Without You (Book 1)

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Chapter 17: Parental Figure

He takes a deep breath. “I love you, Dawn.”

I stare at him, wide eyed.

He steps back and nervously rubs the back of his neck. “Dawn?”

A big smile crosses my face. “I love you too, Jackson.”

He laughs awkwardly. “God I thought I scared you away.”

I grab him and pull him in for a kiss, smiling against his lips. “Of course not idiot, you could never do that.”

He smiles at me with genuine happiness in his eyes, causing me to gleam back at him.

“I want you to come over to my house after school, meet my mom if she’s home.” He says.

“Of course. Why not now though?” I ask

“We’re skipping school, you really want to meet her now?” He laughs.

“Righttt” i say

“Have people still been bullying you?” He asks

I shake my head, “I haven’t checked the site, but no one has texted me and I haven’t heard from Tia so that’s good.”

“Good, stay away from it. You’re better than all of it.” He pulls me into a hug, resting his head on mine.

God what did I do to deserve such a perfect guy?


The school day went by pretty quickly so we were finally able to go to Jackson’s house.

We step inside to be greeted by an empty house.

“Mom?” Jackson calls out.

no one answers.

He sighs. “Sorry she’s probably at work.”

“It’s okay” I smile up at him as he leads me into his room and closes the door behind us before sitting down on his bed.

I stand by the door awkwardly, Not really use to being in a guys room alone with him but it is just Jackson what am I scared of?

“My bed doesn’t bite” He says.

“Sorry, just not use to this.” I smile, sitting down beside him.

“Use to what? and wanna watch a movie?” He asks

“Being in a guys room, let alone with the door closed.” I admit, blushing slightly. “Also yeah, you pick it.”

He gets up and puts a movie on before sitting back down beside me, a thoughtful look on his face.

“What?” I ask.

“You’ve never been alone with a guy in his room before?” He looks at me with a look I can’t place.

“No” I admit.

“Are” He pauses. “Are you a virgin?”

I quickly look away, suddenly embarrased. “Yeah”

“Oh” was all he said

“Oh?” I look at him

“Yeah.” he looks at the tv screen

“It’s not a bad thing you know” I raise my voice, frustrated by how he’s acting.

“I never said it was, It’s just different then what I’m use to, and it also explains a lot” He says nonchalantly.

“Explains what?” I ask

“Why you never let it go further then kissing.”

“Oh” I look away again. “Should I go?”

“What? No” He grabs my hand. “It just is something I’ll have to get use to.”

“Right, because you use to fuck everyone.” I sigh, visibly annoyed.

“Why are you being like this?” he asks

“How long will you stay with me if I won’t give you what you want?” I shout.


“No actually, don’t wanna hear it. I’m going home.” I state before storming out of his room, bumpping into a lady.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” I say.

“Dawn-- oh mom you’re home.” Jackson looks at me. “Not how I wanted this to go, but mom, this is my girlfriend, Dawn.”

“I told you to stop bringing your whores here.” His mom glares at me.

I lower my head. “I’ll just leave.” And with that I walk away, as soon as I’m outside I start running while tears fall down my face.

Why does everyone think so lowly of me? It’s not fair. I’m tired of all the judgement and the horrible things they call me. I’m done.


Jackson’s pov

“why the fuck would you say that to her?” I yell at my mother, more pissed of then I usually get.

“I told you to stop bringing your fuck toys here” She yells back.

“It’s not like that with her, she’s a fucking virgin and I love her okay?” I shout, causing her to go wide eyed.

“Did you just...” she asks

“Yes mom, I think I love her.” I admit, calming down.

“I’m so soory, I thought.” She looks down, ashamed of her behaviour.

“Apologize to her, if you ever get a chance, People at school are bullying her, her best friend bullied her, she’s going through hell and look what you did.” I yell, frustrated again.

“Oh god. ” She starts crying. “It’s like with your sister, Isn’t it?” She asks

“Sort of, I don’t think Dawn hurts herself though.” I admit. Pulling my mom into a hug.

she hugs me back tightly. ” I keep fucking up Jax” She cries.

I rub her back, trying to comfort her. “It’s okay mom, you didn’t mean it.”

" I did the same with your sister and look at her now.” She sobs.

I hug her tightly, not knowing how to respond.

After a minute she pulls away. “Bring her here tomorrow? I’ll take the day off, and you can skip school, I wont be mad, I just want to apologize to her.”

I nod.

She smiles before heading into her room.

I hope Dawn’s okay. I don’t want her to turn out like my sister....Her depression got to the point she tried to kill herself every chance she got and now she’s living in a psychiatric center, I wish she could come home but we don’t want to risk losing her.

I don’t wanna risk losing Dawn either, I need to be better for her, I need to help her and reasure her more, I can’t let her get bad like my sister did.

I pull out my phone, sending Dawn a text.

“I’m sorry about my mom, Come here instead of school, she wants to properly meet you, she didn’t mean what she said...-JJ”

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