The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 42


The female voice sounded oddly familiar, but I couldn’t place it. “Who are you?”

She stepped more into the room, flicking on a light. I gasped, “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten me again little sister?”

How was she out of Tartarus? This can’t be happening right now. I felt fear grip me as she started walking closer. What was she planning to do with me? Why did she kidnap me? How did she kidnap me? I was confused when she walked passed me. I looked over seeing a figure huddled in the corner that I didn’t notice before. She pulled back her leg, kicking them hard in the side. The figure jolted awake, my heart stopped.

“Jeremy?” He looked terrible. His hair was matted to his head with blood and dirt, and his clothes were torn and bloody. Is that his blood? What have they been doing to him?

His eyes shot in my direction, widening in horror. “Isabel? What are you doing here?” His voice sounded scratchy and weak, not like its normal deep timber.

“She’s here to party, just like you.” She laughed. What was up with her and laughing in bad situations? There’s no way I’m related to this bag of crazy.

“Let her go!” He demanded, but even I could tell it was a futile attempt. There’s nothing he could possibly do in his state.

“What if I don’t?” She challenged him, placing a hand on her perfectly curved hip. Jeremy couldn’t hide the flash of lust in his eyes as he watched her. I had to admit she was gorgeous. Even in a situation like this you couldn’t help but to be bewitched by her beauty.

“Why are you doing this? Whatever I did to you was an accident! You have to know that.” I pleaded with her.

Her eyes slowly slid over to me. For a second I saw regret in her eyes, then the next she was glaring at me. “It was a mistake, just like you being born!” She glared at me one last time, before storming out the door.

I tried to get closer to Jeremy, but the chains restrained me. “How did you get here? Are you hurt?” I asked trying to examine him from here.

He sat up groaning slightly. “I have no idea how I got here, I was looking for you.” He explained.

“Why?” I didn’t bother to acknowledge that he ignored my second question. It was obvious he was in pain.

“Heaven got word that you birthed Hades baby, also known as the Antichrist. They sent warriors to find and eliminate him.” He told me sadly.

I stared at him in shock. “Heaven wants to kill my baby? He hasn’t done anything!”

“It doesn’t matter Isabel! He’s the Antichrist. Maybe he hasn’t done anything yet, but he will. His prophecy to end the world has been around for centuries.”

“You don’t know him like I do! Xavier wouldn’t hurt a fly.” Xavier to end the world? I don’t believe it.

“I tried to find you and protect you before it was too late, before you became attached to him. Why didn’t you tell me Isabel!? Why didn’t you tell me you had a son!?” He yelled.

“If you or anyone else try to hurt one hair on his head you’ll regret it.” I growl at him.

He sighs. “I can’t stop the warriors from hurting him, but I promise it was never my intention to harm him. I only wanted to protect you.”

“The only way to protect me is by protecting him.” After that we were both quiet. There was nothing else I wanted to say to him. Now I know to never let him meet Xavier.

It felt like hours of us sitting there. My sister didn’t come back, and no one came in to torture us. What were they waiting for? What did they have planned for me?

I popped awake as a door slammed shut. Did I really fall asleep? A guy I’ve never seen before walked over to me holding hand cuffs. “See these?” He shook them in the air. “This is so you don’t go human torch on me.” He grinned. He reached for some keys hooked to his pants, bending down to unlock my chains, quickly slapping the handcuffs on. “Boss wants to see you now, so you and I are going on a little trip.” He grabbed me by my arm hoisting me up. Jeremy didn’t say anything as he walked me to the door. He leads me down a long hallway. I couldn’t help but notice that the only door in the hallway was the one we came out of.

“This place could use some redecorating.” I smirked at him, he ignored me. He walked me down a flight of stairs leading to another hallway. This one had more than one door. We walked to the middle door where he stopped, knocking twice.

There was no answer, but the door opened. He pushed it open more walking us in. I gasped at the woman sitting behind the desk. It was my mother. To the left of her sat a large beefy man, who I can assume was my father. I cringed into the guy slightly when I made eye contact with him. His eyes were pitch black, and his face was full of scars. He looked like something straight out of a nightmare. To the right of her was my sister, smiling at me. “Here’s your daughter.” The guy shoved me into a chair across from them. It was safe to say that I was terrified. I was surrounded by people that wanted to kill me, with no way to defend myself.

My father looked directly at me, twisting his lips into a cruel smile. “I’ve waited so long for this moment.”


“How are we going to find her if I can’t feel her?” Draco was still in distress. He had risen his army, but they will only reveal themselves when he calls them. That’s for the best, they were hideous creatures to look at.

“I can try.” Isabel and I have always had this deep connection. Deeper than hers with Draco, almost like our souls were entwined with one another. If I concentrate hard enough, I could hear her heartbeat. “I need everyone to be quiet while I focus.” I focused, thinking about all the moments we shared together. All our happy memories, even the sad ones, like when we lost our first child. The first time we got married, our first prom together, and our first breakup. Then, like a small sound lost in the wind, I heard it. Her heartbeat, and it was beating fast. She was scared. “I got it, let’s go. Gather together I will teleport us there.” I will teleport Draco, Thanatos, Erebus, Sydney, and Eris, the rest I’ll send a portal. When everyone found out Isabel was missing it erupted in chaos. Everyone wanted to rescue her, but the most surprising was Eris. Although I’m starting to think it’s just because she wants to fight. We all gathered close as I once again concentrated on the heartbeat, trying to get an exact location. “Got it.” I felt my power flow through me as we started teleporting.

“Where’s my mom!” Our eyes widened in horror as Xavier popped out of nowhere, too close to our circle. I couldn’t stop the teleportation as he reached for Thanatos.

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