Without You (Book 1)

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Chapter 2: Best Friends

After a long week of boring school lectures and lessons it’s finally Friday.

“So there’s this boy, his name is Zac and he is so cute” Tia explains

“What happened to Kyle?” I ask

“Oh he is so yesterdays news, you gotta keep up girl. it wouldn’t help to hang out with me at school” She pushes my shoulder, playfully. before continuing walking down the street.

“You know I don’t like being around a lot of people, Tia” i sigh

“Yeah but I’m your best friend you could at least try” She sticks her bottom lip out, making a pouty face.

“Fine, Monday I’ll hang out with you at school” I sigh again. Great i get to hangout with a bunch of popular prissy girls.

she squeals with excitement, a huge grin forming on her face “I get to choose your outfit, I can’t have you looking too fat or wearing rags, also I get to do your make up”

“sounds so fun” I fake a smile before hugging her and walking into my house.

“Oh Dawn you’re home, good i was just about to make dinner, your siblings are already here and Gracie has been asking for you non stop” my mother smiles before going into the kitchen to prepare food.

i run up to my room knowing my little sister will be there waiting for me.

“Dawn you’re home” she squeals and runs and jumps into my arms.

I hold her tightly before putting her down. “I missed you too Gracie.”

For the next hour me and Gracie play dolls, dress up and had dinner. Seeing her laugh and all happy is the best part of every day. When my mum told me I was gonna be a big sister again, I was so mad. I didn’t want another sibling but as soon as I met Gracie everything changed. I’m glad I’m not the only girl anymore and I’m glad that my little sister turned out to be as amazing as she is, I can’t imagine my life without her.

“Alright Gracie, I have to do homework now.” I tell her.

“But I wanna play” she pouts

“You’ve gotten so good at pouting but I need to do my homework”

She gives me a sad look before leaving my room. I hate telling her no but sometimes I just have too.

As I’m doing my homework I keep thinking about Jackson, I gave him my number but he hasn’t texted me.

I don’t know why it surprises me, I’m not that pretty or skinny and there’s a lot of girls out there who look way better then me. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I thought there was a connection? But as always it was just in my head.

Why can’t I get his perfect crooked smile out of my mind? Like I just met the damn guy I need to stop obsessing over him.

But how can you not obsess over a guy that looks like him?

I stand up and walk over to my mirror examining myself. My long chestnut brown hair hangs loosely over my shoulders, My eyes are a bluish green that compliment my pale skin. I guess the only part I like about me are my eyes.

Maybe I should cut my hair? Would that make me more attractive? Or lose weight but my mom says I’m too skinny already. Do I believe her over other people? Like I’m only 100 pounds but I don’t know.

Who am I kidding? I’ll never be pretty and skinny like Tia.

Looking at my reflection is really disappointing, to me at least. How can I expect someone else to like me when I don’t even like myself?

Jackson hasn’t messaged me all weekend. Like I said I knew I wasn’t good enough for a guy like him. I’m not as pretty or skinny as the other girls.

I don’t know why I thought this might be different....But maybe he’s busy?

Eh. Who needs a guy anyways, I’m perfectly happy single.....I think and I did say I was gonna keep my distance.

“Dawn, Tia is here” my mum calls out.


“Send her up, I’m not ready to get out of bed.” I yell back.

Shortly after Tia comes into my room with a huge smile plastered on her face and holding an extra back pack?

“What’s in the bag?” I ask confusedly.

“Clothes, in case all yours are shit.” She says, as she lays out 3 different outfits by my feet.

My eyes immediately go to a vibrant red crop top with shoulderless sleeves paired with high waisted skinny jeans and a matching pair of red stilettos.

I point at it. “Can I wear that one? Without the heels?”

“Stilettos. And no you have to wear them too.” She states.

Well I’m not bout to argue but my feet are gonna kill me. So I just nod and proceed to change. Yes I’m changing in front of her, we’re both girls so I don’t see the issue.

While I’m changing she goes over to my vanity table and gets out a bunch of make up. She ushers my over when I’m dressed to sit down.

After a literal hour she’s finally don’t with my makeup. She took an hour for makeup alone. “How early do you even wake up?” I blurt out.

She just laughs before moving out of my way. “Early enough.”

“Wow....” I don’t even recognize myself....I look beautiful.

It’s like she erased my face and made me into a work of art. She put a bold red lipstick on me, did a perfectly straight cat eye with black eyeliner, probably used cover up and contour or whatever those things are called and barely noticeable bronze eyeshadow.

“It looks amazing. Thank you.” I look at her, amazement written all over my face.

“It took a lot of makeup but you finally look hot.” She smiles proudly.

Ouch my non existent ego.

“So...should we head to school?” I ask, trying to change the subject.

“Let show Ms. Winters first!” She says before dragging me out of my room, down the stairs and into the kitchen where my mum is.

“Isn’t she pretty!” Tia exclaims

My mum turns around to look at me, freezing when she lays eyes on me.

“Mum?” I ask, suddenly very self conscious.

“You’re breathtaking. You look so grown up.” Her eyes fill with tears.

“Oh mum I’m still your little girl, I promise.” I say softly, wrapping my arms around her, pulling her into a tight hug.

“I know sweet pea. Sorry for getting emotional on you. I’m just so proud of the woman you have become.” She smiles and wipes her tears away before letting go of me. “Now get your ass to school before your late” she teases.

I stick my tongue out at her before heading out with Tia.

The whole walk to school she kept going on and on about Zac, I try to be supportive but I can only take so much boy talk and it’s a new guy like every month or some shit. I can never keep up. Like I don’t care about his dreamy abs or how he plays basketball. Whoopdedoo he can throw a ball into a basket.

“And he asked me to go to his party this weekend!” She squeals, breaking me out of my thoughts.

“Awesome” I fake a smile before sitting on a bench in front of the school.

Feeling my phone vibrate, I pull it out of my pocket to check it.

As soon as I see the message I feel my heart flutter. It’s Jackson.

"I’d come say hi and tell you how stunning you look but miss priss is beside you so I’ll settle for texting you.”

I look behind me and to my surprise, he’s standing a few feet away with his friends, looking right at me.

Feeling a sudden surge of confidence, I look directly at him while putting my phone away, not bothering to respond.

He raises his eyebrow at me, smiling and shaking his head. I smile back before looking away and listening to Tia talk.

“So are you guys dating?” I ask her.

“Not yet but we probably will be by Wednesday” she chirps

“You guys will be the cutest couple.” I give her a slight smile, not really into the conversation.

“Who’s the cutest couple” I know that voice.

“Well that’s my cue to leave. Remember you promised we’d hang out today. See you at lunch.” Tia half heartedly says before walking away.

“I thought you didn’t want to come over here?” I ask Jackson.

“Yeah but you purposely ignored my text.” He puts his hand over his heart, pretending to be hurt.

“Aww you poor boy. Not use to being ignored?” I tease.

“Sassy today aren’t we?” He smirks.

“Sassy and about to be late for class. See you later.” I flash him a smile before walking away.

I take one last glance at him before walking inside the school, to find him staring after me.

I feel my heart race as a slight blush creeps onto my cheeks, he’s gonna be the death of me.

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