The Phoenix Fate

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Chapter 9

I cocked my head to the side, studying the dark looming building. Was that a ghost? The house was old and cracked around the edges. Didn't look stable at all.

I followed him as he made his way up the steps. They creaked under my weight. I feared they'd collapse and I'd fall right through to god knows where.

"Nice place you got here." I commented. He looked back at me flashing his teeth. Not a smile, just showing his teeth. That wasn't creepy or suspicious at all. I was shocked to see that the door was still on it's hinges as he pushed it open. I stood in the middle of what I'm guessing is the foyer. "Love what you've done with the place. Is that a tarantula hanging from the ceiling? Lovely indeed." I cringed as the spider started making its way down. As if it understood what I just said. I hesitantly took a large step to the side.

"That there is Loretta, careful, she's very territorial." He snickered. Territorial over what? Thanatos? I shuddered.

I glanced over just in time to see a woman dressed in white glide pass. "Don't look now but I'm one hundred percent sure I just saw a ghost." Thanatos turned to see what I was looking at.

"Sally, is that you?" He grinned staring at nothing. I heard a girlish giggle answer him in the quietness.

I watched as the transparent figure slowly started clearing up. It was indeed a woman in a white gown. The creepy part though was the excessive amount of blood covering the front of it, right where her heart is located. "Thanatos, is that you?" She asked in a ghost like whisper.

"In the flesh baby." He leaned against the stair rails smirking. Once again, the ghost giggled. I watched as she floated over to him, stopping just a foot away.

"Where have you been?" She asked. What did he say her name was again?

He shrugged, "The usual Sally, just taking care of business." Oh right Sally. I cleared my throat causing 'Sally' to look over at me.

Her eyes flashed with pure rage before settling back calm. Uh ok did I just imagine that? Clearly Casper the friendly ghost didn't like the attention being off her. "Who are you?"

I sat up straighter, plastering a fake smile on my face. Time to have a little bit of fun. "I'm Isabel, Thanatos girlfriend and mother of his child." Thanatos raised an eyebrow at me as I said this.

She let out a loud shriek. "You're lying!" Her image started flickering in and out. Looks like somebody is malfunctioning. I laughed quietly to myself.

"I'm afraid not, in fact we plan to wed soon." I walked over to Thanatos, throwing my arm around his waist. He looked down at me, amusement clear in his eyes. Sally sputtered starting to flicker more, until she completely disappeared.

"Since when are you my girlfriend?" He taunted after she left.

I rolled my eyes. "Since never, don't get your hopes up buddy I was just entertaining myself." I hope Sally was long gone and wasn't listening in on our conversation. "Why are we here anyways?" I looked around the house again. This place was a dump, I wonder if it always looked like this.

Thanatos glared at me as if he knew what I was thinking. "I needed a private place to talk to you."

"Why? About what?" I'm debating if I wanted to take a seat on the dusty old stairs or not. With my luck they would probably fall apart, and I'd end up in the basement.

"First, you need to stay away from Noeros."

"No problem there." I just met the guy today, I wasn't expecting to see more of him. Suddenly he started to look uncomfortable. Which was weird, I've never seen him look that way. "What's the other thing?"

He sighed heavily, "Your parents are looking for you." My eyes widened at his words.

"I thought after three years they'd be over trying to kill me."

"Not those parents, your adopted ones." What? They were looking for me? Since when do they care?

"Why?" I knew it was a dumb question. They must think I was kidnapped to be missing for three years.

"I don't know but with all the publicity they've been doing it won't be long till your real parents find you, you have to return to them." I would've laughed at him if it weren't for the serious look on his face.

"You can't be serious! I can't go back there. For Christ sake I have a kid, what would they think?" There was no way I was returning to that house. Why should I? They never cared for me when I was there anyways. Of course they didn't cause I'm not their real daughter, I thought bitterly.

"Xavier can stay with me while you go and clear things up with them. Say you were on a trip or something." I frowned at his words.

"I'm not leaving my son with you."

His eyes flashed, and he let out a threatening growl. Three years ago that would have frightened me, but now I didn't care. "He's my son too! Something you need to start realizing."

"I don't need to realize anything! He's not staying with you and I'm not going to my parent's house. That's final, if my killers find me oh well." I crossed my arms over my chest glaring daggers at him. I doubt they would find me here anyways.

"Just because you live with gods don't make you one! You're not invisible Isabel! When your parents find you, you won't stand a chance against them! You never have." He yelled in my face. The lack of confidence he had in me hurt, but I wouldn't show him that. Not bothering to say anything I turned on my heels heading for the door. I don't have to stick around and let him insult me.

I had just wrapped my hand around the doorknob when I was forcefully pushed against the door. The house shook, and I was afraid it would collapse on us. He held my arms trapped above my head. "Don't walk away from me." His voice was cold, void of any emotion.

"Let me go." He cocked his head to the side, a smirk forming before shaking his head no. Fine if this is how he wants to play. I brought my knee up between us before kicking out my foot, causing him to fly several feet away from me. He smacked the wall, landing on the floor in a heap. For a second, I felt fear go though me as he stood up, eyes blazing red. If it's a fight he wants, then it's a fight he'll get.

He started making his way towards me, nothing but fury covering his features. I did the first thing I could think of, I formed a shield around myself. I expected it to stop him like it did with Hades, but to my shock he walked right through it. I didn't have time to show my surprise before he pushed me back. I once again slammed into the door, letting out a low moan as my head smacked against it. I slide down the door winching, that's going to leave a bruise. I turned until I was on my stomach intending to push myself up. Only to be snatched off the ground by my collar. He slammed me against the door once again and held me there. I felt myself starting to get angry. My body started heating up, I placed my hand against his chest, getting ready to push him away from me. He grabbed hold of my wrist. "Don't even think about it." He growled lowly.

"Let me go!" The longer he held me the angrier I got. I brought my other hand up and smacked him across the face. His head snapped to the side from the force. When he turned back to face me his eyes were pure black. I gasped, I've only seen his eyes turn that color once before. I needed to get away from him. I quickly teleported myself across the room. "Thanatos," I called out to him as he was still facing the door. The anger had left my body the moment I saw his eyes. I couldn't protect myself against him, for some reason my powers didn't hurt him. My best option was to get him to calm down, and fast. "I'm sorry."

I could see his body slightly relax. Finally, he turned around to face me. "Come here." In a second I was in front of him. He wrapped his arms tightly around my body, pulling me close. "Did I hurt you?" His words were muffled since he had his face in my neck. Placing soft kisses on my mark.

"I'm fine."

"Well wasn't that entertaining to watch." I heard a voice call out behind us. I turned around in Thanatos arms, shocked to see him standing there.


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