here?” It took my eyes a few seconds to adjust.

“Because I love the dark.” I was shocked to hear a female voice answer. I looked to the center of the room. There was a chair in the middle of the cage. Chained to it was a female dressed in nothing but black leather with her head down. When Thanatos stepped closer to the bars she lifted her head. I gasped at how beautiful she was. Her hair was cut short and her face was flawless, not an ounce of makeup on it either. “YOU!” She suddenly screamed at me. She yanked on her chains trying to get up from the chair.

“Me?” Did I know this woman? I’ve never seen her before in my life. Maybe she has me mistaken for someone else?

Her response was a low growl. There was nothing but pure hatred in her eyes. How can she hate me when she doesn’t even know me?

“You know her?” Thanatos asked her. He was just as confused as I was. She had a sense of familiarity about her, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why. I could feel my body starting to heat up, the phoenix was waking up.

"Sister.” I heard that same whisper like voice again.

“What?” I spoke out loud.

"Sister.” It was then that it all clicked. The voice was whispering sister. I looked towards the girl again. Seeing the resemblance, I froze in shock.

“Isabel?” Thanatos laid a hand on my shoulder.

I took a shaky breath looking up at him. “She’s my sister.”

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