The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 40

"You might want to sit down for this." I did as he suggested, taking a sit on the edge of the bed.

"What is it?" Whatever it is, I know I'm not going to like it.

He sighed heavily, taking a seat next to me. "Best to just rip the band aid right off. Xavier isn't my son." I sat there staring at him. His words not fully processing. "Did you hear me Isabel?"

I jumped from the bed. "What do you mean? What are you saying!? This isn't funny!"

"I wish it were a joke Isabel, but its not."

"How is that even possible? You said he couldn't have kids!" Out of frustration I kicked the edge of the bed. Why is this happening again? Will I ever know who his father? I should setup a DNA test.

"Let me explain, what I said was true. Hades can't have kids, unless its with you. We're not sure why but you're the only one strong enough to bear his children, not even lilth can."

"Don't you see the problem here? I told Xavier you were his father! You made me believe you were his father! You all did." I yelled in his face.

He snarled at me. "Don't you understand? It was for his own good! If your parents knew he belonged to Lucifer he'd be a main target. We did it to protect him."

"Why couldn't you have told me the truth!" Even if his explanation made sense I still didn't understand why they couldn't tell me.

He shook his head at me. "You wouldn't be able to keep that information to yourself."

"You didn't trust me not to tell anyone?" I stared at him in shock. He thinks I'd put my child in danger?

"I didn't trust you not to tell Hades." He clarified.

"Hades doesn't know? You kept it from both of us?" Now my dream made sense. The memory was trying to tell me something and now I know what. Xavier belonged to Hades.

"It was the only way to guarantee his safety. We couldn't let him know the sperm he injected into you was his, he had to believe otherwise. When you left with him, Erebus and I decided when we found you we would tell a lie." They decided to lie to me?

"Sydney was in on this too?" Did my own best friend turn against me?

"No, she also believes Xavier is my son." Well that's one good thing.

I sat back on the bed as the weight of the situation hit me. I would have to tell Xavier Thanatos is not his father. Not to mention he hasn't warmed up to Hades, they've never hung out together. They have no sort of bond. How was I supposed to fix that?

"I'm sorry Isabel."

I looked up at him as he spoke. "Would you have told me if I didn't sleep with Hades?" He looked away, giving me my answer. I felt anger like never before consume me.

He lied to us A voice whispered form inside me. He needs to be taught a lesson She went on. I agree, he does need to be taught a lesson. I felt a smile form across my face, Thanatos looked confused.

"Isabel, whatever is happening to you right now to cause that creepy ass smile, I suggest you calm down."

He makes fun of us, like we're a joke She was right, he wasn't taking us seriously, but he will. A scream of rage tore through me as I shot my arms out towards him. Big orange yellow flames flew out towards him. His eyes widened as he quickly jumped out the way.

"What the hell is wrong with you Isabel? Try that stunt again and I'll forget you're a girl." He growled.

He dares to threaten us! She screams inside of my head. I could feel a headache starting to form. I could also feel her trying to take over, that can't happen again. "It's not me! Its her." I screamed out to Thanatos. My body was burning up, I could feel myself getting weak from the heat. "Don't fight me." She was now whispering soothingly. "I will help take your pain away."

"Isabel," Thanatos spoke from across the room. I could barely see him now as my eyes were starting to get heavy. "Don't let her take over, you need to let go of your anger."

"I can't!" As much as I didn't want her to take over I was still so angry. Angry at the lies. He lied to me, he would've made me believe Xavier was his. My hands felt like they were on fire, I looked down to see them engulfed in flames. She was getting stronger. Dimly I heard the bedroom door open. Someone must've heard my screams.

"What's going on?" It was Hades. Hades, they lied to him to. He doesn't know.

"She's clearly off her meds and officially your problem now." I heard a door slam.

"Isabel." Hades whispered. I could hear him walking closer, but I couldn't see him.

"Stay away! I can't control her." I pleaded with him.

"You can Isabel. You're stronger than her. You are in control." He was still walking to me. He wasn't going to stop, I needed to calm down before I hurt him. You're not mad at him Isabel, release the anger. I tried concentrating on his footsteps. I expected the Phoenix to speak again but she was quiet. I concentrated on nothing but his footsteps squeezing my eyes shut. Slowly the heat was getting more tolerable. I can do this. I can do this. "Isabel." His voice was much closer than before.

"Don't come any closer!" The heat I felt around me was still at a dangerous temperature. My words went on deaf ears as I felt arms incircle around me. "No! you're going to burn." I tried to pull away from him, but he held me tight.

"Open your eyes Isabel, I'm fine. You're doing it, you're in control." He whispered in my ear. Slowly I opened one eye, then the other. The flames were still around me, but they weren't burning him. I looked over at him, that's when I felt my energy leave and I passed out in his arms.

I groaned, why was I so cold? Why was my bed so hard? I made a move to sit up, only to be yanked back down. What? My eyes popped open to see nothing but pitch black. Where was I? I pulled my arms again. Chains, there are chains on my arms. I used my hands to feel around on the ground, concrete. This cant be good. What was going on? The last thing I remembered was passing out in Hades arms. "Hello! Hades!" I yelled into the darkness. I squinted my eyes as a door opened letting in bright light. There was a figure standing in the doorway.

"Finally, you're awake."
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