The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 41


“What the hell happened in there?” I whispered/yelled at Thanatos in the hallway. I left Isabel after she passed out to get her some water for when she woke up. Only to bump into Thanatos outside the door.

He glared angrily at me. “What happened is you couldn’t keep your hands to yourself.”

I was confused for a minute, until I remembered Isabel saying she was going to tell him what happened. “What did you say to her?” I narrowed my eyes at him. What could he have said to set her off like that?

He smirked. “I just told her the truth.”

“What truth?” What was he lying about? Usually Isabel could control her emotions. Something really upset her.

He shrugged. “Maybe she’ll tell you when she wakes up.”

I growled. “I don’t have time for your games brother, the amount of power she was giving off will have consequences.”

“Where is she!?” We both turned to see Draco running down the hall. He looked worried, instantly making me worry.

“She’s in the room, what is going on?” I’ve been around Draco long enough to know something bad is either going to happen or about to happen.

He shook his head. “I have to see her.” He made a move to go in the room, but I blocked him.

“Tell me what’s going on first.” I demanded.

He glared at me. “She used too much power, they can find her.”

“They who? You don’t mean her parents, do you? They’ll never find her in Olympus.” Thanatos scoffed. I had to agree with him, Draco was just being paranoid like always.

Draco was about to respond when he suddenly went still. “I can’t feel her, move!” He pushed roughly pass me busting in the room. I followed him. I froze as I saw the bed she was once in empty. “No!” he yelled.

“There’s a note.” Thanatos walked over to the bed, picking up a piece of paper. They took her? How? We were right outside the door. I should’ve stayed with her.

“This has to be a joke.” I snatched the note from Thanatos looking it over.


“This doesn’t make any sense.” Draco growled as he read the note over my shoulder. “Free who? Why can’t I feel her!” He reached out punching a hole into the wall.

I could understand his anger, but I needed to stay calm. Lashing out wasn’t going to bring her back. I needed to raise my army. “I’ll be back.” I made a move to walk out the door,but Draco slammed a hand into my chest. I fell back a few steps in shock.

“You’re going to just leave when your lover has been stolen!? When did you turn into such a coward?” He growled.

I felt my eyes flash red. “Coward? I’m preparing for battle. I suggest you start choosing your words carefully when addressing my concern for Isabel.” He may be here to protect Isabel, but he needs to stay in his place. I would never sit by and let someone take her from me.

He nodded in respect. “It’s time I raise the Phoenix army as well.” My eyes widened. Usually I would disagree of ever rising that army again, but I wasn’t sure what we were up against anymore. They took her from right under our nose without us noticing. Maybe Draco knew the army was needed. Even he wasn’t crazy enough to raise them for no reason.

“Just make sure they know we’re on their side,” I looked back at Thanatos. “Especially him.” One nod and Draco was gone. “I suggest you prepare yourself, I’m not stopping until I have her back.”

“I expect nothing less.”

I left the room heading to the door that would lead me to the u. They’re going to wish they never took her. This will be the last time I let them get away. No more coming back.

As I made my way down the steps one thing about the note was still bothering me. Who was freed? And how?

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