The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 7

"What colors did you pick for the bridesmaids to wear?" I asked Sydney as we made our way to Aphrodite's house.

"I picked purple, in remembrance of you." I felt my heart squeeze. I had the best, best friend ever.

I sighed. "I'm sorry again for leaving you, I just panicked." Without the guys around, I can really tell Sydney how I felt that day. "I've never seen Hades behave like that, if I didn't have my shield around me he possibly would have killed us. You should have seen him."

"It's ok Isabel I understand, If I were in your shoes I would've done the same thing." She smiled at me.

"Where's Jeremy? Did you invite him to the wedding?" I was ashamed to admit that I had completely forgotten about him. I was a horrible friend.

We stopped at Aphrodite's steps and she turned to face me. "When you left he was called back to heaven, I haven't seen him since. I guess everyone assumed you were dead, so they assigned him to someone else."

"That would make sense." I was going to miss him.

I knocked on Aphrodite's door, we waited patiently until she opened it. "Took you guys long enough! We only have two hours to get ready." She grabbed us both by the arm, pulling us in.

I gasped at the mess that was her house. There was fabric and dresses everywhere. "What happened to this place?"

"This would be the results of Aphrodite trying to make the best wedding dress." Hera glided gracefully through the mess towards us.

I took another look around and spotted a beautiful wedding dress hanging up. "Oh, Sydney it's gorgeous!" She looked in the same direction as me and gasped.

"I don't care what anyone says about you Aphrodite! I love you." She ran her hands over the fabric.

"Wait, what does people say about me?" She asked incredulously. Sydney ignored her, too distracted by the dress. It was a white dress with a lace spaghetti strap top, the bottom part was layered. I was in love with it.

"Ok girls, we need to get you two ready. Isabel dear your dress is over there." I looked to where she was pointing, spotting a purple dress. It wasn't as extravagant as Sydney's dress, but it was still gorgeous. It was a deep long purple dress with a split at the end. I didn't know the gods even owned different colored fabric, they've been holding out on me.

I grabbed it making my way to the bathroom. I wish I had the power to snap my finger and be changed. But sadly that wasn't gifted to me.

Once I had the dress on, I took a seat on the couch as I waited for Sydney to get dressed. Hera and Aphrodite were dressed when we arrived.

"You'll be walking down the aisle with Thanatos." My eyes snapped to Hera as she announced this. Why him? I didn't even know he was going to be in the wedding. Makes sense though since he and Erebus are friends.

I didn't know how I felt about Thanatos. Sure we had some fun the other day, but we weren't together. I don't even think he dates. "Ok, does he know?" He seemed like the type that would prefer to walk by himself.

"Yes, I had Hercules inform him." Just then the bathroom door opened as Sydney stepped out. My eyes winded at the sight of her. She looked beautiful.

I gave a loud wolf whistle. "Erebus is one lucky guy, if he ever messes up though you know where to find me." I winked at her.

"Sorry honey, I don't swing that way." She flipped her hair. We both burst out laughing. Hera smiled as she watched our interaction.

Aphrodite glanced at her watch. "Oh shoot, come on Isabel we have to go."

"It's time already?" It didn't seem like we were here for three hours. I got up as she started making her way towards the door. "See ya at the wedding!"

I followed Aphrodite to the main hall where the wedding was being held. "Ok you go through that door over there, Thanatos will be waiting for you." She instructed.

"Where are you going?"

"To sit with the other guests silly." She rolled her eyes, walking in the opposite direction. I sighed as I made my way to the door. I stopped as I heard voices on the other side.

"You got you a winner boy, don't mess this up. She's stronger than she looks, she can take care of herself." I frowned hearing Zeus, who was he talking to?

"I know she can." He's talking to Thanatos? About who? I heard crunching behind me and quickly twisted the knob, not wanting anyone to see me eavesdropping.

When I walked in Thanatos was leaning against a dresser, while Zeus sat in a chair. He was wearing an all-black tuxedo with a purple flower on the pocket. He looked mouthwatering. How could someone so crazy, make something as simple as wearing a tuxedo look so good? They both looked up when I walked in. I quickly picked my jaw up off the ground.

"Ahh Isabel, it's been so long since I last seen your face these days." Zeus said, I rolled my eyes. He says that every time I see him.

I walked over embracing him in a hug. He was like the dad I never had. Or wish my dad was like. "Where is Thor and Erebus?"

"Thor is with the other guests and Erebus is at the alter of course." I nodded. Thanatos hasn't said a word since I came in. "Well I'm going to head out, remember you guys come out on the second verse." He went out the door I came through. There was another door on the opposite side of the room. I assume it leads to inside the hall.

"You know eavesdropping is very rude my sweet Isabel." I stiffened as I felt Thanatos come up behind me. When did he move? He placed his hands on my hip, resting his chin on my shoulder. "You look very...edible." I shivered as he ran his tongue up my neck. Did he just taste me?

"I wasn't eavesdropping!" I blurted out, I couldn't focus with him being this close. He let out a deep laugh, taking a step back. Finally, I can think again.

"I sensed you as soon as you arrived." Oh crap, busted. I turned around to see him occupying the chair Zeus had been sitting in. How does he move so silent and fast?

"I was tying my shoe." Why am I so stupid? Tying my shoe? Really? I'm wearing sandals for Christ sake.

He raised an eyebrow at me. His eyes traveled down my body until they rested on my feet. "Nice sneakers you got there." He chuckled. I felt my face heat up. Why haven't we been summoned yet?

I shrugged. "I took my shoes off because I was tired of tying them and put these on instead." Why am I still talking?

He rolled his eyes. "You're the worst liar ever."

"Sorry I'm not a professional like you." I glared.

Suddenly his face got serious. "Why did you leave?" I frowned.


"Why did you disappear that day?" He wanted to talk about this now? I thought that was the first thing he was going to ask when he arrived. I knew this conversation was inevitable.

I opened my mouth to tell him, just as the course ended. Announcing the second verse was about to start. He sighed as he got up from the chair. He stood next to me, holding his arm out, I stared. "Grab my arm you imbecile." He's such a gentleman. I wrapped my arms around his. Tiny sparks of pleasure went through me, I could feel the heat from under his tuxedo.

I took a deep breath as he leads me out the door. We entered the main hall just as the second verse started playing.

Time stands still, beauty in all she is

I will be brave, I will not let anything take away

What's standing in front of me

I felt a heated stare on me. I looked over to see Thanatos staring intently at me, as he led me down the aisle. I felt my heart rate pick p from the look in his eyes. Why was he looking at me like that? And why can't I look away?

Every breath every hour has come to this

One step closer

I have died every day waiting for you

Darling don't be afraid I have loved you, for a thousand years

I love you for a thousand more

I gulped at the intensity in his eyes. He was staring at me as if he was seeing me for the first time. There was another emotion there too, one I couldn't quite place. He finally broke eye contact, I realized we were at the end of the aisle. I walked to the right to stand with the other bridesmaids, as he went to the left. I felt shaken up and I don't know why. Why was he staring at me like that? Did I have something on my face? I looked over to where he was standing, my eyes widened. His eyes were red flames.

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